Crazy Detective Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Hello, New Team Leader!

It was early in the morning inside the bureau chief's office at Rongyang Branch. Bureau Chief Zhou was sitting upright at his desk and looking at Zhao Yu with disgust, not knowing what this little ruffian was up to again.

Zhao Yu quickly placed a huge purple clay tea cup in front of the bureau chief respectfully and said with a sinister smile, "Heh, heh, heh. Bureau Chief Zhou, this tea cup is made from a grand master, you cant get it on the market! I had someone pull some strings for me, and it was through tremendous effort and at a high price that I got it! Since I broke your cup, this is for you! It would a great enjoyment drinking tea with this! Hehe" After putting down the cup, Zhao Yu saw that the "88 RMB" price tag on the cup had not been torn off completely, and he quickly scratched it off.

"Zhao Yu, you" Bureau Chief Zhou looked helplessly at the extremely brazen Zhao Yu and did not know how to deal with him.

"Oh, theres more" Zhao Yu quickly presented the tea leaves he took from Ji Chunhua with both his hands. "Anxi tieguanyin! Fifty grams costs ten-thousand RMB! Its top grade! Please give it a try, heh heh heh"

"Quit it" Bureau Chief Zhou quickly waved his hands. His forehead was covered in lines. "What do I want your tea leaves for? You better cut the crap! Oh, now you know how to say compliment me, but what about before? What happened to your bull-like temper from a few days ago?"

"Come on," Zhao Yu hurriedly explained, "dont you know that I was close with Team Leader Qu? Im upset over Team Leader Qus case! I only wanted to bring her murderer to justice. Im sure, Bureau Chief Zhou, you can understand my eagerness right?"

"Huh, understand? If I didnt understand, you would have already been..."

"I know, I know!" Zhao Yu continued, all smiles. "Bureau Chief Liao Jingxian has told me everything, I treated you poorly! Bureau Chief Liaos respectful teaching has made me come to my senses and has enlightened me"

"Quit it!" Bureau Chief Zhou waved angrily and corrected him, "Thats called inculcating, you make it sound so nice. Youre trying to say that you have good personal relationship with Bureau Chief Liao, and youre using him to put pressure on me?"

"Heh, heh, heh, of course not!" Zhao Yu said quickly. "I, Zhao Yu, am one who admitsmy mistakes and am willing to change. I am full of righteousness and great morality! I will definitely remember your kindness toward me deep in my heart, and Ill repay your kindness without any hesitation in future, even if I have to risk my life!"

"Alright alright, I give it to you!" Bureau Chief Zhou touched the tea cup. "Your face is really as thick as the wall!"

"Heh, heh, heh" Zhao Yu quickly held his fists together. "You flattered me! Erm, Bureau Chief Zhou, now that Ji Chunhua has withdrawn his complaint against me, do you think I can come back to work? That great Mianling Case is still waiting for me to solve it!"

" rascal!" Bureau Chief Zhou pointed at Zhao Yu. "Why do you always sound so righteous when you are being so shameless?" At that moment, Bureau Chief Zhou finally smiled, and it seemed that Zhao Yus reinstatement was just a matter of time. However, just as Bureau Chief Zhou was touching the cup and about to say something, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" Bureau Chief Zhous serious expression immediately resurfaced. Supervisor Lin Yueqing pushed the door open and walked in.

"Bureau Chief Zhou, the new team leader of the Key Case Investigation Unit is here. They're outside!" Supervisor Lin signalled.

"Oh, already here!? Quick, come in, come in!" Bureau Chief Zhou quickly stood up from his chair to welcome them.

Eh!? Zhao Yu who was sitting opposite him felt perplexed. "Whats this?" he wondered. "New team leader? Who?"

Just when Zhao Yu was feeling a little surprised, a valiant and heroic looking female police officer in uniform suddenly walked in the door. The moment this female police officer walked in, she seemed to bring in an air of freshness, making everyone feel refreshed. Zhao Yu saw that this female officer was 56". Although she was wearing a police hat, he could still see that she had a ear-covering mushroom hairstyle!

"Oh my god! My holy sh*t" he said in his head. Zhao Yu could not help but open his mouth, and his jaw almost dropped to the floor! The new team leader was none other than that Miao RenfengMiao Ying!!!

Miao...Miao...Miao...MiaoZhao Yu was totally shocked and almost meowed like a cat. Miao Ying also did not expect her arch-enemy Zhao Yu to appear in the bureau chiefs office. Feeling unlucky, she thought to herself, "What bad luck, why do I have to bump into this b*stard the moment I report to work? The road is indeed narrow for enemies!"

However, since the bureau chief was present, out of courtesy, Miao Ying quickly walked in front of Bureau Chief Zhou and saluted him! "Miao Xiaoying is here to report!"

"Oh...welcome, welcome." Bureau Chief Zhou quickly returned her salute and said, "Comrade Miao Xiaoying, youve come at the right time! We at Rongyang Branch are in need of more manpower, its really great to have you here!" As the bureau chief was talking, he suddenly realized that Miao Ying kept looking at Zhao Yu, and Zhao Yu also kept looking at Miao Ying. At that instant, the atmosphere in the office instantly changed into a desolate awkwardness.

"Erm, Zhao Yu! Hey hey hey" Bureau Chief Zhou saw Zhao Yu sitting firmly on the chair, and quickly gave him a stare, pointing at Miao Ying. "This is Comrade Miao Xiaoying who has just been transferred over from Ruyang Branch. Shes here to takeover as Team Bs team leader. You have to work well together in future!"

"Oh." Zhao Yu finally stood up and extended his hand. "Nice to meet you!"

"This is Zhao Yu, Team As agent!" Bureau Chief Zhou introduced. Although Miao Ying felt displeased, she lightly shook Zhao Yus hand out of courtesy.

"Keke...Comrade Miao Xiaoying," Bureau Chief Zhou nodded, "Ive heard good things from Bureau Chief Liang! Youre being assigned this role at such a critical moment, but dont worry, Ill get the whole police force to support you!"

"Thank you, Bureau Chief Zhou!" Miao Ying showed her gratitude.

"Erm, Zhao Yu, Ill give Bureau Chief Luan a call now." Bureau Chief Zhou instructed Zhao Yu, "Quickly take Comrade Miao Xiaoying to see the bureau chief!" He turned to Miao Ying and said, "Bureau Chief Liao will introduce you to the Key Case Investigation Unit members. Hope youll find your way in this new organization quickly!"

"Dont worry, sir!" Miao Ying saluted again. Her sharp action made her look even more gallant.

Zhao Yu was shocked by Miao Yings sudden arrival, and kept staring at her restlessly. However, he still could not put his mind at ease before leaving. He turned and glanced at Bureau Chief Liao as if saying, "What about my reinstatement?"

Bureau Chief Zhou quickly raised his the back of his hand and waved at Zhao Yu like he was swatting houseflies, meaning, "Why arent you getting back to work? What are you waiting for?" Zhao Yu understood and happily led Miao Ying away.

After the two left, Bureau Chief Zhou quickly held the purple clay tea cup and looked at it carefully. He wondered, "Zhao Yu this little rascal really knows how to cater to my pleasure. How did he know I like tea sets?"

Unexpectedly, when Bureau Chief Zhou flipped the cup over, he saw that the price tag was still stuck to the bottom. The words "88 RMB" were on it!"Ah, Zhao Yu, you liar" The bureau chief started cursing in the office.