Crazy Detective Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Getting Better

There was really no way to stop the wealth! After reading a message when he got home, Zhao Yu was pleasantly surprised. The bonuses and rewards that he had gotten from solving cases had all been credited to his account. The police had given out the bonuses really fast! The first to reach his account was the reward from Rongyang Branch. Zhao Yu received a share of twenty-thousand RMB for assisting in Jian Wenli's murder case! Also, since the case had been in its tenth year, the City Bureau had specially added another forty-thousand, and Zhao Yu got a share of ten-thousand. Following this was the twenty-thousand for capturing Yang Wentao, and the eighty-thousand for solving the Uptown Murder Case. Zhao Yu had gotten a total of one-hundred and thirty-thousand in bonuses in one go!

However, there was a difference between rewards and bonuses. There was no need to pay a tax on rewards, but bonuses were subjected to personal income tax. What Zhao Yu received in the end was only slightly more than one-hundred and ten-thousand. Nonetheless, this was still a huge sum of money! Also, this sum of money was from legal means, and was well-deserved and satisfying! This feeling was really great!

Thinking back on his previous life, although he had also made money, it had all been by illegal means, and he had not felt good taking it. "Seems like it's better to be a policeman! Wahaha...I, Zhao Yu, am gonna be a righteous police officer from now on! I'm gonna catch more evil guys in future and receive more bonuses of justice! Wahaha..."

Zhao Yu held on to his phone and calculated the total. Adding in the bonuses he had received previously, plus the money he had ripped off from Hao Jiajun, his total assets exceeded two-hundred thousand! Wow! He started to total up the sum "If I'm able to sell that bag of ransom money, wouldn't I really strike it rich? That would be more than a million...What should I do? Start a business or buy a house? Or get a wife?" At the thought of a wife, he instinctively thought of Miao Ying! Although Miao Renfeng was shrewish and fierce, and had a powerful background, he was unable to stop thinking about her!

"If I marry!" Zhao Yu started to think of something else. "The car that she drives is already more than two-million! The little bit of money I just got seems to be too little to get a wife like that!? I think I gotta put in more effort to catch more baddies and get more bonuses!

"Isn't there a super big case with an out this world reward right in front of me? I heard that the ten-million is considered as a personal reward from the victims' families, and it should non-taxable!? Wahaha! This rewards is gonna be mine!" Zhao Yu had just put down his phone when the system in his brain started to speak. The system told Zhao Yu that his current adventure had been completed and the completion rate was ninety-seven percent, and he had received ten reward tools at once!

"My goodness!" Zhao Yu got a shock. "Ninety-seven percent!? What happened? Is there something wrong with the system today? What is it so high?" Thinking back on the "Dui-Zhen" hexagram, Zhao Yu began to make sense out of it.

He had ran into money quite a few times that day. First, the ransom money had been given to him by Mr. Tao, and then he had gotten a series of bonuses and rewards, and it was already a hefty sum! In between, he had wanted to spend some money treating everyone to a meal, but Mao Wei beat him to it! Even the two-thousand RMB that he had given Yang Hong and Huahua had been returned back to him. It seemed like it was difficult for him to even spend money!

As for the "Zhen" hexagram, it had to be related to the strange Bureau Chief Liao without a doubt. "I wonder what's wrong with that bureau chief? Why did he pretend to be close to me? Now my colleagues think that I have some kind of powerful background! How should I explain this?" Zhao Yu wondered.

However, he was also aware of another problem. "I've been ranting about turning over a new leaf and being a good person since early this morning! Could it be, this high completion rate was...erm...related to me finding my conscience?" With this thought, Zhao Yu suddenly saw the tools still flashing in his brain and he quickly opened to check. These ten tools that he had just received were known as "invisible detectors."

"What?" Zhao Yu thought that it was the previous detector which could only test air quality! That tool had not been very useful! He was about to pout when he heard the system say, "Invisible detector. Able to accurately detect the existence of listening, recording, and tracking devices, etc. within a radius of twenty meters, and also accurately locate them. This tool lasts ten minutes."

"Oh" Zhao Yu just noticed the difference in wording. The previous one was called invisible air monitor whereas this one was an invisible detector. The name seemed to suggest that it was a powerful anti-detection tool, and could effectively overcome being tracked or bugged.

"Hmm..that's more like it. I might be able to use this in the future. But if I could receive ten invisibility cloaks in one go, that would be terrific! Alright! I have to work harder!" After finishing taking notes, Zhao Yu wanted to have another hexagram reading, but there was still some time before midnight.

Zhao Yu had wanted to look through the case again, but he was already exhausted from the last few days of running about and working relentlessly. In the end, he quickly took a shower and fell into deep sleep after hitting the bed.

This time, Zhao Yu slept all the way to daybreak without having any dreams. He finally had a good sleep! After waking up, he felt energetic and alert, as if he had been resurrected. According to his usual practice, there was only one thing to do after waking up, which was to make a divination reading. After some loud coughing, the divination given was a "Dui-Gen" hexagram.

There was going to be something good! Zhao Yu could not help but feel excited. The "Dui" hexagram meant that his wealth was going to continue! And the "Gen" hexagram, which represented work, was what he had dreamt for!

Would there be any surprise findings in today's investigation? As there was one more "member" in his house, other than the hexagram reading, there was another thing that Zhao Yu had to do, which was walk the dog! There was a small park behind Shunfeng Street, so Zhao Yu brought Daheng there to walk one round. He could do some running as training at the same time.

However, Zhao Yu was inexperienced in keeping dogs. He did not even bring along a dog collar despite the fact that he had a big dog, and ended up scaring the uncles and aunties doing their morning exercises. Although Daheng did not bite, he had a habit of going in circles around a person. This fella was about one meter in height, and it was quite scary to see him going around people like that.

On his way to work, he took a small break and had a bowl of mutton soup. He felt more energetic on a full stomach. The weather was good, with a clear sky and light breeze. Smelling the fragrance from the trees on both sides of the street as he walked down the sidewalk, Zhao Yu felt comfortable and pleased. At that moment, he finally felt that he had gradually gotten used to his new life and job, and that he was getting better!

"Alright! Its a brand new day, Im gonna work hard to solve the case! Im definitely gonna find out the truth behind the kidnapping case!!!"