Crazy Detective Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Magic Again

Oh no! Zhao Yu shivered in realization! Where was Hao Gang? He could not escape! This guy was worth billions. He definitely had planned his backup escape already. It would be nearly impossible to capture him again!

At least the invisible surveillance camera still worked. Zhao Yu immediately used the surveillance camera to check the situation, and realized that Hao Gang was already in the elevator. You want to run?!

"Quick!" Zhao Yu did not have time to explain, but pointed at the storage room and yelled to Miao Ying, "Inside of that room is a small door. Liang Sisis inside! Make sure to protect her! Hao Gang! Hao Gangs the kidnapper of the Mianling case! He locked up Liang Sisi for all this time!"

"What?! Liang Sisi?!" Miao Ying was stunned. She could barely wrap her head around what Zhao Yu had said. Yet, just as she was about to enter the chamber, she took a look at Zhao Yus shoulder, which was gushing with blood. She asked with immense concern, "ThenyouIll wrap this up for you first!"

"Im going to chase Hao Gang! I cant let him get away!" Zhao Yu replied, then immediately rushed towards the exit. Yet, before he even got close to the door, a bunch of people rushed in instead!

They were suit-clad bodyguards, all holding police batons, looking murderous. Clearly, they had been ordered by Hao Gang, and came to deal with the intruders.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu was not sure what to do when he saw the mass of people. He quickly turned to try and find the gun that the security guard with the scar had been using. Yet, there was a huge mess near the bookshelf. In this emergency, the gun was nowhere to be found.

The bodyguards did not care at all and immediately started waving their batons, ready to attack. Without any other options, Zhao Yu could only fight back, fighting through the jumbled mess.

These people were very different from the pyramid scammers that Zhao Yu had previously met. These guys were all professionals. Even in a one-on-one battle they would not lose to Zhao Yu, much less in a group. Within moments, Zhao Yu was beaten, unable to fight back.

"Hah!" Suddenly a roar sliced through the air, and Miao Ying flew back into the fray, ready to join the fight!

Miao Yings spinning kick first landed on one person, kicking them away. Yet, just as she finished her kick, she was met with numerous batons, and she let out roars of pain. Zhao Yu finally took one down as well, but with the batons landing upon him, he also retreated in pain.

The batons power was not to be underestimated, capable of breaking bones easily. Zhao Yu noticed that he and Miao Ying could not fight back at all, and decided to change his approach. He immediately activated the new electricity jammer he had obtained from the system. As soon as he used it, the entire area went pitch-black! The bodyguards who were focused on their assault suddenly could not see a thing and quickly fell into chaos.

Hoho! After a few moments, Zhao Yu let out a cold laugh. He said to himself, "Now that you guys have had your fun, its my turn, right?!"

Zhao Yu immediately turned on his invisible night vision, and everything was clear as day in his eyes. Grinning to himself, Zhao Yu immediately grabbed a bodyguards head and slammed them into a full-body mirror!

Bam! With the sound of the glass breaking, the person was bloody all over and immediately fell to the ground. Zhao Yu picked up his baton and started his vicious revenge!

When it came to fighting, Zhao Yu was definitely an expert. As for fighting with a stick, it was Zhao Yus specialty!

Seeing how this was a life-or-death situation, Zhao Yu saw no need to hold back. He immediately swung his stick and aimed at the bodyguards head, face, back of their head, and started his attack! Assault! Aggression!

The office was soon filled with painful wails. Many people did not even know what had happened before they were attacked by Zhao Yu, then instantly lost consciousness!

The guards were not dumb either. Seeing that there was no light, they immediately took out their phones, intending to use their phones as a light source. Yet, the phone was dead, completely unusable!






Within the crowd was a shrewder guard. Seeing that his phone was not working, he immediately pulled out a lighter and switched it on. Yet, as soon as the flame appeared, he was shocked to see an immensely terrifying face within the glow. He was instantly taken aback and collapsed on the ground.

As it turned out, Zhao Yu had seen his lighter way ahead of time and was already standing in front of him, ready to scare him! Once the person collapsed, Zhao Yu immediately followed with a few blunt attacks and knocked them out cold.

