Crazy Detective Chapter 194

Chapter 194: All This Trouble for a Date

Outside the detention center was Miao Yings blue Phaeton. At the moment, Miao Ying was sitting in the drivers seat, with Zhao Yu in the passengers side. To Zhao Yus shock, Miao Ying took out her phone and started scanning Zhao Yu, as if to check if he had any bugs on him.

"Really? Sis?" Zhao Yu looked at her in disdain. "Is this necessary? We arent secret agents, are we?! This almost feels like youre a double agent!"

"Okay!" Miao Ying put away her phone and asked seriously, "First, how did you know that I was hiding something from you?"

"Thats too obvious, dont you think?" Zhao Yu answered without a pause. "Just now, during the interrogation, you were the one that reminded me that there was more than one culprit in Qu Pings murder! When you spoke, your expression already told me you knew something!

"Besides, your transfer to Rongyang Branch was quite sudden. Not only was it a demotion, but you went to interrogate Hou Meng by yourself on the first day. Isnt it obvious you had something on your mind?!"

"Fine!" Miao Ying nodded. "Zhao Yu, I dont like you as a person, but I cannot deny your abilities!"

Ah? Unexpectedly, Miao Yings words prodded something inside Zhao Yu, and Zhao Yu remembered an old memory. Sometime ago, hadnt Team Leader Qu Ping said something similar?

"Okay!" Miao Yings expression suddenly hardened. She said seriously, "Zhao Yu, I hope I didnt trust the wrong person! I can tell you my secret, but remember this! The moment I tell you, you are stuck with me. If were unlucky we can both end up like Team Leader Qu Ping!"

"Ah?! What? Really?" Zhao Yu was shocked. He thought for a moment before realizing something and shook his head. "Then, tell me later. Let me consider this for a bit! I already have enough on my hands right now. I still want that ten-million yuan prize! Youdontdontah!"

Miao Ying snatched Zhao Yus collar and pulled him close to her face, smiling savagely. "Its too late! Im telling you now. I accepted a secret mission from the higher-ups to investigate the truth behind Qu Pings murder!

"Also, Mrs. Qu Ping had been working on a special case for a long while when she was here. The higher-ups suspect that Qu Pings death was connected to this case!

"So, Zhao Yu, you were wrong!" Miao Ying spoke harshly. "Qu Pings death has nothing to do with the Mianling case! The special case that she was investigating should be many times more dangerous than the Mianling Case!"

"Nonono!" Zhao Yu closed his eyes and waved his hand. "Team Leader Qu, please, no, dont joke anymore! I dont know anything! I didnt hear, I didnt hear you!"

"Hehe, you asked for it, and now you want to run?" Miao Ying clenched hard on Zhao Yus collar, pinning his elbow with her shoulder, preventing him from moving. "Youre right, having someone help you is good! Especially a foul-mouthed, shameless, perverted officer like you!"

"I didnt hear, I didnt hear" Zhao Yu wanted to block his ears, but Miao Ying grabbed him by the ear and commanded, "We have to be very, very careful while investigating! We cant use work time, nor can we let anyone else know of this!

"Here, Ill get you a phone later. We cant use the one the office gave us! Also, even at work, you have to be extra careful."

"Wait, wait." Zhao Yu suddenly understood something. His eyes widened in shock. "You mean, theres betrayal involved?! No way? How did it get so intense all of a sudden?"

"Of course!" Miao Ying warned him fiercely, "If it was just to investigate Qu Pings death, I could investigate it in Ruyang Branch Office. Why would I need to be transferred here? Cant you tell? If Hou Meng was framed by someone, then Qu Pings death is a very complicated murder. If there wasnt any inside help, how could they succeed?"

"Ah!" Zhao Yu was nearly in tears. He pulled at Miao Yings elbow, his face full of despair. "I beg you, dont say anymore, okay? Truthfully, I just wanted to act cool to get a date. I never imagined that not only would I land a date, but I also bought disaster upon myself."

"What date?" Miao Ying was shocked. "A date with me? Hehe!" Miao Ying was enraged. "Zhao Yu, you really are an idiot! Fine, dont play dumb with me! To catch Hou Meng and get revenge for Qu Ping, you even dared to give up your life. How are you scared now?"

"Sis!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "Arent you just afraid Im the one youre looking for? Why are you looking for me specifically?! I was just talking! Are you actually taking me seriously?"

As he spoke, Zhao Yu also realized that the Miracle System had lied to him. He thought that by getting the "Kan" hexagram, it meant that he would get closer to Miao Ying! He never would have imagined that he would end up with such a big problem. Suddenly, he felt like he was in a huge whirlpool, unable to escape!

"I dont think it was all talk! Ive investigated you. You seem foul, but your record is actually the cleanest one!" Miao Ying spoke openly. "Also, when capturing Hou Meng, you were the most eager! Not only that, but you were also the most fearless!"

"You!" Zhao Yu scorned and made a decision, refusing until the very end. "I dont care, its not my business! Go find someone else. This is simply too dangerous. Just pretend I heard nothing! Im leaving now"

"Okay!" Miao Ying was not agitated at all, but simply let go without a care. "You can leave! Go wherever you want! Ive already told you the secret. If you dont care, go tell someone! Lets see who dies first!"

"You?! Ah!" Zhao Yu had no way out. "Sis, can you not? Im a Key Case Investigation Unit Member! You talk to me like youre threatening a hostage. I thought I was shameless! Ah, today I am truly unlucky!"

"Hehe!" Miao Ying laughed. "You mean you think Im more shameless? Please, you were the one who looked for me first! You were the one that forced the truth out of me!"

"I dont care!" Zhao Yu put his hands on his waist stubbornly. "Miao Renfeng, this mission is too dangerous. Dont I deserve a reward? Hm? Or some kind of motivation!" As he spoke, Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows. He squinted hard at Miao Ying suggestively.

Miao Ying was very intelligent and had already realized what he was thinking. She simply laughed. "Alright, you little delinquent! Even now you can dream big? But," Miao Ying thought for a bit before finally nodding, "fine! I agree! If you really help me finish this mission, then," She thought a bit more before continuing, "I can consider going out with you once!"

"What do you mean?!" Zhao Yu straightened his back. "All that risk for just a date? Thats a terrible deal! How about a date for a night?!"

Boom. One punch from Miao Ying and Zhao Yus painful wailing came from the Phaeton.