Crazy Detective Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Free for You

The busy work has started. Truly, the three of them made a good group. As soon as they went to work in the afternoon, Liang Huan immediately went to the National DNA Database to compare DNAs, while Zhang Jingfeng was working on Liang Sisis portrait at the Missing Persons Department. Once it was complete, he would announce it to the nation. Zhao Yu obviously was not resting himself. He sat at his office desk and read through the Mianling case record, attempting to find any sort of lead. To make thinking easier, he started sticking information and evidence on a whiteboard, wanting to copy the miracle that happened with the Lost Hand Case.

In the end, it was even crazier than Qu Pings. He took over six whiteboards all by himself, each of them filled with information on the victim. In the end, the entire backside of the office was taken up by him! Anyone who entered would have been shocked by the scene!

Of course, he was not the only busy one. All of the Key Case Investigation Unit Investigators were sent out to look for evidence and any clues imaginable. From the family of the victims, the original investigators, to witnesses, all had someone investigating it. With a case of such grand scale, obviously the stakes of investigation was unprecedented as well.

As soon as the case analysis meeting was over, the police representatives finally started a meeting for reporters to summarize the situation. One hope was for any civilians to provide tips for the police, another was to show the determination of the police force to capture the criminal!

Even though there was so much attention on this case, the information given out during the public conference was incredibly little. As soon as they briefed the reporters on the case and showed their sincerity, they ended the meeting! There was no mention of any details, including how one person could still be alive!

Zhao Yu did not see it for himself, but he heard from others that when Liang Sisis family realized there was no body for their child, they nearly had a breakdown! It was as if their heart was put on a skillet and continuously fried and endlessly tormented.

Some people say no news is good news, but to these parents who had already waited twenty-six years, sometimes bad news was also a sort of good news! Like the other parents, they could at least bury their children, giving them peace! But what about Liang Sisis parents? They still have to wait, but for how long? If they did not get any news for the rest of their lives, how could they die peacefully? It was for that reason Mr. Tao would so generously gifted the bag of money to Zhao Yu!

That day, Zhao Yu did not leave work until very late. When he finally left, he was the only person in the office. After pondering an entire afternoon about the case, Zhao Yu had a more in-depth understanding of the case.

Mianling Kidnapping case truly was the first cold case of Qinshan! The culprits were very careful, with very little openings. The police officers at the time put in incredible effort but found little evidence. Needless to say, twenty-six years later, there was even less!

This case was indeed many times harder than the Slaughter Case! The slaughter case happened ten years ago. At least there were surveillance cameras during that time, as well as some forensics techniques, but the Mianling case was different! No surveillance, no fingerprints, no DNA. The only evidence was from the witnesses back then!

Yet, time is cruel. Even love could fade with time, not to mention other things. Twenty-six years had destroyed many things. Evidence disappeared, there was no scene of the crime, and even many witnesses were no longer in this world! Now, other than the bones, they have nearly nothing else!

Difficult! Difficult! Difficult! Facing the whiteboard, Zhao Yu felt nothing but helplessness. If he could not find even one opening, thenNo matter how amazing the Miracle System was, he still would not be able to solve this case! Could it beThe final result really would be "all bark no bite" like the higher-ups had said? If they waited long enough, would people forget about this big case too?

Sometimes, you have to take what you can get. Even though Zhao Yu had not made any progress, but in other aspects of his life, everything was going well. He was not sure if hisefforts to help Yang Hong and Huahua that night got the two women hooked, or if the two just wanted to thank Zhao Yu, but they called him quite early and invited him out for food and to have a great time with just the three of them!

A time for the three of them?! This word was both affectionate and teasing. It truly leaves much to ones imagination. Remembering the intense action from last night, Zhao Yu could not help but wonder if they did it again, would they drive Jiang Dafeng crazy?

