Crazy Detective Chapter 200

Chapter 200: The Second "Gen" Hexagram

Anger! Horror! Complication! That was how Zhao Yu felt right now. To think, the hunter became the hunted! As it turned out, Miao Yings seemingly random transfer to the Rongyang Branch Office was purely for her own interest! Her goal had always been to solve the Mianling Kidnapping Case! This woman was truly evil!

Now that Zhao Yu knew the truth, he had already prepared more than eight ways to get his revenge, but Miao Yings mothers few sentences had instantly destroyed his will!

Just who was Miao Yings mother? Even if she was some sort of powerful official, she should not be able to speak so boldly, right? How could she speak so casually about transferring and promoting in the police department?

"If I enraged her daughter, then the results would be disastrous!

"Get away from Miao Ying if you value your life!

"Miao Renfeng, is really f*cking dangerous!" Zhao Yu recalled what others had told him.

Other than anger and fear, Zhao Yu felt a different emotionconflicted! Because, regardless of how Miao Ying tricked him, Qu Pings death really had been an inside job! With the lie detector, he already knew that the real killer was someone else! Because of this, Zhao Yu easily fell for Miao Yings lies.

"The people who killed Qu Ping dared to kill a police team leader. What cant they do?" he wondered. "Should I continue my investigation like this? Even if I continue, I should be careful, right? Also, those so-called police spies are still a possibility, right?

"Difficult! Difficult! Difficult!

"Annoying! Annoying! Annoying!" he thought in frustration.

Just as Zhao Yu clenched his head in annoyance, he heard Miao Yings voice from the eavesdropper again. To his shock, Miao Ying went to a very crowded place, with many people speaking Thai. He could clearly hear words like "Sawadika" and other greetings.

"Sawadika!" As it turned out, Miao Ying also spoke Thai. He immediately heard sounds of yelling and attacks over the eavesdropper.

Zhao Yu furrowed his brow for a while before he understood. Apparently, Miao Ying was practicing her fighting skills in a Muay Thai Club! The sound of the blunt attack was the sound of her hitting the punching bag.

Holy sh*t! Zhao Yu looked at his watch. It was already 9:30 at night. Was Miao Renfeng addicted to martial arts? Did she learn different types of martial arts?

Hearing the sound of the attack, Zhao Yus heart beat rapidly. He remembered back when he fought with Miao Ying, and could not help but feel proud of himself.

"I was truly fearless!" Zhao Yu thought. He was so fearless and ignorant; to still be alive was a miracle!

"Congratulations," the system suddenly spoke. "Todays adventure was completed. Completion rate: eighty-five percent. Congratulations, invisible item obtained, please accept!"

"Eight-five?" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered the "Gen-Kan" hexagram. The "kan" hexagram was obvioushe had almost been tricked by Miao Ying. Since the "Kan" hexagram represented women, it obviously had to do with Miao Ying. But what about the "gen" hexagram?

Even though he had spent a lot of time investigating, it did not seem like he had obtained any valuable clues. Eighty-five was not low. Could it mean that his investigation direction was correct?

Zhao Yu opened his reward and saw that he obtained the rather useless signal amplifier once again. This thing was not that useful, unless he got trapped in a tunnel again.

But right now, Zhao Yu was not thinking about that at all, and he went right back to the investigation. If his investigation direction was not wrong, then what about tomorrow? Would he make any progress? Also, he had to investigate with Miao Ying. To be so close to that female devil again, how should he act?

He knew that Miao Ying following him on the case was not because she wanted to take care of hims, but because she was against Liu Changhu and Mao Wei! This woman was truly devious. "Even though she was using me, she still acted like she was trying to help me, seriously," Zhao Yu thought.

After this, Zhao Yu listened in on Miao Ying a few more times. After Miao Ying finished practicing Muay Thai, she quickly went home, showered, and slept. In between those times, she only went on her phone a few times, but did not talk to anyone. During her shower, there was only the sound of the flowing water, and Miao Ying humming a happy tune to herself.

At the time, Zhao Yu felt a bit of regret. He should have used a surveillance camera to enjoy her beautiful body, and get a little vengeance for himself.

In the end, Zhao Yu started reviewing his case information to prepare for his investigation the next day, then finally went to bed. But that night was doomed to be sleepless, with Miao Ying endlessly invading his dreams.

In his sleep, Zhao Yu had a strange dream. He dreamt of getting his way with Miao Ying, and seducing her while wearing his invisible cloak! But just as he took off Miao Yings clothes, he suddenly realized he could not take the cloak off.

Zhao Yu woke up bright and early and started his hexagram before the dawn even broke. To his excitement, he opened the "Gen-Kan" hexagram again; the same as yesterday!

Zhao Yu was close to the answer he had been looking for! Remembering back to when he had captured Yang Wentao, he also kept getting the "Gen" hexagram before he finally managed to capture the other. Could this time be the same?

This excited Zhao Yu greatly, and made him much more motivated. It was not even time for him to work when he arrived at the office. Since Miao Ying had not talked with Liu Changhu yet, Zhao Yu first went to the forensics department and asked to have his stitches removed.

The stitches were finally removed, and Zhao Yu no longer had to wear a headful of covers and gauze. He felt his head was much lighter, and he felt much more refreshed.

Just as they finished removing the stitches, he got a call from Miao Ying. The two met up at their designated location and quickly moved into the main topic. But seeing Miao Ying drive her own Phaeton, Zhao Yu could not hide his surprise and asked, "Team Leader Miao, we have police cars. Why would you drive your personal car?"

"Firstly, because its a habit!" Miao Ying smiled. "Also, my car has a surveillance system, so its safer!" As she spoke, Miao Ying even purposely winked at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu was quite angry and thought to himself, "Fake it all you want! I know the truth now!" But fearing Miao Yings background, Zhao Yu did not dare to reveal what he knew, and got on the car cooperatively.

"How about it, detective Zhao, whats our mission today?" Miao Ying asked eagerly as they got into the car.

"Here." Zhao Yu handed the list of names on his phone to Miao Ying. "Yesterday, I found four suspicious targets. These four all used to work in the mines and are now very rich!"

"Mm" Miao Ying nodded and pointed at the one at the very top. "This ones the closest to us. Should we start with this one? Ill take out the GPS."

"No!" Zhao Yu shook his head and pointed at the second one. "Well investigate this one first!"

Miao Ying looked at the information and asked, "Han Wenjun? Why him?"

"I heard that he had already been working in the tunnels before Cheng Sanli contracted the tunnel area, and was a leader in the Tunnel Exploration Team! Most importantly, this guy was also from Mafang Town, just like Cheng Sanli! I think, even if he isnt related to the kidnapping case, he knows something!"

"Oh, I heard that among the kidnappers of the Mianling Case, there was someone familiar with dynamite." Miao Ying was shocked. "If this person worked with the Tunnel Exploration Team, thenhey? Zhao Yu! This is important! Why didnt you tell the team leaders?"

"Report?" Zhao Yu side eyed her and shot Miao Ying an annoyed look. "Sure, youre the Team B Team Leader, why dont you go!"

Miao Ying considered what he said, aware of the anger in Zhao Yus tone. But she figured it was because Zhao Yu was angry with Liu Changhu. So, without thinking twice, she started the car and drove towards the mountain area with Zhao Yu.