Crazy Detective Chapter 171

Chapter 171: What If It Wasnt an Accident?

After Zhao Yu and Mao Wei sent Qu Pings body to the Forensic Identification Bureaus autopsy room, Qu Pings husband Bai Yang finally arrived. Bai Yang was a professional accountant and had been with an enterprise in the provincial capital. After receiving the news that morning, he quickly rushed over from the provincial capital. Bai Yang was dumbstruck after hearing that his wife had passed away. He took a long time to answer when talking, and he was unable to speak clearly. Although he was mentally unable to accept the situation, he still cooperated with the police and signed the autopsy agreement form.

After the door of the autopsy room closed, a few Team B agents who knew Bai Yang quickly went forward to console him. At that moment, the agents phones rang. The higher-ups called all Key Case Investigation team members for an urgent meeting at the case analysis room. Needless to say, the urgent meeting was held because of Qu Ping. By then, Zhao Yu had already roughly understood the process of how Qu Ping had been killed. The night before, due to a new development in the Mianling Case, Qu Ping and some of the agents had worked very late in the police station and left after one in the morning. No one had expected such a fatal accident to happen on the way home!

According to the agents who surveyed the scene, there was an obvious sign that Qu Pings Subaru had braked suddenly before stopping. She had probably encountered some situation and used the emergency brake, however, after checking, the car did not have any signs of being hit, which showed that she did not hit anything. Therefore, an agent deduced that Qu Ping could have seen someone on the road, used the emergency brake, and then got off the car to check. In the end she got stabbed and her bag in the car had also been stolen!

Coincidentally, there was no dashcam in Qu Pings car, and the surveillance cameras on Jinjiang Road where the incident had taken place were all not working as electricity had been shut down due to excess rainwater. Therefore, the criminals could had planned the robbery beforehand to kill Qu Ping. It was also possible that the criminals had only wanted to take money, but stabbed her in the end due to some complications

"No! Its definitely not so simple!" Zhao Yu thought. He sat on the long bench outside the autopsy room and gave a hard knock on the handrail as he thought to himself, "It doesnt make sense at all to say that the criminals killed her accidentally after robbing her! There's definitely more to Qu Ping's death than what meets the eye!" Just Zhao Yus understanding in robberies alone was enough for him to deduce that Qu Pings death was not just a simple robbery! If the criminal had only wanted money, he would only have one choice after seeing the target was a police in uniformrun away! No robber would be able to bear the consequences of robbing a police officer, so any experienced robber would choose to escape! Although the autopsy report was not out yet, it could be seen from the crime scene photos that Qu Ping had been stabbed several times and was covered in blood! "If a robber killed a person by accident, why would they stab them so many times!? This does not make sense at all! But" Zhao Yu wondered.

After calming himself down, various thoughts came up in Zhao Yus mind again. if Qu Pings death was not an accident but a premeditated murder...what situation would that be? "Who wanted Qu Pings life? Why did he kill Qu Ping? Was it because of the Mianling Case!?" With this thought, Zhao Yus body turned cold and goosebumps started to appear. "Was it because Qu Ping was close to uncovering the truth behind the Mianling Case and got murdered? If that's really the case, then I'm in danger too!? Holy sh*t! What is it exactly?"

The emergency meeting was to be held at the case analysis room. Qu Pings sudden death had naturally caused another uproar, shocking the entire police station! Just before the meeting, the agents received another two pieces of news. The first was from Chief Wang Fei. Although the autopsy had not been completed, Chief Wang sent someone to convey the message that there was something strange about the knife wounds on Qu Ping. Although she had been stabbed a few times in the front, the fatal wound was a stab on her back! That knife had entered from Qu Pings back, and the tip of the knife hit her heart! It had been said that such a method was very powerful. Not only did the knife avoid the bones protecting the heart, but it could also cause immediate death to the victim without making any noise!

There were many experienced people among the agents. Once they heard that Qu Ping died in such a way, the first thing that came to their mind was that the criminal was definitely an expert! It was possible that he had killed someone like that more than once! Just as everyone was discussing, the second news came, however, it was a piece of good news. An agent found a bloodstained knife in a garbage bin more than one kilometer away from where Qu Ping was killed! It was highly possible that the knife was the weapon used to stab Qu Ping, and it had already been sent to the forensics department for analysis. It was said that there were obvious fingerprints on the knife. If it really was the weapon used to kill Qu Ping, then the murderer would soon be revealed!

Although the incident created a stir, the case analysis concerning Qu Pings death was very short. As it was still prime time for solving the case, it was useless to say too much. The most important thing was to find clues as soon as possible! During the meeting, Bureau Chief Zhou Andong expressed his shock and grief, and then urged everyone, regardless of the manpower needed, to quickly find the culprit and bring him to justice! Needless to say, even without Bureau Chief Zhous encouragement, the Key Case Investigation team agents were already tearful. After the case happened, they had been working non-stop, collecting all the surveillance cameras around the crime scene and checking them.

The blood on the knife indeed belonged to Qu Ping, and the shape of the knife was consistent with Qu Pings wounds. Shortly after, the fingerprints on the knife had also been analysed. The fingerprints belonged to a person named Hou Meng. This person had numerous criminal records, and had been imprisoned before due to crimes such as robbery and illegal possession of weapons, etc.

Hou Meng! As the investigation progressed, Hou Mengs data quickly got to the agents desks. This man was a major suspect without a doubt, so the police decided to arrest him immediately! Unexpectedly, before the police car went off to catch Hou Meng, the agents received more important news. There were other agents who had also found traces of Hou Meng on various surveillance cameras around the crime scene. The surveillance videos showed that it had been around two in the morning, and Hou Meng was staggering past these screens. It could also be clearly seen that he was holding on to a ladys bag, and this bag had belonged to Team Leader Qu Ping!

The agents all felt indignant and clenched their fists. They could not wait to catch this sick and evil murderer to get revenge for Team Leader Qu! Boom boom boom...The agents hopped into the police car and left the station to arrest the criminal! Zhao Yu stood by the office window and looked blankly at the big parade outside, but his mind was full of doubts! Qu Pings death was really too sudden and too strange! The police data and mobile phones were all connected by the same network. Zhao Yu looked at the video regarding Hou Meng and kept having the feeling that something was not right! Firstly, the weapon was found more than a kilometer away from the crime scene. The place where Hou Meng appeared in the surveillance video was less than one kilometer away from the scene, but Hou Meng was not holding the knife in the videos! Secondly, looking at the way Hou Meng was staggering, he had either drunk too much or had taken drugs. Qu Ping waspolice officer, could a person who could not even walk straight kill her?

"Oh" Zhao Yu suddenly thought of what Chief Wang Fei said. The stab on Qu Pings back was the fatal wound. "Could it be...there was another murderer at the crime scene!?"