Once he returned home, Yang Hong and Huahua had indeed prepared everything and were waiting for him, but to Zhao Yus surprise, it was not just the three of themthere were four. More specifically, it was four people and a dog.

Other than the dog, Daheng, there was also a red-haired girl. Yang Hong made the introductions. The red-haired girl was named Xiao Mei, and was one of Yang Hongs good friends. She lived right downstairs. As a neighbor living in the same area, Zhao Yu had seen the girl, and greeted her.

Xiao Mei was not tall, and had long wavy hair down to her waist. Her fiery red hair gave off a passionate vibe. Her clothes were also very alluring. She wore a white low collar shirt and a low-cut jean shorts. Her midriff was exposed, revealing her belly button.

Xiao Meis personality matched her attire. Having already heard of Zhao Yus story of saving the damsel in distress, she already eagerly jumped on Zhao Yu right after she greeted him. She immediately started talking to him, and used her chest to rub against him, making Zhao Yu rather uncomfortable.

For regular people, maybe this would have been very enjoyable, but Zhao Yu did not feel that way. In his previous life, he had dealt with many women like this. Not only was he not enjoying it, but he even felt rather disgusted. Zhao Yu purposely stood up to pour wine for the group, throwing Xiao Mei to the side.

Under the candle light and with the glistening wine cup, even the cheap wine seemed extra fancy. Zhao Yu poured half a cup for himself, and immediately downed it all. To calm Yang Hong and Huahua, he told them all of the news he had heard from Director Lu Zhaohong that day.

As it turned out, Chahai Streets Hong Zhigen had already been sentenced for his many crimes. According to Director Lus estimate, quarreling, battery, gambling, and etc. had all been added. Once sentenced, he had at least seven years in jail!

Not only that, but to add fuel to the fire, once Hong Zhigen fell, all of his underlings immediately stepped up to take some power for themselves. Added with the many other gangsters trying to take the area for themselves, even once Hong Zhigen managed to leave prison, there was not much chance for him to recover his former glory! Thus, Yang Hong, Huahua, and even Zhao Yu no longer had to fear Hong Zhigens revenge! Cheers!

Having completely gotten rid of a worry, the few of them felt even more free. Zhao Yu enjoyed a candlelit dinner with the three beauties. Under the soft light, laughter continued endlessly.

Eating steak, salad, pasta, drinking wine, with ice cream for desert, along with beautiful women to chat with, Zhao Yu felt especially at ease. He felt as if he had returned to his happy past life! But the scenario he had thought of to drive Jiang Dafeng nuts did not happen. Before dinner was over, Yang Hong got a call and left with Xiao Mei. Without a doubt, they went to work!

Only Zhao Yu and Huahua were left in the house. Huahua was head over heels for Zhao Yu, batting her eyelashes as she listened intently. She made quite a few adult jokes, and kept teasing Zhao Yu with her words and actions.

Zhao Yu knew that Huahua had completely fallen for him both mentally and physically. He could do whatever he wanted with the girl! But faced with the young, nave, and eager girl, Zhao Yu really had no interest. In the end, he denied her advances and went home alone.

First of all, he really had no interest in Huahua; two, due to Huahuas special job, he did not want any useless relationships with her, third, he still had a case to investigate, so he could not really focus either; as for fourthhis mind was completely occupied by the beautiful Miao Renfeng, almost like he was lovesick. His heart could no longer beat for any other woman. He did not even miss Yao Jia anymore!

Sigh! He wondered, how was Miao Ying doing? Did she finish dealing with her Phaeton and the assault case? Could they meet again?

Seeing Zhao Yu determined to leave, Huahua could not really force him to stay. She could only tell Zhao Yu that she bought a washing machine with the two-thousand yuan! She also said that she would not take the money at all. If it had not been for Officer Zhaos help, she and Yang Hongwould have definitely died by Hong Zhigens hand!

She said, "So, if Officer Zhao has any needs from now on, just come find me! I wont ask for money now or ever. From now on its all free!!"