Crazy Detective Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Deep-seated Grudge

After a few days, Zhao Yu once again returned to Qinnan Jail. This time, he was investigating someone named Cheng Guangming.

Cheng Guangming, fifty-years-old of Mafung Town, was Cheng Sanlis son. Even though Cheng Sanli had many illegitimate sons, the one in front of them was the only "real" one. As it turned out, the person Miao Ying said required investigation was exactly this person. Since he was Cheng Sanlis son, he should understand the situation better than anyone. Also, this man had been fairly old twenty-six years ago, so he definitely was aware of many things.

"Failed murder attempt! Sentenced to thirty years in prison?!" In the interrogation room, Miao Ying read Cheng Guangmings file as she asked Zhao Yu incredulously, "Didnt you say he was in for battery and assault?"

"Please!" Zhao Yu furrowed his brows. "I heard everything from someone else too! It was a miracle the name was right!"

"Thirty years, thats quite severe!" Miao Ying looked at the documents. "Imprisoned for stabbing businessman Hao Gang, for stabbing him many times with a knife, seriously injuring him and causing Hao Gangs spleen and intestine to rupture!"

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu said in shock. "Thats a truly failed murder attempt. It was clear he was gunning for his life! In public too! Truly crazy! Hey, wait, businessman Hao Gang? Ehy does that name sound familiar?"

"Holy sh*t, you still dont know? Thats the boss of Rongtian Corporation!" Miao Ying laughed. "I remember this case now. I think I was still in high school. The boss of Rongtian was stabbed. It made headlines in Qinshan. Apparently, Hao Gang was quite luckyhe nearly died! I suppose thirty years really wasnt that much!"

Oh Zhao Yu finally remembered. As it turned out, Hao Gang was Hao Jiajuns father.

"I dont understand." Miao Ying shook her head. "Why did Cheng Guangming stab Hao Gang with a knife? Clearly he was trying to take the other down with him!"

"Isnt it obvious?" Zhao Yu had wanted to say the word "revenge," but with the clanging sound of the iron door, Cheng Guangming was brought out by the jail warden.

To Zhao Yus shock, Cheng Guangming was blind in one eye. Miao Ying was also a little shocked and immediately scanned the document again. As it turned out, in his second year in prison, one of Cheng Guangmings eye had been blinded by another inmate!

Miao Ying immediately signaled to Zhao Yu, and Zhao Yu hid his smile behind his hand. Clearly, Cheng Guangmings eye had not been an accident, but he had been blinded by someone hired by Hao Gang! Apparently, these two had quite the grudge against each other!

But Zhao Yu felt that regardless of the twos huge grudge against each other, it had nothing to do with his investigation of the Mianling case. Thus, it was better to just get to the main point of his interrogation.

Once Cheng Guangming sat down at the interrogation table, the interrogation officially began. Zhao Yu and Miao Yings main interrogation topic started with the mining area near Yinpan Town.

Even though Cheng Guangming was very cooperative, but because he had been just a rich spoiled brat thirty years ago, only knowing to eat, gamble, and enjoy life, he had never gone to the tunnel area. Also, because Cheng Sanli spoiled Cheng Guangming extremely, Cheng Sanli had not mentioned anything related to business to him, only knowing to give! Give! Give more money! Thus, after a long period of questioning in vain, Cheng Guangming not only did not know who worked for his dad, but he did not even know Han Wenjun.

Seeing the interrogation coming to a close without any results, Miao Ying suddenly got curious and started to ask about the situation regarding Cheng Guangmings arrest. She wanted to know why Cheng Guangming stabbed Hao Gang.

But when she brought it up, Cheng Guangmings face was filled with anger. He spoke with infinite agitation, "Hao Gang, that evil bastard! It was him that broke up my family and lead them to their deaths!!!" Apparently, Cheng Sanli had always lived rather swimmingly within Qinshan, but it was because of Hao Gang that his family was broken apart, and that his life ended so tragically!

