Crazy Detective Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Possessed

It was four in the afternoon at Guangyuan Tea House. Zhao Yu was sitting firmly on an old-fashioned armchair in the tea house and playing with a box of fine tea leaves. He pointed at the words on the box and read, "Anxi tieguanyin!" He raised his eyes and asked Ji Chunhua, who was holding a crutch and glaring at him, "Boss Ji, are these tea leaves expensive? I wanna get a box for my bureau chief!"

Other than the service staff selling tea leaves, there were three or four fierce-looking guards beside Ji Chunhua. Each of them had murderous eyes, and looked as though they could not wait to crush Zhao Yu immediately!

"Zhao!" Ji Chunhua banged his crutch fiercely and grit his teeth. "Youre really bold, I didnt go to you, but you came to me instead? Don't think you're great just because you're a police officer! Let me tell you, I can kill you easily, like killing an ant! Just you wait!"

"Whoa" Zhao Yu continued playing with the tea leaves and said in disdain, "I'm really scared. Boss Ji, how about this, I'm here with sincerity today. I think we can get along well with our similar temperaments. Let's bury the hatchet and be friends, shall we? At the most, I'll play host and treat you to a meal?"

"Huh!" Ji Chunhua was furious, he moved two steps toward Zhao Yu with his crutch and said fiercely, "Wanna be friends with me, that's easy! Let me break your leg now and then kowtow to me to admit your mistakes, then I may consider over what you've said just now!" With this, all the guards present crossed their arms in front of their chest.

"Kekeke" Zhao Yu laughed and then sighed. "Alright, since you put it that way, that means there's no room for discussion! Alright" Zhao Yu smashed the box of tea leaves on the table and said coldly, "It's wartime!"

After this, there was an air of coldness in the room. Ji Chunhua felt an aura of death and unconsciously took a few steps back. At the same time, the followers quickly went forward and surrounded Zhao Yu.

"Zhao Yu, my place is under surveillance," Ji Chunhua said, "if you dare to strike, we will definitely strike back! Try firing another shot if you dare! Let's see what the consequences will be this time!"

"Kekeke" Zhao Yu stood up and laughed indifferently. "Boss Ji, don't get so worked up! I'm here to buy tea leaves today, how much is this tieguanyin?"

Unexpectedly, just after Zhao Yu finished his question, Ji Chunhuas phone rang. Ji Chunhuas face suddenly changed color after answering. His subordinate told him that their wholesale seafood stall had been investigated by a group of police. Someone had made a report that there were prohibited products hidden in the fish!

Right after this, another man who looked like a secretary rushed over and told Ji Chunhua that the cabaret under him had been confiscated by police who suspected that there were criminals hiding in there! Soon, there were phone calls from all over, and they were all about Ji Chunhuas businesses being investigated by the police.

Sweat soon appeared on Ji Chunhuas forehead. He looked fiercely at Zhao Yu and still refused to give in. "Zhao, don't think you can scare me with these little tricks of yours! I just have to make a call and your helpers will have to back off!"

Unexpectedly, just as Ji Chunhua finished, a big group of officers suddenly ran in from the main entrance, and the one leading was Supervisor Lu Zhaohong from the Anti-Pornography and Illegal Activities Department.

"Don't move!" Lu Zhaohong shouted at the people present. "Someone has reported that there is illegal gathering here in the tea house, and possession of prohibited goods, we're here to investigate! Everyone take out your IDs, please cooperate!"

"Officer!" Ji Chunhua looked at Lu Zhaohong and asked with displeasure, "Where's the search warrant? Cut the act here! Scram if you don't have a search warrant!"

"We're doing a routine check, not a search!" Lu Zhaohong corrected him. "Hurry up and cooperate!"

"Erm" Ji Chunhuas face was red with fury. He pointed at Zhao Yu and Lu Zhaohong. "You...just you wait, Ill make you pay for this!"

"Cut the crap!" Lu Zhaohong did not show any courtesy. "Quick take out your ID! Dont tell me you didnt bring it. Those who didnt bring will be brought back to the police station!" Although Ji Chunhua was extremely unwilling to relent, in the end he still let Lu Zhaohong and the rest of the police check everyones ID.

"Oh" After searching, Lu Zhaohong nodded satisfactorily and said to his subordinates, "Seems like there was a mistake in the report. Theres nothing wrong with these people, lets go back!" With this, the group of people left in the same hurry as they came, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

As if it had been discussed beforehand, after Lu Zhaohong left, Ji Chunhuas phone began to ring again. His subordinates informed him that the police who had come to visit their businesses had all retreated.

"Huh!" Ji Chunhua returned to Zhao Yu in disdain and said grimly, "So, this is how you protest me? Arent you biting off more than you can chew? Is that all that you have?" Zhao Yu did not speak, but unlocked his phone with a straight face and played a recording for Ji Chunhua.

The recording was a statement by Hou Meng which clearly mentioned Ji Chunhua, stating that Ji Chunhua helped him arrange a hiding place, and also tried to help him escape. He also said that those pyramid schemes were all run by Ji Chunhua.

"Boss Ji," Zhao Yu said, "Hou Meng has already said that youre the one who helped him. You committed an offence by covering up for and harboring a criminal, and also misprision! Although you were not charged previously due to your specious argument, with this testimony, we will bring a formal charge against you. You better be prepared!"

"..." Ji Chunhua looked coldly at Zhao Yu, but kept rolling his eyes as if he was weighing out the effect of this testimony. After a long thought, he seemed to have made up his mind and laughed out loud at Zhao Yu. "Zhao, I thought you could do better than this! Alright, let me tell you, I have lots of money and many lawyers, lets see how youre gonna stop me with just this testimony? Im even beginning to suspect that the police is not gonna press charges against me at all; thats simply wasting taxpayers money! Huh! Zhao, I know why you came to look for me! Let me tell you, let me break your leg too, if not, Ill definitely fight with you until you are dismissed and go to jail!"

"Kekeke" Zhao Yu laughed again after seeing Ji Chunhua not buy his story. He played with the box of tea leaves and stared evilly at Ji Chunhua. "Alright, Boss Ji, youre forcing me to use my trap card! Actually, youre still unaware of what kind of trouble youve gotten yourself into!" Then, something that caught everyone off guard and was puzzling happened. Zhao Yu turned both his hands up and down as he chanted, "Abracadabra, come show us your spirit, Lord! Im putting a curse on Ji Chunhua, let him listen to me! Abracadabra" Zhao Yu squinted his eyes as if he was possessed and waved his arms in the air while pointing at Ji Chunhua.

After acting crazy for a whole two minutes, he finally opened his eyes and made a hand gesture to indicate he was done. "Wahaha" Zhao Yu laughed contentedly. "Boss Ji, the great deity has shown its presence, your soul has already been captured by me! You better be more sensible and stop provoking me. If not, the consequences will be dire! Wahaha" With this, Zhao Yu took the box of tea leaves and strutted his way out.

When he was acting possessed just now, the whole tea house had quietened down. Everyone, including Ji Chunhua, had all been stunned looking at him! It was only after Zhao Yu disappeared that the people recovered from the mess! "Damn!" One guard exclaimed, "Boss, is that officer a lunatic? Did he just come out of the asylum?"

"Huh! Hes just trying to fool and scare us!" Ji Chunhua laughed coldly. "I think he got scared by me instead!"

"!" Suddenly, a female service staff member thought of something and quickly said to Ji Chunhua, "B-boss, that box of tieguanyin is more than a thousand RMB! He...he didnt pay!" Damn! There was a series of curses in the tea house...