Crazy Detective Chapter 195

Chapter 195: The Fatal Hidden Secret

To avoid suspicion, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying returned to their own unit to work in the afternoon and the two did not meet again. When Zhao Yu stepped into the main building of the police station, he felt very different from before, and constantly felt uneasy.

"Theres a rat in the police force? What should we do? Who is the rat? Is it one, two, or a gang? Oh my goodness! I dont think it was this complicated when I was involved in gangs. Tsk tsk...if only I had a load of lie detectors. I could test everybody one by one and nab that b*stard!" Zhao Yu thought.

To the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, Qu Pings case had already ended. After the court decided that Hou Meng was guilty, the case could be closed. Therefore, the entire team put their focus on the Mianling Case.

After Mao Wei assigned the missions, Zhao Yu joined the investigation and went to visit Niu Weiguangs widow with Dafei and the rest. Niu Weiguangs wife, Zhang Ying, was already over fifty, and she had not remarried since Niu Weiguang disappeared with the children who were kidnapped.

As Niu Weiguang had been suspected of being involved in the kidnapping case, Zhang Ying went through a lot, enduring rumors and accusations. On the third year after the kidnapping happened, she had no choice but to leave Mianling Town with her child. Although Niu Weiguang's remains had just been found, people still suspected him of being an accomplice. However, although it had been so many years, Zhang Ying firmly believed that Niu Weiguang was innocent and that he could never be a kidnapper! That year, Niu Weiguang's child was only two-years-old, and now he was already a twenty-eight-year-old man. When Zhao Yu and company came to his house to investigate, their experience was both good and bad.

On one hand, Zhang Ying was extremely cooperative with the agents investigation. She tried her best to prove to the agents that Niu Weiguang was a kind man who looked after his family, and that he would never do such an evil thing! That year, Niu Weiguang was a driver, and Zhang Ying operated a small textile mill. They led a comfortable life and Niu Weiguang had no reason at all to harbor evil thoughts! Zhang Ying asked the agents to find out the truth and prove their innocence.

However, on the other hand, Niu Weiguang's son hated the agents to the core and showed hostility throughout. He said that the polices incompetence that caused their sufferings, having people talking behind their backs, making them unable to walk with their head up high. If they had been able to solve the case and cleared his fathers name long ago, then he and his mother would not have had to go through so much! In the end, his son got so agitated that he even wanted to beat up the agents. Zhang Ying was not able to stop him, and there was even a minor clash between both parties.

After the conflict subsided, Zhang Ying sent the agents down and apologized at the same time, asking the agents not to hold it against her son. She also requested the agents to let her bring Niu Weiguang's remains back soon so that he could rest in peace.

However, Dafei and company were on a mission and they still had some questions for Zhang Ying. They started to ask in detail, again, at the stairs. In the end, when Zhang Ying recalled the happy life they had had, and the pain of losing her husband, she could not control herself and cried out loud, attracting the attention of many neighbors.

Seeing Dafei and the rest talking with much effort, and Zhang Ying crying, Zhao Yu quickly left and returned to the car. He moved the seat back, placed his arms behind his head, and started thinking with his eyes closed. For the past few days, he had encountered too many adventures, and even his identity had been switched many times.

First Su Yang wanted him to be a special investigator. Then, Captain Jin gave him a book and wanted him to become a central criminal investigator to solve extreme cold cases. After that, Miao Ying suddenly appeared and wanted him to help secretly investigate the real cause of Qu Ping's death! Zhao Yu heaved a sigh and said to himself, "What's going on? Why did things become so troublesome out of the blue? What are the things that I should do? And how should I do them?"

Zhao Yu slowly thought through these things again, analyzing them one by one to find a direction for himself. Firstly, regarding the matter of special investigator, he had to wait for Su Yang to contact him before he could start! Without Su Yang's instructions, he did not have to bother, so he could put this aside for now.

