Crazy Detective Chapter 196

Chapter 196: A Kiss as a Reward Is Also Good

Jinjiang Road, the scene of Qu Pings murder.

It was nighttime, right after the street lights had been turned on. Seeing a car fleeting by in front of her, Miao Ying asked Zhao Yu, "Zhao Yu, are you really sure that Qu Ping wasnt murdered by Hou Meng?"

"I am sure!" Zhao Yu took out his notebook and carefully wrote down his observations as he answered Miao Ying. "Not only am I sure, but I also know Hou Meng was framed. He had no idea what happened! Not only was he drunk and high, but he probably was knocked by something else as well, then driven to the scene of crime!"

"The way you describe it makes it seem like you saw it!" Miao Ying was a little suspicious, but nodded. "But I agree with your perspective! Its possible that Hou Meng doesnt even know the real criminal, and that he was just an unlucky scapegoat!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu considered Miao Yings words. "I was sure because of the lie detector, but how did you come to your conclusion?" he thought.

"See, the fact that Hou Meng is still alive is the best evidence!" Miao Ying seemed to have realized Zhao Yus confusion. "The person who killed Qu Ping has a lot of influence! If Hou Meng really knew something, then they definitely wouldve killed him!"

"Oh, true!" Zhao Yu realized. "In other words, we wont find any other evidence related to Hou Meng anymore!"

"Right!" Miao Ying answered. "Imagine, if we used the same method to kill Qu Ping, with our power, dont you think we could do it flawlessly?"

Miao Yings theorizing peeked Zhao Yus interest. He thought hard for a bit, but answered, "Probably, but...too difficult!"

"Right!" Miao Ying answered. "The most difficult part is the fact that Qu Ping was investigating in the police station that night. When she went home, what road she used, when Hou Meng shouldve been there, when to kill, these things werent easy to control!"

"According to Team B, when Qu Ping announced she was going home, she had no prior plans!" Zhao Yu guessed, "Could it be, these criminals were secretly monitoring Qu Ping to find the best time? Oh, no wonder you said there were spies in the police force!"

"The police station has listening devices in place." Miao Ying nodded. "To know Qu Pings movement at any time is something only insiders could do!"

"Then," Zhao Yus eyes lit up, "Ill look up the investigators who left with Qu Ping that night. They are the most suspicious! If there was someone who encouraged Qu Ping to leave work, it was most likely the spy!"

"Its not easy to investigate, nor could we actually do it!" Miao Ying shook her head. "If we investigate, wed expose ourselves! Right now, our priority is to lay low! Otherwise it would be a disaster! Besides, it might not even be members of Team B. Security, the people running the surveillance cameras, or even some higher-upsany one of them is a possibility!"

"Powerful higher-ups?" Zhao Yu clapped his hands. He had never considered this possibility, but truthfully, only a higher-up with a lot of influence could hide such a big secret. "If you ask me, we should investigate Liu Changhu and Mao Wei! Those two seems suspicious; they definitely have issues! Mao Wei came back to work before his leg was healed. Maybe this guy had some unspeakable secrets!"

"Thats only your own bias." Miao Ying shook her head. "Im warning you, dont get your emotions caught up in this. Youre a professional police officer! Before we have any solid evidence, we have to investigate properly!"

"Okay, okay." Zhao Yu pointed at the solar-powered street lights. "This area is still under construction. Even though there was no electricity, the solar-powered lights still work. So people like Hou Meng wouldnt have known that there was no security at that time! Only an expert who had carefully planned this murder could know such a thing!"

"You said that Hou Meng was carried here by car?" Miao Ying furrowed her brows. "Wheres your evidence?"

"I dont have any, but Im sure!" Zhao Yu spoke seriously, "I can read minds. I dug this up from deep from within Hou Mengs thoughts!"

"Che!" Miao Ying glanced at him in annoyance. "Cant you be a little more serious?"

