Crazy Detective Chapter 216

Chapter 216: The Shocking Gunpoint

"Hello! Team Leader Miao, Team Leader Miao!" In the emergency, Zhao Yu still decided to call Miao Ying. Miao Ying had just picked up, and Zhao Yu immediately spoke with a voice of extreme emergency. "Team Leader Miao, listen to me. I found an important evidence. Liang Sisi, Liang Sisi" Before he spoke more, Zhao Yu realized that he had already arrived at Rongtian Building. He immediately slammed the breaks, which stopped the car with a screech.

Due to the force of the brakes, the car lost its balance and flung forward. The tires squeaked as the back of the car spun and slammed into the side of the street, then made a dull popping sound.

At the same time, Zhao Yu purposefully threw the phone on the ground, then pulled the car door open, yelling in a stunned voice, "Youyou guys" Zhao Yu only said those few words before forcefully hitting the car door and seat, making a huge noise.

Everything happened before the automatic light in the car went out. After those precious few seconds, Zhao Yu immediately left his car and phone, and took large strides into the building.

As he ran, he purposely brought the child phone had Miao Ying gave him, which could act as a GPS tracking device. He stuffed it in his pocket, then ran as fast as he could towards the door of the Rongtian building.

The reason that Zhao Yu had acted so dramatic just now was, of course, to attract Miao Yings attention. Once Miao Ying realized that Zhao Yu was in danger, she would definitely contact the police and come support him.

Using the kid-phone, Miao Ying could easily obtain his location information. Once she realized Zhao Yus location, she would definitely rush to the Rongtian building. This way, Zhao Yu would not only obtain police backup, but would also have a valid reason to enter the building!

But Zhao Yu was still in danger! He knew that once Hao Gang put down his phone, his murderous intent would be even stronger! Thus, he had to expend all his effort, unable to spare even one second. He must rush at full speed to Hao Gangs secret room.

But Rongtian building was not just some normal area. Not only was the security there incredibly tight, but Zhao Yu also could not expose his identity as a police officer! Once Hao Gang knew a police officer was there, then it would definitely force his hand!

If that happened, the results would be even worse. Not only would he alert Hao Gang to his presence, but the building would be packed with hidden danger and countless guards. If he was surrounded, then it would be even worse for him! What to do?

At this point, Zhao Yu could no longer worry about it and immediately used the invisibility cloak that the system had rewarded him.

Rongtian buildings door was a massive, automatic revolving door. Since it was night, the door was already locked, however, the small glass door beside the revolving door was still able to be accessed. Once Zhao Yu covered himself with the cloak, he immediately pushed the door open and entered.

When the guard at the door saw the shadow of a person, and the door opening, he immediately stood up and went to check. Yet, after a careful search, he could not find anything.

Zhao Yus invisible cloak only had a one-minute duration. In order to quickly go upstairs, he immediately went towards the elevator. When he pressed the button, the elevator opened. He got in, pressed the button, then it closed.

The security guard at the door could not see Zhao Yu, but as he watched the elevator mysteriously open, then close, a puzzled expression crawled up his face.

Zhao Yu had already carefully surveyed Hao Gang, and knew the exact location of his office. Once the elevator stopped at the thirty-third floor, he immediately rushed towards the door to Hao Gangs office.

There were indeed guards in front of the office. Two security guards wearing black suits were dutifully standing outside the door. Zhao Yu knew that his invisibility would not last much longer, so he immediately rushed forward, aiming right at the face of one guar, and threw a punch!

This punch had all of Zhao Yus strength behind it, and was a complete sneak attack. The guard who was hit did not even make a noise as his head slammed against the wall, and he fainted right away.

Zhao Yu could not care too much. At the moment, the invisibility cloak would only last ten more seconds. He immediately punched in the password and opened the door to Hao Gangs office.

The office was completely dark. Zhao Yu could not see a thing, so he flipped on the lamp in the room. Hao Gangs fancy, castle-like office finally appeared before Zhao Yu. But of course, he had no heart to admire it. He immediately rushed into the hidden room within the storage room, ready to rescue Liang Sisi.

Zhao Yu pulled the lever behind the scanner, and heard the sound of the shelf moving aside to show the fingerprint-access door.

Zhao Yu was not dumb. He knew that Hao Gang had a gun, so before he entered, he checked on Hao Gang with his surveillance camera.

Hao Gang had already finished his phone call with Hao Jiajun. Maybe he had heard some sort of commotion and was just standing behind the metal door, examining something using the surveillance device on the wall. At the same time, he pressed down on the call machine to inquire about the situation outside.

Zhao Yu estimated the distance and realized Hao Gang was right on the other side of the metal door. Realizing this, he immediately used the skeleton key, and with a "beep," the metal door sprang open!

As soon as the door opened, Zhao Yu used the very last second of the invisibility cloak and rushed toward Hao Gang.

Hao Gang could have never imagined that not only did someone know about his secret room, but could easily open the metal door as well. Thus, with Zhao Yus lightning fast entrance, Hao Gang could not even react. He was immediately met with a flying kick from Zhao Yu, and was knocked down!

Boom! Hao Gang landed heavily on the floor, the gun in his hand flying far away.

Zhao Yus invisibility had ended, and he was revealed. Yet, Zhao Yu did not say a single word, and immediately got on top of Hao Gang, ready to punch him!

Even though Hao Gang was older, he had been a soldier when he was young. Having training of his own, his reaction was not bad at all.

When Zhao Yu got on top of him, he instinctively used his arms to block his face. Even though Zhao Yus punches rained down, none of them hit critical area. But even then, Hao Gang was still shaking from the assault.

Zhao Yu showed no sign of stopping, landing punch after punch, forcing Hao Gang into submission, nearing defeat. Yet, at this moment, something that Zhao Yu had never expected happened!

"Fuu" From the air came an almost silent sound. Yet, after the sound, Zhao Yus shoulder exploded with blood!!

When Zhao Yu fell to the ground in pain, he suddenly saw the stark-naked Liang Sisi holding Hao Gangs pistol with the silencer, aiming it right at him with little expression!