Crazy Detective Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Ill sacrifice myself

Master Zhao used his power and Miao Yings phone suddenly had a full signal bar. Zhao Yu had fun pretending. He mumbled while urging Miao Ying to talk quickly as his powers were very limited, saying that he could not hold them for long.

Miao Ying went silent when she saw that her phone had connection! She even started to buy the idea that Zhao Yu had supernatural powers.

According to ranking, Miao Ying was supposed to called captain Liu Changhu, but when he heard Miao Yings request for assistance in the middle of the night, waking him from his sleep, he was reluctant and said that full police support could only be given with evidence. So Miao Ying took a video showing Liang Sisi and Zhao Yus shoulder injury and sent it over.

While Zhao Yu was in the video, he cursed at Liu Changhu, "Liu Changhu, f*ck you! There are over a hundred criminals outside trying to get us. Team Lead Miao and I cant hold on any longer. We are going to call Bureau Chief Zhou now! If the both of us die, you will be in big trouble!"

Although he had been scolded, Liu Changhu came to realize that it was crucial, that their lives were in his hands. He immediately got up and reported to the higher ups.

Miao Ying then made calls to Bureau Chief Zhou and Bureau Chief Luan right after. She reported the current situation and requested them to urge capital authorities to capture Han Wenjun.

The two bureau chiefs took immediate action to arrange for back up and arrest Han Wenjun when they heard the great news! Miao Ying then called Zhang Yaohui and the others to tell them that it would be dangerous to rush into the building, saying that they should wait downstairs for backup instead.

When Miao Ying finished calling everyone, Zhao Yu pretended to contain his power tiredly, but in actuality the signal amplification device was still working, and Miao Yings phones signal bar was still full.

"Zhao Yu, quick!" Miao Ying wanted to tear off a piece of fabric from her shirt to help Zhao Yu stop the bleeding, but her sports suit material was too tough and could not be torn. Miao Ying was like a cat on a hot tin roof as she took of her top and tore off the sleeve.

Zhao Yu wanted to tell Miao Ying that there was a clothes rack behind her with clothes and a towel on it, but Zhao Yu was reluctant to tell Miao Ying when he saw her being so anxious. Also, Miao Ying was wearing a yellow tank top under the shirt instead of a singlet! He could see her curvy body and her snow white skin clearly.

Zhao Yu gulped and sat in front of Miao Ying to let her take care of his wound. Miao Ying had a nice scent. Zhao Yu was aroused as she wrapped his wound with the cloth.

Zhao Yu looked around and found the empty gun that Hao Gang had abandoned. As the gun was right next to Liang Sisi and she was naked, Miao Ying thought he was admiring her body! She quickly turned his face around and complained, "What are you looking at? Gangster"

When Miao Ying brought up the word "gangster," it triggered Zhao Yus bad intentions. Zhao Yu walked over to Liang Sisi and picked up the gun when Miao Ying was done wrapping his wound.

"Gun?!" Miao Ying saw and asked, "Whose? Zhao Yu, what happened to you? Did Hao Gang really kidnap you?"

"Of course!" Zhao Yu held the gun and ran towards the metal door. He said, "That b*stard Hao Gang shot me. I cannot let him escape!"

"Hey!" Miao Ying realized Zhao Yus intentions and pulled him back. " YouWhat are you trying to do? You cant go out there, it is too dangerous!" Both of them looked at the surveillance screen as Miao Ying talked. There were many bodyguards in Hao Gangs office. They were either looking for the two of them or helping their comrades that had been beaten up by Zhao Yu.

"No way!" Zhao Yu spoke firmly. "I heard Hao Gang making arrangements to escape when he kidnapped me. If I let him run now, it will be difficult for us to capture him later! Plus, he already informed Han Wenjun, so I bet he is also running away!"

"This" Miao Ying furrowed her brows and expressed her worries. "No way! You going out like that is basically sending yourself to hell. Also, its been so long. Hao Gang must have ran for a long time! Listen to me, wait for backup here!"

"No!" Zhao Yu stood as though he was bound for death or glory, and pushed Miao Ying aside. "I saw something when I was kidnapped and found out about this secret room. Hao Gangs money is there. He will definitely need to get the money before he runs away! I know how to stop him!"

"No way!" Miao Ying grabbed Zhao Yu and advised him, "Youre injured! If someone has to go, Ill go!"

"No way!" Zhao Yu rejected her idea firmly and pushed Miao Ying. "You dont know the way, and you have to protect Liang Sisi! If I cannot arrest Hao Gang, you have to protect Liang Sisi. Only she knows the truth about the Mianling Case! You...take care!"

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Yu grabbed Zhao Yus arm again. "No, no way. That is an order. You are not going!"

"Team Lead Miao!" Zhao Yu said her ragingly, "You are talking about orders now? Hao Gang is the kidnapper of the Mianling Case! Four children and an adult were killed by him! Liang Sisi was the only one left, and she was used as a sex slave for twenty-six years! Id put my life on the line to have this monster punished by law!"

"Zhao Yu" Miao Ying was overwhelmed by his smothering passion. She was reluctant when Zhao Yu let go, but she did not pull him back again.

"Team Lead Miao!" Zhao Yu recalled something as he was leaving. He turned around and told Miao Ying, "I will most likely die on this mission. I do not have any regrets, but I have to tell you the truth: I really like you."

"Zhao Yu" Miao Ying heard and her expression was complicated.

"I do not ask for much. Please give me my last encouragement before I go!" He went on to kiss Miao Ying before could respond.

"You" Miao Ying was frightened, but she could not reject him as Zhao Yu sounded so determined.

So thats how it happened. Zhao Yu kissed Miao Ying the second time. This time it was longer, and Zhao Yu kissed her harder when he felt Miao Yings soft lips. He even used his tongue. Worse, he moved his hands towards Miao Yings private parts

Miao Yings reaction time was exceptional. She grabbed Zhao Yus wrist with her left hand and snatched Zhao Yus neck with her right hand to move his lips away from her face.Miao Ying did not speak, but it was obvious that she was telling him, "Thats enough, you b*stard! Dont go overboard! Dont make me hurt you!"

Zhao Yu understood and nodded unwillingly. He then sat on the floor near the corridor.

"Aiyo" He remembered the pain from the wound on his shoulder. He crossed his arms and laid down to rest.

"HmYou?" Miao Ying was confused. She pointed at Zhao Yu and asked, "Arent you going to arrest Hao Gang? You" Miao Ying pointed at Zhao Yus gun as she was talking.

"Oh, there are no more bullets!" Zhao Yu threw the gun on the floor and said shamelessly, "What did you say? Who is going to arrest Hao Gang? You called for backup, didnt you? Why do I need to head out? There are so many enemies out there. Do you want me to die?"

"You" Miao Ying then realized, she had been tricked! Team Lead Miao was furious and wanted to take revenge on Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu welcomed the slap with his injured shoulder and said, "Hit me! Hit me right here!"