Just like that, ten or so guards were all quickly taken down by Zhao Yueach of them bleeding, wailing in pain.

At that time, Zhao Yu had wanted to chase Hao Gang. Yet, with Miao Ying and Liang Sisi there, he could not just leave. He immediately looked at the surveillance camera in his head, and was shocked to see that Hao Gang was standing in the lobby, commanding a group of people who looked like bodyguards.

The bodyguards looked like a mass of black, numbering in the forties and fifties. After Hao Gangs command, they all rushed up the staircase.

HolyZhao Yu was thunderstruck. Did Hao Gang keep an army in this building or something? How could he fight this many people at once?

At the same time, the hallway was already filled with the sound of footsteps. Clearly, Hao Gangs "army" was more than just forty or fifty people!

Even though Zhao Yu could still last a while using the electricity jammer and night vision, his shoulder wound was getting worse and worse. He almost could not lift his shoulder anymore. It would not be a good idea to fight back now.

Zhao Yu thought hard and suddenly came up with an idea. He immediately stood in front of Miao Ying, wanting to pull her hand. Yet, even though Miao Ying could not see, her reflexes were still top-notch. She immediately threw a punch, nearly hitting Zhao Yu.

"Hey! Its me!" Zhao Yu exclaimed as he turned off the electricity jammer. The office was suddenly bathed in light again. Miao Ying was hiding in a corner. When the light turned on, she raised her head. She looked messy, and not just a little.

She saw Zhao Yu stand romantically heroic in front of her. His back straight, and behind him were a bunch of enemies sprawled on the ground! None of these people looked okay in the least, each of them wailing in pain. Miao Ying could never guess in a million years, just how did Zhao Yu fight them all?

Yet, time was running out. Zhao Yu had no heart to tease Miao Ying at the moment. He immediately grabbed Miao Ying and pulled her into the storage room, through the metal door, then into Hao Gangs hidden space. Miao Ying was once again at a loss for words. She could never imagine there being such a hidden area within the office.

Once they entered, Zhao Yu immediately locked the metal door. The door was especially thick. Zhao Yu figured since it was designed by Hao Gang, it must be very sturdy so that it could not be pried open!

Using the surveillance camera on the wall, Zhao Yu could see the situation in the office. Just as he and Miao Ying had left, the room was immediately filled with many murderous guards. But it seemed that Hao Gang had not told them about this secret area. The body guards looked through the office a few times, then many left.

Zhao Yu also saw that as he closed the metal door, a shelf in the storage room once again covered the door. If someone did not know about this room, there was no way they could be able to find it.

"Interesting!" Zhao Yu thought to himself. Within these few minutes, Hao Gangs secret area had suddenly become his sanctuary.

Zhao Yu turned and saw that Miao Ying had already seen the Liang Sisi lying on the floor. At the moment, Liang Sisi was still unconscious, muttering something.

Miao Ying looked carefully, and when she saw the woman indeed looked exactly like the lab-generated photo of Liang Sisi, she was once again thunderstruck! This woman really was Liang Sisi?!

"Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu held his bleeding shoulder and rushed to her. "Quick! Use your phone to call someone!"

"Oh, right! Right!" Miao Ying was just recovering from her shock and immediately pulled her phone out to make a call. Even though she had already alerted Zhang Yaohui and Team B to come, the building was surrounded by so many guards. Without a search warrant, they would definitely be stopped. With a case this big, they had to get even more reinforcement.

Zhao Yu was also saying that Han Wenjun had a ninety percent chance of also being the kidnapper, so it had to be reported to the police. Han Wenjun must also be captured before he escaped as well!

Yet, Miao Ying messed with her phone for quite a while before telling Zhao Yu helplessly, "Weird, theres no signal? Ah? Its broken! Could it beHao Gang was afraid we would call and blocked the signal in the entire building? Thenthen this is going to be bad!"

"Hehehe" Yet Zhao Yu only laughed when he heard this, thinking to himself that it was his time to shine again. Thus, he said confidently to Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, no worry! Did you forget, I am someone blessed by God! Here, hold your phone properly so you dont drop it in shock. I, the magical Zhao Yu, will once again use my magic!"