"If they didnt use a car, did they carry him?" Zhao Yu shrugged as he explained, "See, they had to have gotten the information that Qu Ping left the office before they messed with Hou Meng, right? The bar is pretty far from Jinjiang road. Without a car, how could they do it?"

Miao Ying nodded quietly and looked around before taking a guess. "If we could find the car that took Hou Meng here, then we might have a breakthrough!"

"I looked at the map already," Zhao Yu quickly followed up, "Jinjiang road is within six miles from here, and was all under construction. All the streets were dead, so the car could have come from any direction. Finding the car wont be easy!"

"Even if its not easy, we still have to do it!" Miao Ying was very serious. "Besides, I think we have to widen our range of investigation, and find out how many cars left the bar and came towards Jinjiang road at that time!"

"Ah?!" Hearing about cars, Zhao Yu suddenly realized something and asked Miao Ying, "Something isnt right? Team Leader Miao, assuming that we were trying to kill Qu Ping, isnt there an even bigger issue?"

"Hm? What issue?" Miao Ying was confused.

"You see, look at the cars passing by," Zhao Yu considered carefully, "even though it was late at night, it was still a murder! What if a car passed by during the act?"

"Right!" Miao Yings eyes lit up. She whispered, "How did I not think of this?"

"Oh!" Zhao Yu realized and quickly answered, "Road blocks! Definitely! Thats how it is always in the movies!"

"Are you saying," Miao Ying also understood, "the culprits set up construction roadblocks on the road? That would guarantee no cars passed by! But"

"What other possibilities are there?" Zhao Yu grasped his shoulder as if he were shivering. "Youre right! Qu Pings death was a huge, careful operation! This killer was quite professional! Im guessing from planning, to carrying out the plan, there were at least five or more people involved! Holy sh*t, just what did Team Leader Qu Ping get into?"

Seeing Miao Ying standing there quietly, Zhao Yu was suddenly agitated. "Team Leader Miao, look how far have weve gotten but you still wont tell me everything. Just what was Team Leader Qu Ping investigating? If we know what she was investigating, then that would be a good direction to go in, right?"

"Zhao Yu, Im not lying to you!" Miao Ying said, "It seemed like the higher-ups were also troubled. I tried to force them to tell me, saying exactly what you said, but they wouldnt tell me, no matter what!"

"What the hell?!" Zhao Yu was rather frustrated. "If we want to fish, we need the fishing pole, bait, and line, right? What about us? Are we trying to grab fish with just our hands?"

"I think," Miao Ying was a little hesitant, "Team Leader Qu Ping wasnt murdered because she was investigating a case! Maybe she discovered some huge secret, or she obtained some very valuable treasure! Anyway, basically, its very complicated!"

"Hah!" Zhao Yu laughed. "I thought you were trying to say, its nothing big!"

Faced with Zhao Yus dry humor, Miao Ying could not help but be a little taken aback. At the time, a breeze suddenly blew past and brushed past her bangs, showing off her perfect beauty.

Zhao Yu could not help but be mesmerized, and spoke without thinking, "Team Leader Miao, youve truly put me in a difficult situation! Did you notice? Just like in TV shows, even if we find the murderer, we still wouldnt know the whole story! Even at the end, we will probably still be in danger!"

"Okay, no more jokes!" Miao Ying returned to her stoic attitude. "If you want to back out now, you still can! If youre so afraid to die, I wont force you!"

"Hehe." Zhao Yu smiled. "Team Leader Miao, as long as you know Im risking my life for you, then its fine! Also, about our one night stanoh" Seeing Miao Ying raise her fist, Zhao Yu immediately changed what he was about to say, "I mean, our date, dont forget! Hmm, at the very least, I should get a kiss too, right?! Huh? Huh, wait, wait, dont!"

With a spinning kick from Miao Ying, Zhao Yu flew through the air like a ninja and landed in the grass on the side of the road.