Cheng Guangming said that Hao Gang also went into construction in order to oppress his family, and that Hao Gang used all kinds of underhanded tricks. Sometimes, he would rather lose a large sum of money and steal away the other familys customers. Also, Hao Gang had quite a large influence, both in public and in the underworld, forcing Cheng Sanli into a corner, making him finally close his business!

If it were just business competition, it would not be that big of a deal, but once Cheng Sanli lost his business, Hao Gang did not stop. He kept setting all sorts of traps for Cheng Sanli, then kept sending debt collectors to harass him, assault him, and destroy his property. Then, even worse, Hao Gang even hired someone to rape his sister! Then, when the sister died in a car crash, the circumstances were also very suspicious.

Cheng Guangming also said that after what happened to his sister, Cheng Sanli was truly terrified. He immediately used up his remaining wealth and sent Cheng Guangming out of the city and into hiding. But not long after Cheng Guangming left Qinshan did he recieve tragic news that his father had died of a serious illness, and his mother had hung herself!

Cheng Guangming knew that the breakdown and death of his entire family was entirely due to Hao Gang. That was what drove him to murder, stabbing the Hao Gang in public.

Originally, he had wanted to die with Hao Gang, but unexpectedly, Hao Gang was quite lucky and lived! Of course, Hao Gang would not let this go! Not withholding any money or method, he ensured that he would receive a heavy sentence, then hired someone to blind him!

After hearing everything, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying could not help but look at each other. To think there was such a story behind the situation!

"Right." Miao Ying lowered her head and whispered to Zhao Yu, "I already heard that Hao Gang was a rather extreme businessman, using some unsightly methods with competitors. This person was truly influential, added with his tight connection to the government, no one could touch him for all these years!"

"Oh" Zhao Yu smiled gently, thinking to himself, "Thats not one-hundred percent true!" What a coincidence that the cooperations that Su Yang was investigating at the moment had the name "Rongtian Corporation" in it.

"Hehehe, they may be doing well now, but they better watch out!" Zhao Yu thought.

"But" Yet, Miao Ying quickly fell into deep thought and asked in confusion, "Thats kind of weird. The business competition part if is understandable, but raping woman, driving the family into a corner, this was clearly some kind of personal grudge!"

Thinking this much, Miao Ying immediately asked Cheng Guangming, "If what you said is true, and Hao Gang was so against your family, did your dad offend him in some way? Did they have some sort of conflict?"

"This, Idont think so?" Cheng Guangming tried to remember. "I dont think I heard of this guy from my dad. What kind of conflict could there have been? Even if there was, wouldnt that be too extreme?!"

"Tsk tsk" Miao Ying smacked her lips and shook her head. She whispered to Zhao Yu, "Right, but we only have his words! Theres no evidence! If Hao Gang really committed these crimes, then he shouldve been locked up a long time ago!"

"Officer, I know I dont have any evidence!" Despite Cheng Guangmings blindness, his hearing was clearly fine. He said urgently, "I can use my life story to promise that everything that happened to my family was done by Hao Gang! Originally, my father had many friends. Even if our business failed, we wouldnt come to ruin like we did! Hao Gang was clearly trying to drive us to extinction!"

"Thats quite difficult." Zhao Yu did not even raise an eyebrow. "Your dad had so many illegitimate children. Theyve already spread far and wide. Theres no extinction to speak of!"

"You!" Cheng Guangming was angry, but quickly began to beg. "Officer, I beg of you, please believe me! Hao Gang really wasnt a good person. He is truly sneaky, and he definitely did many immoral things! Please investigate him! This sort of person, you cant let them walk away so free."

What?! Sneaky Suddenly, Zhao Yu focused on this word. The word seemed to remind him of something. If Hao Gang was really just as Cheng Guangming said, so evil and sneaky, then could there be another possibility?

Suddenly, it was like Zhao Yu had been possessed by an idea. He immediately asked, "Cheng Guangming, let me ask you, when did Hao Gang suddenly get rich? When he got rich, was itkind of sudden?!"