Crazy Detective Chapter 217

Chapter 217: How Did You Get Here?

Zhao Yu did not understand. He came to save Liang Sisi, but why would Liang Sisi shoot him at this crucial moment? Was it becauseshe was brainwashed? Did she forget that Hao Gang was the monster that imprisoned her for twenty-six years? Did she forget that Hao Gang was the murderer that killed all of her schoolmates?

Zhao Yu saw Liang Sisi aiming the gun at him, so he immediately put on the invisible bullet proof suit from the system.

Zhao Yu was too careless. He should have worn the bullet proof suit way earlier since it lasted for one hour!

"Shoot! Kill him!" Hao Gang ordered Liang Sisi. Even though Liang Sisi looked expressionless, her body was shaking. She could not pull the trigger!

"Give it to me! Come, give it to me!" Hao Gang stood up on his feet and walked towards Liang Sisi, wanting to grab the gun from in her hand.

Zhao Yu knew that since he was wearing the bulletproof suit, the gun would not have any effect on him, but when he saw the look on Hao Gangs face, he suddenly realized that Hao Gang probably did not only want to kill him! That man was a monster. Once he got the gun, it would be hard to say whether or not he would shoot Liang Sisi!

"No! No way! If Liang Sisi dies, there wont be any more evidence! Liang Sisi can never die!" he thought. Zhao Yu ignored the pain from his shoulder, got up, and ran towards Hao Gang. At that very moment, Hao Gang took the gun from Liang Sisi and turned around to shoot Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu managed to grab Hao Gangs right hand that was holding the gun and fought with him!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Hao Gang shot three bullets into the ceiling. The gun should have had four bullets, but after Hao Gang shot the three bullets, the gun only made a clicking sound.

Zhao Yu wanted to knock Hao Gang down, but he had not expected for Hao Gang to be so strong. With his shoulder injury, it made it very difficult for Zhao Yu. He could not bring Hao Gang to his knees even after a few rounds of wrestling.

Hao Gang knocked over Liang Sisi while the two of them were fighting. Liang Sisi wanted to turn around and run, but she fell straight to the ground. She knocked her head on a corner and fainted.

Ah? Zhao Yu was worried that Liang Sisi was in danger. He wanted to turn around and take a look. Hao Gang seized the chance and pushed Zhao Yu over, then finally got out of his grapple. He knew that the gun had run out of bullets, so he turned around and ran outside.

Zhao Yu turned around and saw Liang Sisi rolling around in pain on the ground, which meant she was not head. Zhao Yu could not bear the idea of Hao Gang escaping, so he immediately ran after Hao Gang as he clutched his shoulder!

Hao Gang was almost sixty-years-old, but with his consistent training, he was rather fit. Even after wrestling with Zhao Yu for a long time, he could still run pretty quickly. He was at the office door in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Yu chased after him closely, no further than two meters behind. Zhao Yu wanted to jump up and grab him from the back, but Hao Gang suddenly flew back from the entrance. He seemed to have been kicked back. He flew a few meters back and fell onto his back!

"Ah" Hao Gang groaned in pain after the huge crash.

"Hmm? Whats going on? Why did he fly back on his own?" Zhao Yu wondered. He looked up and saw someone running through the entrance alone. This person that ran into the office sent a breath of fresh air across the room. Zhao Yu looked and realized that the person was none other than Miao Ying!!

"Wow! Thats fast!" he thought in awe.

Miao Ying was wearing her sky blue sports suit, looking good in it.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu got a confidence boost, but his ego was awakened too. "I came to take out Hao Gang on my own. If he really is guilty, he was worth a billion! I cant let Miao Ying take advantage of this," he thought.

Zhao Yu quickly took the handcuffs and put them on Hao Gang.

Miao Ying suddenly shouted at Zhao Yu, "Zhao Yu! Run! Now!"

"Huh? What?" Zhao Yu hung back. "This b*tch really wants to carry off my triumph? Asked me to run away, am I" Zhao Yu was thinking until he was shocked by two gunshots. Holes formed on the door frame right behind Miao Ying.

Bang! Bang! Miao Ying had not managed to say much to Zhao Yu when she rolled into the office.

Just when Miao Ying jumped, a gunshot came from the door again. One hit the vase in the office door. The vase shattered, and the pieces flew apart.

Zhao Yu turned around to look at the door and saw a man with a black handgun come in. Zhao Yu had seen this person before. He was the bodyguard with a scar near the corner of his eye.

The bodyguard saw Zhao Yu and immediately aimed the gun at him! Zhao Yu reacted quickly and instinctively dodged the bullets that were shot at him. He could hear as the bullets flew past him.

The bodyguard realized that he had not shot Zhao Yu, then quickly aimed at Miao Ying instead. But she had already leapt over the office desk to hide. Bullets were shot right there and then. There were two holes on Hao Gangs desk.

Eh?! Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something. "Ah, Fuck! I wore a one-hundred percent bulletproof suit. I shouldnt be scared of him at all. Why am I hiding?" Zhao Yu bellowed and ran towards the man holding the gun.

The bodyguard had not expected Zhao Yu to be so fearless, but he quickly raised his gun to shoot at Zhao Yu. Miao Ying threw a chair at him when she saw that Zhao Yu was in danger.

The bodyguard was attacked from both sides and he hesitated. He raised his other hand to block the chair, but Zhao Yu was really fast and knocked him into the cupboard!

Zhao Yu was betting his life. The glass on the cupboard shattered and books flew everywhere!

Waaa.Zhao Yu head-butted the gunmans stomach and lifted him over his head, but he was unstable because of the injury to his shoulder.

The bodyguard readjusted his wrist, intending to shoot Zhao Yu, but Miao Ying rushed over to help when she saw.

The gunman shot Miao Ying instead. Luckily, Zhao Yu was not stable and the shot tilted. It did not hit Miao Ying, but it did scare her off.

Zhao Yu roared again and threw the man onto the distorted cupboard angrily!

PlangAfter the shattering sound, the bodyguard was on top of the broken cupboard, and his body was full of glass shards!

"OhAh" The bodyguard had lost his ability to fight and was only left with the strength to moan over his injury.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying saw the fresh blood on Zhao Yus shoulder. She quickly ran over and asked, "How are you? Are you injured? They really kidnapped you?"

"Team Lead Miao!" Zhao Yu held his shoulder and asked, "How did you get here so fast? Where are the others?"

"I was worried about you, so I came first!" Miao Ying answered while she checked on Zhao Yus wound. "The others should be here soon!"

"HowHow did you get up here?" Zhao Yu was amazed.

"I beat my way up!" Miao Ying pointed at the bodyguard, full of glass. "We do not have a search warrant, but I was afraid you wouldnt make it, so I rushed up. Luckily you brought the phone I gave you! But wheres Hao Gang?"

"Snap!" Zhao Gang was reminded about the most important issue. But when he turned around, he realized that Hao Gang had already disappeared!