Crazy Detective Chapter 179

Chapter 179: New Tool

Although he had already used the lie detector four times, Zhao Yu was still unsure of how powerful the lie detector really was. Firstly, the accuracy of the lie detector was beyond question! It was precisely because of its amazing performance that Zhao Yu was able to solve the Slaughter Case and determine that the real murderer was Liu Pengfei. However, after testing it on Liu Pengfei and Lin Meifeng, Zhao Yu realized that the power of the lie detector was far beyond his imagination. The lie detector was even able to detect things that someone was unsure of! With such power, Zhao Yu could not help but let his thoughts run wild. He wondered, if he got a random person and used the lie detector to ask them about the case, would it also have the same effect?

If it really worked, could Zhao Yu narrow down the questions and then determine the real murderer from there? For example, he could ask a random person if the real murderer of the Mianling case was a Mianling local? Was it one person, two people, or three? Was it a female? Between twenty to thirty years old? With the last name Wang? Was it a police officer etc If the lie detector was able to respond, wouldnt he be able to narrow down the target very soon? And he would make a breakthrough?

However, after reading the introduction to the lie detector carefully, he began to have doubts. The introduction stated that the lie detector could only test questions which were simple and specific, otherwise it would not have any effect.

Zhao Yu wondered what the word "specific" meant? Could it mean that the person being tested had to be related to the question? Would it not be effective on a random person? Such as Lin Meifeng. Although she was not aware of the truth, she participated in the crime, which was why the lie detector worked.

After thinking it over, Zhao Yu did not dare try this experiment in the end. He was worried that he would waste his last lie detector if it failed! Afterall, the lie detector was too important for solving cases! Zhao Yu felt that he should instead continue to put in effort in completing the adventures, and he could experiment after he received another lie detector!

However, Qu Pings death had obviously messed up Zhao Yus plans. He was now eager to know the truth behind Qu Pings death. He wanted to know if Qu Ping had died because of her investigation over the Mianling Case. If that was the case, it meant that the real murderer of the Mianling Case had already appeared, and was an extremely dangerous person! Even he himself was in great danger! His life was at stake and it was no joke. Zhao Yu felt that he had figure out the truth soon, even if he had to use the last lie detector! However, Hou Meng was now being interrogated by Liu Changhu and Mao Wei. The higher-ups were worried that Zhao Yu would act brazenly again, so they got Peng Xin to look over him and not let him go near the interrogation room.

Having no other choice, Zhao Yu could only wait patiently for their interrogation to end, then he would find a chance to get near Hou Meng.

After disinfecting and stitching his forehead, Chief Wang also bandaged Zhao Yus wound and thoroughly cleaned the wounds on the other parts of his body. Although his right arm had been shot by a steel ball bullet, it was not serious since it had been from a far distance.

That type of bullet caused enormous pain after being hit, but the pain also dissipated very quickly after. Thus, not only was Zhao Yus wound alright, but Zhang Yaohuis leg was also fine, and he was already able to move around freely; however, Liu was not as lucky as them. His head had hit a metal bed while fighting with the pyramid scammers. He suffered a concussion, and had been sent to the hospital for observation and treatment. Although Lan Bo had also been beaten up, and his face was swollen, he did not suffer any serious injuries and only needed simple treatment to reduce swelling.

After Chief Wang finished treating Zhao Yu, Peng Xin still kept a close watch on Zhao Yu. She watched closely outside the door even when he went to the toilet, afraid that he might get into trouble again. As they had to wait for the results, most of the detectives from the Key Case Investigation Unit did not go back, and either stayed in the office or waited for orders outside the interrogation room.

Although Zhao Yu stayed put in the office, he already knew the latest information on the interrogation from what Lan Bo had sent him on his phone.

As Hou Meng had been shot in his thigh and the wound was quite serious, there was a professional doctor giving him emergency treatment in the interrogation room. In order not to affect the interrogation progress, the treatment was done while he was being interrogated.

