Crazy Detective Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Come and Get Rich with Me!

"You! You b*stard!" Miao Ying cursed and turned to see that the shelf behind her was filled with clothes on hangers. She couldnt help but be enraged, and immediately took a cloth and covered Liang Sisi.

At the time, Liang Sisi already looked much better than before. But she was still confused, muttering somewhat unintelligibly.

"Zhao Yu, I know." Even though Miao Ying was shaking in anger, she still did not use violence, instead holding in her anger as she spoke. "Youre angry that I sold you out to Liu Changhu! Angry that I blamed you for not reporting to the higher-ups! Right?"

"Yes, a little!" Zhao Yus answer was very straightforward.

"Hmph! Zhao Yu, as shrewd as you are, yet you cant tell?" Miao Ying did not even turn, her back facing Zhao Yu as she spoke. "Its because I trust you! Thats why I sold you out!"

"What?" Zhao Yu was stubborn. "Do you think Im easy to deal with? That I wont bite back? That Im an easy scapegoat?"

"You dont understand!" Miao Ying explained seriously, "You and Liu Changhu are already enemies, the higher-ups already know that. Even if Liu Changhu reported you, nothing would happen! At most, they would just scold you a bit out of formality!

"But Im different, I just got here! If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Fight with Liu Changhu? Throw coffee on him like a maniac? Okay, even if I won, I could force Liu Changhu out, but then what? How would the higher-ups see me? How would our colleagues? After this, who would dare to be my friend?"

"Thats" Zhao Yu paused and felt that Miao Ying was making sense. Even though she was powerful, she still could not just use her background to oppress everyone, right?

"Not only that," Miao Ying finally turned around and lowered her voice as she said mysteriously, "but we are still working on a secret mission. Even though I used you this time, do you think Id let you down? With me here, no one in Rongyang branch can touch you!"

Enough! If Miao Ying had not mentioned this, it would have been fine, but when she did, Zhao Yu was more uncomfortable. "Hmph! You can keep faking it, but how long are you going to keep it up?" Zhao Yu wanted to say. He wanted to expose her, but stopped himself instead.

"But you! Youwhat time is it now? I risked my life to save you, yet you used such a perverted method to get revenge on me! Your shoulders already wounded, yet you still dare" Miao Ying yelled angrily at Zhao Yu. "What, is a kiss revenge against me? Is this fun for you?!"

"Yes, yes, yes! It is!" Zhao Yu immediately answered. "To be able to kiss miss Miao, I am willing to die for it! Quick, just kill me now!" As he spoke, Zhao Yu even licked his lips, showing a face of drunken pleasure.

"Pervert! B*stard!" Miao Ying clenched her teeth as she squeezed out the two words, then ignored him. But Zhao Yu simply relied on the fact that he was injured, then licked his lip as he stared at Miao Ying without blinking. Woah! Miao Renfengs figure was truly incredible. Her hips, smooth skin, her flexibilitytsktsk.

Seeing Liang Sisi about to wake up, Miao Ying no longer payed attention to Zhao Yu and immediately propped up Liang Sisi, then started inquiring about her wellbeing.

Zhao Yu also remembered that he had something more important to do. He stopped his perverted act as he carefully looked at the surveillance camera in his mind. He saw that Hao Gang was already in the parking lot of the Rongtian building, and was climbing into a luxury car.

In Hao Gangs hand was a large and heavy box. There was no need to guess; this box was definitely filled with cash! It seemed like he knew he had nowhere to run, and was ready to make his escape.

But Zhao Yu was not worried that he would get away. One, because the invisible camera gave him real-time surveillance of Hao Gang, and would not stop working until the next afternoon; Two, when Zhao Yu had been trying to handcuff Hao Gang, he had put an invisible tracker on Hao Gang so that he could easily know his location. Even if Hao Gang could fly, he would not be able to escape!

Fifteen minutes later, Miao Yings phone rang. It was from Mao Wei. Mao Wei told them that the entire building was under the control of the police, and asked them to report their positions so someone could go and get them.

Not long after, Zhang Yaohui led a group of people into Hao Gangs office. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying then propped up Liang Sisi, who was still in shock, and left the secret chamber.

