Crazy Detective Chapter 178

Chapter 178: The Delayed Salute

How could the person who yelled "Holy sh*t" be anyone but Zhao Yu?

Just as Zhao Yu was regretting not using the invisible tracking device, he suddenly noticed the invisible Invisibility cloak! Thus, when he saw the powerful BB gun in Hou Mengs hand, he used it one without hesitation. But after he used it, only he turned invisible, the bicycle did not! Thus, through Hou Mengs eyes, the bicycle looked like it was possessed!

Once he stunned Hou Meng by throwing the bike at him, Zhao Yu became more and more angry. In order to capture this guy, he had taken a beating from that bunch of pyramid scammers, and his elbow had also been shot by Hou Mengs BB gun!

In order to return the favor, Zhao Yu aimed the gun right at Hou Mengs thigh! But he had never shot a gun before, and with his right elbow not working properly, he could only shoot with his left hand. He was not sure what was wrong with the gun, but he had to pull the trigger many times before the gun went off!

In the end, the loud sound of the gun shot shocked Zhao Yu himself, and the recoil sent him stumbling onto the ground as he cursed, "Holy sh*t"



Hou Mengs thigh immediately turned into a bloody hole, the meat on his thigh swayed from the impact. The man was in pain beyond pain, wailing profusely.

Hearing the loud gun shot, Zhang Yaohui was the first to rush to the scene. Seeing that the person who was shot was indeed Hou Meng, he finally breathed out in relief, and simultaneously shot a thumb up to Zhao Yu in praise.

"Bro, your shooting skills are quite impressive! To hit them with only one shot!"

"Mm" Zhao Yu wanted to explain that he shot the other out revenge, and that he was already defenseless. But before he managed to speak, Zhang Yaohui already ran up and stepped right on Hou Mengs wound with one foot!

"Ah!!!" With a wail of pain, Hou Meng immediately fainted!

"Your mom." Zhang Yaohui kicked him a few more times in revenge, clenching his teeth in anger. "Just one shot is going easy on you!" Then, Zhang Yaowei turned and pulled out handcuffs, and cuffed Hao Mengs two hands together.

Then, Lan Bo and the others all rushed to the scene as well. After some brief communication, five or six more minutes passed, and the team led by Liu Changhu finally arrived.

Hearing that Zhao Yu and the others had finally captured the suspect who murdered Team Leader Qu Ping, all the investigators felt satisfied, and immediately started taking care of the scene of chase according to routine.

The investigators thought they only had to take Hou Meng to the police station, but when they saw all of the the pyramid scammers that had been beat up by Zhao Yu, and the bodies lying all over the storage room, they were stunned! In the end, they could only contact a few more police cars, and a few more ambulances.


An hour later, inside the Rongyang Branch Team As Office, Peng Xin specifically asked Department Leader Wang Fei to personally give Zhao Yus head stitches. Originally, Department Leader Wang wanted Zhao Yu to go to the professional emergency room for treatment, but Zhao Yu insisted on staying at the office so he could get the news on Hou Mengs interrogation as soon as possible.

"TskOuch" Zhao Yu grabbed onto Department Leader Wangs doctor gown, and said through the pain, "Department Leader Wang, can youwork a little lighter? IIm still alive, not a corpse!"

"No," Department Leader Wang remained heavy-handed, but spoke gently, "if I dont use some strength, how can I stitch this up? Zhao Yu, if you ask me, you should go to the hospital for a full examination! You dont want any more other issues! This isnt a joke!"

"No need, no need!" Zhao Yu clenched his teeth. "It was just a hit over the head with a stick! Im curious, how could a stick actually open a wound?"

"The stick might not be completely smooth, so you got a splinter! Youstop moving" Department Leader Wang continued the stitches, but Zhao Yu noticed that Peng Xin stood less than a meter in front of him, her arms crossed.

"I say, Team Leader!" Zhao Yu asked, "Why are you so close to me? Why dont you go and ask how the interrogation went? Orshould I interrogate him instead? Were in a rush!"

