Crazy Detective Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Please Take Me Along

To Zhao Yus surprise, the phone Miao Ying gave him was a simple cell phone watch, and it looked it was meant for a child. Miao Ying said that even though the phone could only accept calls, it was the most advanced phone in terms of securityno one could possibly listen in on the calls. Zhao Yu accepted the phone and immediately put it around his wrist.

"The phone has an automatic tracking device," Miao Ying said. "This is for your benefit, try to not take it off!"

"Whew!" Zhao Yu immediately felt a sense of heaviness. When he opened the document to check, he saw it was all photos of cars. Miao Ying said that these were all the cars that passed by Jinjiang road during the time of crime. She wanted Zhao Yu to look through every photo and see if he could find any leads.

No way? More investigation?!

"Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu wailed in pain. "Have you considered expanding our team? With just two of us and this much work, isnt it"

"Ive always worked alone. Youre already an exception!" Miao Ying said. "I havent even reported that were working together to the higher-up yet! Im worried theyll see your record and scold me!"

"Let me ask you something!" Zhao Yus expression turned stern as he held the document folder. "You wont let me kiss you, and you wont tell your higher-up that Im doing this. So, arent I just doing something for free?"

"Yes!" Miao Ying spoke without hesitation. "You are! So what?"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was speechless for a moment. Suddenly, he felt Miao Ying was even more shameless than him.

"Fine, let me give you some motivation." Miao Ying smiled mysteriously and said, "See my brand new Phaeton?"

Zhao Yu nodded but did not understand where she was going with this.

"That was the reward from my last mission!" Miao Ying said. "At Tianjing Garden, I also have a 200 square-meter duplex apartment!"

"Hehe." Zhao Yu laughed. "Fake! Youre free to lie! Im not a three-year-old. Do you think you can fool me so easily?"

"You dont have to believe me." Miao Ying couldn't care less. "The documents, deed, reward diploma, Ill send them to you if you want. This time, I followed up on Qu Pings mission because Ive set my eyes on a mansion in Zhaoyang Area, and a single room! Also, a new Bentley Bentayga!"

"Che! Hehehe." Zhao Yu shook his head. "Team Leader Miao, how about I just call you Miao James? Even if agent 007 completes a mission, they wouldnt give such a reward, right? I thought I was good at exaggerating. I never thought there would be someone even better! I am truly impressed! Please accept me as your disciple!"

"From your perspective, the country wouldnt spend peoples tax money to give out rewards, right?" Miao Ying smiled. "But, have you thought about it? What if the countrys not using their own money? Likedo you understand?"

Oh. Zhao Yus eyes widened, as if he suddenly understood something.

Could it be? Could they really do that?

"Miao Yings words imply that if I help her find Qu Pings murderer and arrest them, then the riches from all those people could be used as my reward?" he wondered.

ThisIs it possible?

Wait! Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered Liang Huans words. He said that no one knew Miao Renfengs background! Not only did she hit a vice-bureau chief, but she even got them transferred! Thencould it be?

Holy jesus! Zhao Yu immediately put away the documents and smiled eagerly. "Hehehe, Team Leader Miao! Dont worry, leave this tiny mission up to me! Also, Team Leader Miao, dont forget to report me to your higher-ups. Youre an expert, so help me a little! I wont ask for too much. We dont have to compete, but once this is over just get me a Phaeton too! As for housing"

Zhao Yus shameless expression shocked Miao Ying. She flipped her hair, speechless for a moment before saying, "I can make the report, but I have to watch your performance first to see if youre worthy!"

"Okay, okay!" Zhao Yu nodded and respectfully put the documents back into his bag. Once he put away his things, Miao Ying grabbed a hamburger from Zhao Yus bag and ate it without a care. Zhao Yu was also hungry and grabbed one without a word. As he ate, he even handed a coke to Miao Ying.

Quickly finishing the burger, Miao Ying wiped her mouth and asked, "How is it going with the Mianling case? I heard you went into the mountains for clues today?"

Since the two were already teammates on the Key Case Investigation Unit, Zhao Yu had no need to hide anything and simply told Miao Ying about the investigation results.

"Sigh!" Miao Ying sighed and spoke seriously, "Zhao Yu, I cant imagine how much Liu Changhu hates you! I heard he reported you to Bureau Chief Luan again! He said you didnt obey orders from a superior, and refused to work on your assignment!"

"Really?" Zhao Yu paused. "That guys quite interesting. Sooner or later Ill take care of him! How about we make up some crime for him and frame him as the spy?"

"Stop joking around!" Miao Ying was very stern. "If I were Liu Changhu, Id snitch on you too! An investigator who doesnt follow orders isnt a good thing. If there were any emergency situation, it might even be dangerous!"

"Hmph, we just dont get along!" Zhao Yu sighed stubbornly. "I do want to follow their orders, but they never listen to my opinions!"

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying asked curiously, "how do you know your investigation direction is right?"

"I dont know!" Zhao Yu answered quickly. "But if my direction is wrong, then theirs is probably even more off! Right now, Mao Wei wants to investigate the parents of the children, but all the kids were killed! Is that even possible? Did he watch too many movies?"

"Mm." Miao Ying sipped her coke as she stared, as if trying to think. She spoke after a long pause, "Zhao Yu, old cases like this Mianling Case are truly difficult to investigate! Say, even if you found a suspect one day, even if you found the killer, theres no one left to prove it! How would we be able to judge him then?"

No one left to prove it?!

"No!" Zhao Yu immediately corrected her. "Theres one left! Dont forget, theres one that might be alive!" Zhao Yu opened his phone and pulled out Liang Sisis portrait from the Missing Persons Department. From the portrait, one could tell that Liang Sisi was a very pretty girl. She had a round face, large eyes, almost like a doll, with a small mole under the tip of her mouth on the right side.

"Tsk, tsk." Miao Ying shook her head. "True, but the chance of this child being alive, isnt it too small?!"

"Dont call her a child!" Zhao Yu corrected. "She would be thirty-three-years-old this year. Shes older than us!"

"Tsk, tsk." Miao Ying smacked her lips,."Truly, the cold case of Qinshan is so complicated! With so many unreasonable facets! Maybe we cant even think of the truth! How about this!" Miao Ying suddenly asked Zhao Yu, "Just so you dont get snitched on, tomorrow Ill officially talk with Liu Changhu, and you can be my partner, and we can go investigate Chen Sanli together!"

Ah? Zhao Yu was quite excited! He did not expect there would be such a surprising gift. He immediately answered, "Thats great! Sis, please take me along!"