Initially, Hou Meng was not fully conscious and kept mumbling about a bicycle becoming a spirit, and that he had seen a ghost. As the doctors gave him treatment, he finally gained consciousness after a while and narrated the whole incident that day.

According to Hou Meng, he was enjoying himself at a nightclub with a group of friends. Not only had he drunk, but he had also taken drugs. In the end, he did not know when he went or how he left the place. He also could not remember where he had gone after leaving! After gaining consciousness, he had been lying on the shoulder of the road on a field. He first discovered himself lying in front of a white car and holding a females bag to his chest. Right after this, he was shocked to see that there was a person covered in blood lying in the field, not moving at all!

At that time, he had not completely regained his senses and was terrified. He instinctively left the scene with the bag, and he was not even sure if Qu Ping was dead then. Only after he reached his home at dawn did he see that his hands, clothes, and even his body had blood stains on them. It was then that he realized that he could get into big trouble! Feeling nervous, he first called his girlfriend and told her that he was going into hiding, and got her to transfer him some money. Then, he made a phone call to Ji Chunhua and asked him for help.

Ji Chunhua was quite loyal to his friends. Not only did he arrange for Hou Meng to hide in the pyramid nest at Nanchuan Tower Warehouse, but he also got his men to arrange for him to get away. However, things were just so coincidental! Hou Meng felt distraught that night and could not go to sleep. He kept thinking that the situation which he had gotten into could not be so easily solved. Therefore, he packed his things in advance and planned to run away at night, and not wait for Ji Chunhuas arrangement.

When he reached the entrance of the warehouse with his backpack, he had a sudden craving for cigarettes and decided to take a puff first before fleeing! Unexpectedly, before he could light up his cigarette, he ran into Lan Bo, and that was how the scene which followed happened!

According to the information that the police had, Hou Meng had previous robbery records, and the method used by him was forcing ones car to stop, which was similar to how Qu Ping had been killed. Therefore, Liu Changhu and the others had already firmly believed that Hou Meng was Qu Pings killer! He must have taken too many drugs that night, and after being stimulated, he decided to repeat the same thing again and committed another highway robbery. In the end, he stopped Team Leader Qu Pings car and wanted to rob her. The two got into an argument in the process, and Hou Meng killed Qu Ping after being enraged!

All evidence, such as the weapon, fingerprints, skin, bloodstains, and Qu Pings missing bag pointed at Hou Meng. No matter how he tried to deny, he was unable to avoid being the major suspect of a robbery and murder!

To ensure that everything was foolproof, Liu Changhu, immediately arranged for Zhang Yaohui and others to investigate and collect evidence from all around. After Hou Mengs statement, they needed to get the evidence, such as the bag and clothes back, and also arrest those friends of Hou Mengs who drank and took drugs with him, to see if their statements were consistent. Other than that, they also had to arrange for someone to investigate the surveillance videos near the bar to see what kind of state Hou Meng left the bar in? How did he get to the scene of the crime, were there any eyewitness, did Hou Meng have any accomplices etc

Therefore, many agents were being sent out, with the exception of Zhao Yu and Peng Xin. Zhao Yu knew that on the surface, the leaders were worried about his injuries and felt that it was inconvenient for him to move around, but in actuality, they were afraid that he would get into trouble again!

Zhao Yu was also not interested in investigating this. There was only one thing on his mind which was of the utmost importance. Did Qu Pings death have anything to do with the Mianling Case?If they were related, then he only needed to get the truth behind Qu Pings death, and the truth behind the Mianling Kidnapping Case would also come out!

Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu was seriously thinking, the system suddenly spoke and told him that the current adventure had been completed. His completion rate was ninety-six percent! He received another five tools as a reward! As Zhao Yu was hoping to receive the powerful invisible lie detector again, he quickly opened the tools to check before doing the analysis. "Invisible breathing device!" the system said. "This tool is able to provide oxygen for breathing under any circumstance for a period of ten minutes!"