"Dont you start!" Peng Xins expression was hard. "Im so close to you right now because Im afraid of you going and making even more trouble! The details of your heroic actions have already spread all over the police station. Yu, you even though you caught Hou Meng, your methodssigh!"

Peng Xin had just finished her sentence when she saw Zhang Yaohui leading a huge number of people into Team As office. Wang Fei did not understand what was happening, and immediately stopped what she was doing to turn and watch.

Zhao Yu and Peng Xin also turned to watch, but realized that the entire office was filled with investigators from team B. They came in and immediately surrounded Zhao Yu, each of them standing up straight!

With a yell from Zhang Yaohui, everyone stood up straight and faced Zhao Yu, then respectfully bowed!!

Oh?! Zhao Yu paused in shock. Wang Fei and Peng Xin were both thunderstruck.

After the bow, Zhang Yaohui took a quick stride toward Zhao Yu and spoke seriously, "Zhao Yu, on behalf of Team B, and on behalf of Team Leader Qu Ping," speaking this much, Zhang Yaohuis eyes reddened, and he forcefully swallowed before continuing to speak, "thank you! Thank you for your selflessness in capturing the culprit. If it wasnt for you, we wouldnt have had any way to catch Hou Meng!"

"Yeah!" Another elderly investigator sighed. "Truthfully, we never liked you much, but now its different! Zhao Yu, from now on Team B is at your beck and call. If you need anything, just name it!"

"Right!" Another investigator who had always avoided Zhao Yu spoke up, "Officer Zhao, I am completely convinced by your bravery! From now on you are my boss! If I can be of use to you, I will not hesitate to follow!"

Hearing words of such respect and admiration, Peng Xin looked as if she almost wanted to say something, but stopped herself.

"Hehe" Zhao Yu laughed bitterly. "Dont say it like that. Team Leader Qu Ping was also my colleague and friend. To get revenge for her is my duty! Right, since you are saying this, did Hou Meng confess? How did the interrogation go?"

"Zhao Yu!" Peng Xin immediately blocked him and scolded, "Dont mention that, okay? Firstfirst take care of your stitches!"

Seeing this, Wang Fei immediately pulled on the needle again and continued her stitching.

"Captain Liu and Team Leader Mao Wei are still doing the interrogation." Lan Bo snuck under Peng Xins arm and spoke, "I heard a bit. That guy first said he drank too much, and that he doesnt know anything; then, he said not only did he drink, but he also was drugged! He says he doesnt remember anything! Hes not confessing at all!"

"What?" Zhao Yu moved again, and the wound that was just stitched up started bleeding again. But Zhao Yu acted if as he didnt feel it at all as he said, "Dont remember anything? Bullsh*t! Ill go! Ill go interrogate him"

"Dont move, dont move!" Department Leader Wang immediately tried to stop him, and Peng Xin also restrained Zhao Yu.

Seeing Zhao Yus head bleeding, his flesh visible, Zhang Yaohui immediately tried to comfort him, "Bro, dont get too excited, wait first! The person has already been caught. Hell confess soon enough! We will all wait by the interrogation room. If theres any news, well tell you immediately! Dont worry!"

"Right, right!" Peng Xin immediately started to gesture at the group and agreed. "Weve already caught the person, why rush? You guys hurry up and go!"

Zhang Yaohui and the others said a few more words of encouragement, then finally left the office.

"Whew" Zhao Yu breathed in hard, even more agitated now. Even though they had caught the suspect, he still felt unsure! He felt that Qu Pings case was not so simple! Whether it was the murder weapon being in the wrong spot, or Hou Mengs drunken claim, there were many problems!

Zhao Yu felt that only when Hou Meng confessed the truth, could they get to the end of the case!

Lie detector! There was only one lie detector left, and Zhao Yu had wanted to use it to solve the Mianling Kidnapping Case, but in order to find the truth behind Qu Pings murder, it seemed like he would have to use it now!