Crazy Detective Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Latiao Bomb

Zhao Yu wanted to use the excuse of a bomb threat to run away with Hao Jiajuns phone. But just as he was looking at the photo on the phone, he noticed that it was actually an old photo. He could tell that it was not a photo taken with the cellphone because the photo was yellowish and stained, with a outdated border. He assumed that it was a scanned photo.

It was of a beautiful young lady, and the photo was taken at an old photoshop. The lady had wavy hair from the eighties and a pair of big eyes, just like a doll.

Zhao Yu took a glance and felt that she looked really familiar. He then saw the mole on the right upper side of her lips and he suddenly remembered Liang Sisis picture!

Oh God! At that very moment, it sent shivers down his spine. This lady in the photo and the Liang Sisis lab-generated picture looked too alike! Could it be Is it

Zhao Yu felt as if he had been struck by lightning! He couldnt care less about anything else. He grabbed Hao Jiajun and demanded, "Quick! Tell me! Who is this person in this photo? Where did the photo come from? Answer me!"

"Hey, hey, hey." The senior security guard stood in front of Hao Jiajun. "Officer, what are you talking about? Why are you holding our manager? Where are you come from?"

"You, SHUT UP!!" Zhao Yu pointed at him and glared. The senior security officer was frightened. Zhao Yu pulled Hao Jiajun closer and shouted, "Hao Jiajun, I think the bomb will explode soon. If you dont say anything, we arent going anywhere alive!"

"Aiyo" Hao Jiajun was panicked, but he contained himself, like a prince maintaining his elegance. He replied, "I really dont understand you, officer. Are you trying to lose your life? Thisthis is my mom! I cant even carry my moms picture with me?"

"What? You mother?!" Zhao Yu frowned. He could not process it. He looked closely at the photo in the phone. It was definitely an old photo. The lady may have seemed young, but she definitely did not look to be from this day and age.

Mother?! Hao Jiajuns mother? This lady in the photo looked so similar to Liang Sisi. Is Hao Jiajuns mother, Liang Sisi?!Ugh?!

Zhao Yu was getting more confused. Thats impossible! If Liang Sisi was still alive, she would be thirty-three-years-old. Hao Jiajun was twenty-seven. So if Liang Sisi was his mother, she gave birth to him at the age of six? F*ckWhat the What the hell was going on?

"Yes!" Hao Jiajuns eyebrows burrowed and said, "This is really my mother. Officer, are you trying to make fun of me? Lets leave and talk outside!"

"Exactly!" The senior security guard said back.

No! Zhao Yu shook his head. According to the information, Hao Jiajuns mother passed away due to an illness when he was one-year-old. Butwhy? Why did his mother and Liang Sisi look so alike? Theres must bea reason

Zhao Yu immediately took out his cellphone and showed Hao Jiajun the picture of Liang Sisi.

"There!" Zhao Yu said, holding his phone. "You see, do you know this person?"

Hao Jiajun turned to look at the bag that might explode, then turned back to look at Zhao Yus phone.

"Officer, what do you mean?" Hao Jiajun furrowed his brows. "Of course I know who this is. Isnt this the little girl that was lost during the Mianling Kidnapping Case? Its all over my WeChat news feed. Why? You found the girl?"

"F*ck." Zhao Yu told him to take a closer look. "Look closely! She has a mole above her upper right lip too. Dont you think she looks very familiar?"

"Familiar?" Hao Jiajun looked closely. "Ive never seen her. What does familiar mean? Oh, do you think Im the kidnapper? Oh, I get what you mean!" Hao Jiajun suddenly realized and said, "She and my motherIt cant be. Officer, take a closer look. Look." Hao Jiajun put the two photos together, and even showed them to the senior security guard as well. "See that? Besides the mole, their height and appearance is not the same! And my mother is more beautiful!"

"I dont know!" Zhao Yu remained silent, but the senior security guard said, "Manager Hao, I forgot to bring my glasses. I cant really tell!"

Zhao Yu took another glance. True enough, there was no resemblance. Even the mole was at a slightly different position. Hao Jiajuns mother was taller, and Liang Sisis mole was slightly lower and different in size too.

Oh. Zhao Yu wiped away the sweat on his bald head and uttered that it was a false alarm! Hao Jiajuns mother was really not related to Liang Sisi! It seemed that he was tired from investigating Mianling Case!

Just as Zhao Yu was comparing the pictures, the phone that he was given by Su Yang vibrated. It was a signalSu Yang was done and Zhao Yu could leave too!

Zhao Yu saw no reason to hold onto Hao Jiajun phone. He returned it and said, "I warned you, delete all photos of Yao Jia that you have. If not, I will start a rumor on WeChat and embarrass you!" He pointed at the senior security guard and continued, "Quickly check on the evacuation status of this building. The bomb expert is coming!"

"OhHmmAh" The senior security guard was confused and stood there.

While he stood there, Zhao Yu made his phone ring and pretended to answer the call.

"Hello? Captain! Where did you go? Why is there no one here yet? The people have been evacuated! Huh? What? You caught the terrorists? There was no bomb in the bag? Its a fake? What? Okay then, I know what to do!"

After pretending to end the call, Zhao Yu looked at Hao Jiajun. "Excuse me, Manager Hao, the suspects have been captured. There is no bomb in the bag. False alarm!"

"No way!" God knows why the senior security guard popped up out of nowhere and shouted at Zhao Yu, "Is that how the police work? There must be no bomb if the terrorists said so? What if they lied?"

"Aiyo, F*ck you." Zhao Yu was annoyed but he had no choice. He walked towards the bag.

"Hey! Hey!" The senior security guard was panicking and immediately stood in front of Hao Jiajun. "Dont be reckless!"

Zhao Yu opened the black bag and made a surprised face while the senior security guard shook in fear!

"Ah!" the senior security guard quickly lied down and made Hao Jiajun lie down on the ground as well.

"Oh my God!" Zhao Yu poured everything on the floor. More than ten bags of Latiao fell out.