Crazy Detective Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Conscious Hypnosis

Due to her agreement with Zhao Yu, once Miao Ying finished up her interrogation, Hou Meng was not directly sent back to his cell, but stayed in the interrogation room in the detention center.

To show his own sincerity, Zhao Yu invited Miao Ying to watch his interrogation. Miao Ying also wanted to see just how good Zhao Yu was as the "Interrogation Expert," and agreed readily.

Hou Mengs face was covered with scrape wounds, looking especially awful. His leg was wrapped in thick bandages. There were clear signs of surgery where he had been shot.

Miao Ying had just finished her interrogation. When Hou Meng saw her, he craned his neck and spoke impatiently, "Hey, are you guys done yet? Ive already said everything I know. Just what do you guys want with me? I really dont remember anything! Even if you guys dont mind this, I do! If you guys keep going like this, I wont cooperate anymore! Especially you, girly, how dare you slap me! Watch out for my reports once I get out of this business!"

Miao Ying had not even sat down properly. When she heard this she immediately stood up again, and turned off the security camera. In one stride, she stood in front of Hou Meng and spoke coldly. "It seems like your wound opened again! Why is it bleeding again?"

"What?" Hou Meng looked down, then shook his head in confusion. "What do you mean? Its not bleeding?" Just as Hou Meng looked up, Miao Yings hand was already headed toward his wound!!

"Ah?!" Zhao Yu was quite sharp. He already knew what Miao Ying was trying to do and immediately rushed over from the desk to restrain her. "You! Dont get too excited, you dont have to yet! Calm down, calm down!"

Hou Meng finally understood what was happening. If Miao Ying managed to get a hold of him, he was guaranteed to end up in the hospital again. Hou Mengs face blanched in fear as he yelled, "YouYou guysWhat are you guys trying to do? Are you guys trying to coerce me into saying something by using violence? Misusing force? I want my lawyer! I"

"Kid, can you shut up?" As Zhao Yu tried to block Miao Ying, he shouted at Hou Meng impatiently, "Cant you see I can barely hold her back?"

Zhao Yu used all his strength to finally push Miao Ying to the side as he tried to placate her. "Team Leader Miao! Im trying to interrogate the criminal! Can you not add more work for me? If you open his injury again, hell have to get surgery again. These are tax payers dollars! Ill try to control the situation. Go ahead and go sit down and listen, okay?"

But right after Zhao Yu finished calming down Miao Ying, Hou Meng fearlessly aimed more insults at Zhao Yu instead. "Kid, I know you. You arent some good kid either! Ive seen it all! You were the one that shot my leg! I couldnt resist but you shot me purposely! It was on purpose! Im telling you, once were in the court, Im going to report this word by word"

"F*cking holy sh*t!" When Zhao Yu heard him, his temper immediately flared up. He raised his leg and aimed a kick straight at Hou Mengs thigh! Thankfully Miao Ying had fast reflexes and quickly pulled him back. The tip of Zhao Yus feet brushed lightly against Hou Mengs bandages.

This scared Hou Meng terribly. Sweat fell from his head like rain. He looked fearfully at the man and woman in front of him; these two looked like quite the gentleman and lady together, yet they were unexpectedly fierce!

"Sorry, sorry!" Zhao Yu realized his mistake and immediately patted down his police uniform. He said calmly, "That was unprofessional of me! Hehe. Team Leader Miao, lets start quickly! Cough, cough." With Zhao Yus awkward coughing, the two finally returned to their seats across Hou Meng.

"Hou Meng," Zhao Yu eased in for a bit, but immediately entered the main topic, "listen to me. The two of us arent actually responsible for this case. Today were here not to force a confession from you, but to find the truth! If you really arent the murderer, then we will uncover the truth and restore your innocence! So, from some angle, were actually here to help you!"

Zhao Yus words came straight like a bullet, confusing Hou Meng mildly. He considered it for a while before asking in confusion, "Officer, I dont even know if I killed her or not. How would you know?"

"B*llshit!" Zhao Yu could lie with a straight face and spoke without a pause, "Im a professional hypnotist. In a bit, as long as you answer my questions and follow my instructions, I can understand what happened that day!"

When Zhao Yu finished talking, Miao Ying almost staggered in her seat. She rolled her eyes at him, clearly judging him. How could he just lie without blinking like that?

"Hypnotist?" Hou Meng looked both shocked and suspicious, and slightly worried.

"Kid, you dont believe me? Hehehe" Zhao Yu simply smiled sneakily. "Could it be that you forgot how I caught you?"

"Ah?!" When he heard Zhao Yu, Hou Meng immediately shivered as he remembered. Right, when he was captured, he clearly saw a bicycle coming toward him at high speed, yet there was no one riding it! He thought the bicycle was possessed! Could it be?

"Yes! Exactly!" Zhao Yu spoke as if he already knew what the other was thinking. "That day you were hypnotized by me. You saw the bike, but didnt see me at all! How about it, now that you know just how amazing I am, right?"

"Then" Hou Mengs shock and suspicion faded, but the worry remained. He was worried that he really did kill someone! If he really did, he would die for it!

"Dont worry, hehehe" Zhao Yu seemed have guessed his thoughts and smiled again. "Im different from other hypnotists. The method I use is a form of conscious hypnosis! In a bit, your thoughts will be the same, but when I question you, just answer yes or no! Even if you lie, or make a mistake, its not a problem!"

"Ah? What?" Hou Meng was completely dumbfounded.

Miao Ying was familiar with Zhao Yus words and simply sat there with her arms crossed, watching the show with interest.

"Here, here, lets practice!" Zhao Yu asked, "Are you a male?"

"Ah?" Hou Meng was not sure how to react.

"Thats wrong!" Zhou Yu prodded. "Answer quickly!"

"Yes!" Hou Meng finally obeyed.

"Are you a woman?"




Zhao Yu asked a few simple questions, and seeing that the other was getting more comfortable, he finally used his final lie detector. Within that moment, Zhao Yu felt a pang of regret. He had wanted to save this last one for the Mianling case, but now he had to use it ahead of time!

"Hou Meng, did you kill Team Leader Qu Ping?" Once he turned on the lie detector, Zhao Yu went in for the kill.

"No!" Hou Meng immediately gave the answer, almost instinctively. But Zhao Yus shock, the light that lit up in his mind was green!

Ah?! Tsk, tsk...Zhao Yu could not help but be stunned. Could it be, Team Leader Qu Pings murderer really was not this guy?

"If its not you, then who could it be?" Zhao Yu blurted out before he could stop himself. When they heard him, both Hou Meng and Miao Ying were shocked.

"Officer, how do I answer yes or no to this?" Hou Meng asked. He also gave out an answer very cooperatively, "I dont know!"

Zhao Yu waited for a few seconds, but there was no response. It seemed like this question was something that the lie detector could not clearly understand.

"Then," Zhao Yu immediately changed his way of thinking, "do you know Team Leader Qu Pings murderer?"


The light was green once again!

Truth! No way?! Zhao Yu was temporarily dumbfounded. Apparently, Hou Meng did not kill Qu Ping, and was not even an accomplice to her murder. He did not even know the culprit?!

Zhao Yus mind spun. Even though the results of the lie detector shocked him, it was not beyond his expectations. Even when Zhao Yu was thinking before, he had predicted this sort of possibility. But now, there was still a key question.

At this time, Zhao Yu could not suppress the excitement in his heart. He stood up in his excitement and asked Hou Meng, "Hou Meng, answer me. Is Team Leader Qu Pings death related to the Mianling case?!!"