Crazy Detective Chapter 211

Chapter 211: One Price

Zhao Yu was thinking about the Mianling Case even though he was lying on his desk sleepily. Especially about the fact that Hao Gangs wife, who had passed away, looked so much like Liang Sisi. It made him feel like there was definitely something worth finding out! Today was the third day he had gotten the "Gen" hexagram!

"The photo cant just be a coincidence. I just got my hands on Hao Gang, and now Ive came across something so weird! Is there really no connection? What is the relationship between Hao Gangs wife and Liang Sisi?" Zhao Yu wondered.

Besides the photo, Zhao Yu was also thinking about Gao Yangs death. Did he really die of an illness or was he murdered? Zhang Yaohui and Lanbo had spent the day in the mental hospital, but had not returned with anything useful. Also, no matter what methods Zhang Jingfeng had used, he could not find anything connecting Hao Gang and Cheng Sanli. It was as if someone deliberately erased part of their history.

Though it was evident that Hao Gang, Han Wenjun, and Gao Yang were comrades from the same military team, there was no evidence that they had been close. What if they were just comrades but not close with each other? Did it mean that they were not related to the Mianling Case? Had the police taken the wrong approach? And what was Cheng Sanlis role in this case?

Zhao Yu was thinking about the case in his sleepiness, wanting to figure out something. But amongst the mess, he had gotten more confused and lost. In the end, he fell asleep.

It was six in the evening when he woke up. There was no one left in the office besides Li Beini, who was next to him. She told Zhao Yu that Liang Sisi and Hao Gang were not related in any single way.

"Phew!" Zhao Yu let out a long breath, glad that his theory had not worked out and was only a coincidence!

Lei Beini told Zhao Yu that Team Leader Miao sent Team B to question Hao Gangs old neighbors and his old colleagues within the police force. They should be able to get some new clues this time around.

Zhao Yu felt mixed emotions when he thought about Miao Ying. "Miao Renfeng is running away because shes afraid that Ill let loose on her! HmphYou cant hide for long! Miao Renfeng, just you wait and see!" he thought to himself.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch and realized it was time to leave for Yao Jias party. He cleaned up and left for the party in his uniform.

Zhao Yu never really gave Yao Jias party any thought. He thought it was just a simple meal with no alcohol, so he assumed he could head back and continue investigating once he filled up his stomach. He had gotten a third "Gen" hexagram today! Who knew, he might be able to find a big clue if he worked harder.

Branyar Hotel was one of the few five-star hotels in Qinshan. Those who got married there were mostly rich. Yao Jia and Zang Jie were not from wealthy families, but they were both pretty well-off. The hotel event lobby was already packed with all their friends and relatives when Zhao Yu arrived.

Yao Jia was dressed in a beautiful Chinese qipao as she talked with a chubby emcee on stage. She had a charming smile, proper and decent. Beautiful was not enough to describe her. Once she saw Zhao Yu, she waved at him and asked him to go on the stage that was covered with red carpet.

"Officer Zhao, youre finally here!" Yao Jia held Zhao Yus arms and said, "I was worried that youHey? Your hair?" Yao Jia realized that Zhao Yu was bald, because he was not wearing his cap.

"I fought with some criminals and had a small accident. Dont worry about that!" Zhao Yu bragged. "Ovr forty criminals were defeated by me with my bare hands! Here, I only got eight stitches!"

"Wow! Thats really dangerous!" Yao Jia said. "Come to the hospital if it happens again, Ill stitch it for you! On the house!"

"Hmm" Zhao Yu hesitated. "Getting stitches in the police station is free as well. Hehe."

"Oh, thats good!" Yao Jia laughed. "Yeah, I was worried that I scared you off when I asked you to be our childs godfather!"

"Why would I be?" Zhao Yu pointed at Yao Jias stomach and replied jokingly, "Why? Is my godson already growing inside?"

"Hey! Dont make up stories! Hehe." Yao Jias laughter was to die for. "We are just engaged, not married yet!"

"Cough! What era are you in?" Zhao Yu wanted to tell more dirty jokes, but looking at Yao Jia, such an elegant lady, he held his tongue.

"Officer Zhao, let me tell you something interesting!" Yao Jia said happily with Zhao Yus arms still in her hands. "I told my colleagues about your heroic actions at Liu He Shun and they all call me Thirteenth Sis now! Hehehe."

"Aiyo? What a pleasure. Thirteenth Sis!" Zhao Yu greeted her in a traditional manner.

"Likewise!" Yao Jia replied as Zhao Yu had, then burst out in laughter.

Just as they were chatting merrily, a group of macho people entered from the main entrance. The leader of the group was a man about fifty-years-old. He had really intimidating features and aura, and stood out among the group.

There were many men in black suits that were like bodyguards behind him. Among the men in black suits, there was one in white, and he was the only one Zhao Yu knew. The one in the white suit was Hao Jiajun.

"Whywhy would he be here?" Yao Jia saw Hao Jiajun and felt uneasy. She moved behind Zhao Yu.

Oh. Zhao Yu looked at the intimidating man again and finally recognized him. He was Hao Jiajuns father, the director of Rongtian Corporation, the suspect that Zhao Yu had been secretly afterHao Gang!!!

F*ck, it cant be?! Looking at these overbearing people, Zhao Yu was thinking, "Does that this b*stard know that I was after him and is looking for trouble? Why? Trying to scare me off?" Zhao Yu was not intimidated. He puffed up his chest and stuck his chin up, showing the gangster side of him.

But Zhao Yu had got it all wrong! Hao Gang walked onto the stage and pointed at Zhao Yu and Yao Jia. He turned around to ask Hao Jia Jun, "Jiajun, is it these two?" Hao Gang sounded very loud and intimidating. Many of the guests recognized Hao Gang and suddenly became very quiet.

Hao Jiajun nodded sheepishly and replied, "Dad, can you please stay out of this? I can solve this myself!"

"Solve this yourself?" Hao Gang shook his head coldly. "Son, you lost twenty pounds. If I let this go on, wouldnt you turn into a stringbean?"

Hao Gang turned around and checked out Yao Jia. He nodded and said, "Hmm, no wonder, quite a beauty! No wonder my son only wanted you! Not bad. Alright, I am rooting for you as my daughter in law!" He then turned and faced Zhao Yu. "Young man, I dont want to waste my time, lets keep this short! Give your girlfriend to my son. Give me a price."

"Huh? What?" Zhao Yu was confused but understood after a while. It seemed that the both of them thought that Zhao Yu was Yao Jias boyfriend! Zhao Yu had just put on a show with Hao Jiajuns earlier that morning, so Hao Jiajun was certain that Zhao Yu was the groom. He and Yao Jia had acted exactly like a newlywed couple earlier as well.

"But forget about that. From what Hao Hang said, he meant that they are here to get the wife? Thats quite barbaric!" Zhao Yu thought.

"I understand that you dont lack money!" Hao Gang said with his poker face on. "But since I asked, it is not only about money anymore. Do you understand? You think about it. If you do not agree with my proposal now, you may not be able to get anything in the end."

"I agree!" Zhao Yu surrendered and nodded at once. "Boss Hao is really direct! Why wouldnt I agree? I do not ask for much. Eight-million! The money for this place tonight, Ill cover it. What do you think?"

"You" Hao Gang was surprised.

"Hmm" Hao Jiajun was confused.

"What the" Yao Jia was furious.