Crazy Detective Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Baldie Zhaos Conjecture

"Suspension! They dare to suspend me!? Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu got more exasperated the more he thought about it. He had put in all this effort to catch the murderer, but he got suspended by the bureau chief in the end and that was it?

"Isnt this infuriating? Whens the suspension gonna end? If I dont receive any reinstatement notice, then I dont have to work forever?" After returning to Shunfeng Street, Zhao Yu was still cursing. He was even thinking about using the method he had wanted to use to shame Liu Changhu on Bureau Chief Zhou An. He heard that Bureau Chief Zhou was a typical henpecked husband. If he found a girl to ruin him, would it make life difficult for this fella?

As most of the agents were busy with their own work when Zhao Yu left the police station, they were not aware of Zhao Yus suspension and no one took notice of it. Zhao Yu understood from the information on his phone that Hou Mengs interrogation was almost coming to an end. Although Hou Meng still insisted that he was not in his right mind and could not remember any details, faced with strong evidence, he had no choice but to gradually admit to his crime in silence!

If this continued on, it was just a matter of time before Hou Meng would be convicted of killing Qu Ping. However, that would mean that Qu Pings case might be closed abruptly, and no one would pay attention to the inconsistencies in the case anymore. If Hou Meng had another accomplice, it would be even more difficult to find them!

Zhao Yu sighed and comforted himself. "Forget it, Ive been suspended anyway, why should I still bother? You guys can investigate whichever way you like! Anyway Im tired, let me get a good rest first!"

It was mid-morning and the sun was shining brightly. The traffic was still heavy at Shunfeng Street, and there were many old neighbors playing chest in front of Jiang Dafengs fruit stall as usual. Jiang Dafeng had a white towel over his shoulder and he was thinking hard about the chest game. Seeing him engrossed in the game, Zhao Yu took a big orange on his way upstairs. He peeled the orange as he sauntered his way up. Unexpectedly, upon reaching the second floor, he saw a familiar figure standing at the door.

Xiaomei, with long, wavy, red dyed hair, was digging for her key to open the door. As she was carrying many things in her hand, it took her great effort to turn the key, and her shoulder even slanted to a forty-five degree angle.

Zhao Yu looked up and took a closer look. Xiaomei was wearing a mini skirt today with a skimpy top. Her long wavy hair almost reached her waist. Also, her tiny waist moved and twisted in front of Zhao Yu, making his heart twitch.

"Eh? Bro Yu?" Xiaomei quickly greeted Zhao Yu when she saw him, "What a coincidence, dont you have to work today?"

Zhao Yu had wanted to ask her if she had just got off from work, but before he could do so, he heard Xiaomei let out an astonished scream, "Ah!? Your head"

"Oh" Zhao Yu touched the bandage on his forehead. As part of the wound was covered by his hair, Chief Wang had shaven off a small portion of his hair when she stitched his wound and it looked very unsightly now.

"Its nothing, I had a fight with forty-something criminals yesterday and got wounded!" Zhao Yu said indifferently as he continued walking forward and past Xiaomei.

In that instant, a seductive scent entered his nose. The scent seemed to have magical powers, captivating Zhao Yu and slowing him down.

"Wah, forty-something? So many? Are you okay?" Xiaomei turned her head and asked with concern, "You even had stitches!?"

"Yes, just eight stitches! Im okay!" Zhao Yu had already reached the stairs leading to the third floor as he spoke. After taking another two steps forward, he stopped moving and turned to Xiaomei, "But this hair is annoying. Do you know if theres a barbershop nearby?"

"Barbershop!?" Xiaomeis eyes lit up. She held up a big plastic bag and said, "Look, these are all things for doing hair! Ive studied beauty and hairdressing, Im a hairdresser!"

"Oh?" At that instant, Zhao Yu thought of another thing. Todays hexagram reading was "Zhen-Kan.""Kan" represented women, could it be

" about, could I trouble you to help me tidy up?" Zhao Yu pointed at his own head, but his eyes were already watching Xiaomei lustfully.

"No problem!" With this, Xiaomei opened the anti-theft door and smiled as she pointed inside. "Come on, I have everything here!" Zhao Yu smiled and followed Xiaomei into her house.

"Oh yes, Bro Yu," Xiaomeis question quickly came from inside the house, "what kind of hairstyle do you want? I know many different hairstyles...hey? Hey hey...Bro Yu, you, what are you doing...hey? Take it easy! Slow down! Hey hey hey" A messy noise came from Xiaomeis house. A few seconds later, her anti-theft door suddenly shut

When Zhao Yu got off Xiaomeis bed, it was already five in the afternoon. Although it was still bright outside, the curtains in Xiaomeis house blocked light very well. It was dark in the house and Zhao Yu had no idea what time it was.

After a morning and an afternoon, Zhao Yu seemed to have released all his pent up fury on Xiaomei, and he gradually regained his senses and calmness. But Xiaomei had been tired out by him and was still deep asleep.

Zhao Yu yawned before strolling to Xiaomeis bathroom and switching on the light. A bald man suddenly appeared in the mirror! Xiaomei had helped Zhao Yu shave off his hair according to his request! In this way, the hair would not hinder the healing of the wound, and it also saved him the trouble of washing his hair.

Zhao Yu looked at himself in the mirror without blinking and touched his shiny bald head.

"Yes! If my both arms had those two domineering green dragon tattoos again, wouldnt it be be exactly the same as the old me?" ButZhao Yu looked carefully again and realized that the reflection in the mirror lacked too much combativeness compared with the top fighter nicknamed Zhao Tianba!

In the mirror, his build was slightly thin, and his skin was fair and delicate. Although he had no more hair and his body was covered in bruises, he still looked like a delicate-skinned boy toy!

SplashZhao Yu turned on the tap and washed his face. The cold water made him more sober, and his thoughts returned to the main topic.

"Suspension! They dared to suspend me! Did I do too much? Say, that Ji Chunhua? Say, Hou Mengs girlfriend? Or those pyramid scammers? If those people withdraw their complaints against me, is there a possibility that I will be reinstated? can I get them to withdraw their complaint?" Zhao Yu immediately thought of one thinghis fists! Could he use his fists and get those people to shut their mouths!? At that instant, a huge and brutal reinstatement plan formed in Zhao Yus head. If he really carried it out, it would probably cause another violent storm and many people would suffer.

However, after forming the reinstatement plan, Zhao Yu quickly thought of another unavoidable subject. He had said to Bureau Chief Zhou An that he was going to quit!

"Now...what should I do?" Thinking of this, Zhao Yu felt regretful and wished that he had not been so rash toward Bureau Chief Zhou. Although Bureau Chief Zhou had suspended him, from the way he said it, it seemed like there was still room for mitigation! But after getting into a conflict so recklessly, it might be more difficult now!

"Hmm...what should I do? Argh!" Zhao Yu sighed and nagged himself, "If not, I better quickly contact Yang Hong and get a girl to shame Bureau Chief Zhou! As long as I have something against him, wouldnt my reinstatement be a piece of cake? Hmm but" It suddenly dawned on Zhao Yu that Zhou An was a bureau chief. Would his small trick really work? Also, according to the grapevine, Zhou An was a family man who loved his wife, it might be too much to just get a random girl! If notZhao Yu went on to think that if he really had no other way, he could get Chief Su Yang to help!

"Im now his special investigator anyway. If Im suspended, it will also have a great impact on his work! And if this doesnt work, Ill just quit! With my miracle system alone, I can just become a private investigator, so itll be easy to strike it rich" Just as Zhao Yu was facing the mirror and making all sorts of conjecture, the systems notification suddenly sounded...