Secondly, it was unlikely that any of the major cold cases which Captain Jin wanted him to investigate would happen soon. The night before, he had briefly looked through Jin's yellow notebook. The five cases recorded inside not only happened a long time ago, but were also extremely complicated. Each of them was at least a hundred times more complex than the Mianling Case. Cases such as the Huayun Mountain Massacre Case and the Jinding City Demon Case were all big murder cases where the methods used had been extremely brutal and psychotic.

He felt that he was still far from being able to investigate such difficult cases! Although he had the help of the Miracle System, he still needed certain power and ability, along with sufficient experience and time before he could carry out the task. He should not be impatient about this. After all, the Old Jin could not solve these cases after spending his entire lifetime on them. How could he be so anxious? Therefore, this matter could also be put aside first.

Lastly, as for the matter concerning him and Miao Ying, it was totally different from the first two! At the very least, there was no danger involved in the first two. The worst would be not getting things done, and he did not have to risk his life! Frankly speaking, Zhao Yu had also suspected that there was a hidden secret behind Qu Ping's death, but he had never imagined this hidden secret to be fatal! This was the cause of Zhao Yu's agony.

Miao Ying's sudden arrival seemed to change Zhao Yu's work nature in the police force! Up until now, Miao Ying had not told Zhao Yu what type of case Qu Ping had been investigating. Why was this case so dangerous that even she fell victim to it? Miao Ying only said that the higher-ups only wanted her to find out the truth behind Qu Ping's death, and also did not tell her the nature of the case. There seemed to be something very fishy about this, and it also came too suddenly, making Zhao Yu feel shaken and clueless.

Actually, Zhao Yu had not lied to Miao Ying in regards to this! He had only wanted to act heroic in front of Miao Ying so that Miao Ying would look at him differently, allowing him to get closer to the beauty! However, he did not expect to get himself into the situation instead! Nonetheless, although Zhao Yu expressed his unwillingness, in his heart, he was not resentful of this special mission. Firstly, he had sworn in front of Qu Pings grave that he would definitely find her real murderer. Since he knew that the murderer was someone else, he had to find out who the real killer was! Even if there was no Miao Ying, he would still continue this investigation!

Secondly, Zhao Yu was doing it because of Miao Ying. Although the mission looked dangerous, Zhao Yu felt that it was a rare opportunity for him to get close to Miao Ying! Zhao Yu was also one who liked to ask for trouble. Even though there was still a bruise from Miao Ying on his face, his interest for this violent and shrewd female officer became stronger, and he was already deeply attracted to her!

He thought, "If I could work together with Miao Ying, whats more, on a secret mission, then wouldnt it be normal to create some kind of sparks? A man would die happy for a beautiful girl! Im taking on this secret mission!" After Zhao Yu finished thinking things over, his thoughts went back to the Mianling Case. Miao Ying said that they could only investigate Qu Pings death in secret, which was after work. During working hours, he still had to focus on the investigation of this major kidnapping case. Therefore, these two things did not conflict.

It had already been some time since the reinvestigation of the Mianling Case, however, they were still faced with difficulties after this amount of time and they had little results. Even with the Miracle System, Zhao Yu also had not found any valuable clues. After thinking it over, Zhao Yu felt that he had to look into Cheng Sanli again. There were two main reasons why he felt this way. As of now, Cheng Sanli was the only person who could be linked to the Yinpan Mountain mine. Although it was quite unlikely that he was the murderer in the kidnapping case, he still could have had some connection with the murderer!

Yinpan Mountain was some distance from Mianling. Since the murderer chose to kill, and bury the bodies there, there could be a reason why he did so. They might be able to find something by investigating Cheng Sanlis personal relationships.

The second reason was, although Miao Ying was very certain that Qu Pings death had nothing to do with the Mianling Case, Zhao Yu was unsure of that. This was because it was when he and Qu Ping learned about Cheng Sanli that Qu Ping was killed. He had the feeling all along that there was some connection between these two incidents.

"What if the real murderer of Mianling Case has already become someone with great authority and power? When he knew that Qu Ping was close to finding out the truth, he killed her with a borrowed knife, and made Hou Meng the scapegoat!" he thought. Zhao Yu let out a sigh. Many things seemed to be predestined. Zhao Yu once again put his focus on Cheng Sanli!