When the investigators saw that Liang Sisi was really alive, all of them were stunned! This news was truly insane. Too incredible for words! Because Liang Sisi had never seen this many people, she was rather agitated. Her emotional state collapsed once again. In the end, Miao Ying could only use a piece of cloth to cover her head before she brought her out.

At the time, Hao Gangs office was filled with many injured guards lying on the floor. Zhang Yaohui and the guards were once again in shock. The look they gave Zhao Yu was akin to how they would look at a god.

My God! They were all wondering, were Zhao Yu and Miao Ying demons reincarnated? These were all professional bodyguards, yet they had all been taken down so pitifully! The battle prowess of the two must be god-like. From now on, no matter what, Zhang Yaohui and the others knew that they should never offend these two!

Zhao Yu did not care about anything else and immediately went to find the injured bodyguard who had glass sticking out of him. He asked Zhang Yaohui to make sure to arrest him. This bodyguard was Hao Gangs right-hand man, so he definitely knew many of Hao Gangs secrets, and would require special interrogation.

Not only did the bodyguard have a scar by his eye, but with shards of glass sticking out all over him, he almost looked like a glass porcupine.

Once he left his teammates to take care of the remaining business, Zhao Yu followed the squad and entered Rongtian buildings lobby. He saw that all the bodyguards were now crouched on the floor, waiting to be dealt with.Special agents with real guns occupied the lobby. The entire building was completely surrounded.

Outside the door was Bureau Chief Luan, Bureau Chief Zhou, and all the other city-level officials. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying vaguely summarized the situation for them.

Of course, Zhao Yu could not say just how he solved the case, he could only continue lying and say that he had already found important evidence about the Mianling Case, but had been kidnapped and brought to the Rongtian building by Hao Gang.

Zhao Yu was truly a master of deception. He immediately started making up various stories, exaggerating here and there. First, Hao Gang kidnapped him and brought him to his office, then interrogated him on the polices progress, then tried to eliminate any evidence. In the dire situation, Zhao Yu used his own power and escaped, battling endlessly with the guards, then figured out how to get into Hao Gangs secret chamber and rescued Liang Sisi, who had been imprisoned for twenty-six years. But just as he was about to overpower Hao Gang, he was shot in the shoulder and Hao Gang escaped. But even then, he still persevered and battled to the end.

With such a story, added with the bloody wound on his shoulder, all the officials started to praise Zhao Yu endlessly, nearly bowing in admiration! Even his sworn enemy Liu Changhu was stunned by the story! Out of everyone, only Miao Yings face darkened with Zhao Yus bragging, showing nothing but disdain.

Once the higher-ups figured out the situation, everyone knew just how important it was. They immediately laid down the command: the entire city was now focused on arresting Hao Gang, prioritizing his capture!

Even though Miao Ying was angry with Zhao Yu, she was still very concerned about his wellbeing. Once Liang Sisi was taken care of, she immediately contacted the medical staff, wanting to quickly deal with Zhao Yus wound. Yet, just as she went back to find Zhao Yu with the ambulance, she could not find him!

Unexpectedly, right at this time, the police headquarters announced that the police had discovered Hao Gangs direction. Hao Gangs personal car was headed towards the airport. The airport contained Hao Gangs private jet. Clearly, he was trying to escape.

As soon as the news reached them, Liu Changhu immediately commanded people to intercept him at the airport. As Team Bs leader, Miao Ying also took her own team. Because it was an emergency, she could only give up on finding Zhao Yu for now, and organized her team as she led Zhang Yaohui to chase down Hao Gang.

Just as Miao Ying and the others were using completely focused on intercepting Hao Gang, Zhao Yu was with Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan. The three of them were driving a police SUV, leisurely heading in the completely opposite direction. Zhang Jingfeng was driving, Zhao Yu was in the passenger seat, and Liang Huan was in the backseat.

"Zhao, your shoulder is still bleeding. Why dont you" Liang Huan inquired with worry, yet Zhao Yu gestured for him to put on his seatbelt.

The car was already at Qinshan Bridge. Under the bright streetlamp, there were not too many cars. In the middle of the bridge were white railings dividing traffic into two lanes.

"Zhang, Liang!" Zhao Yu saw that the two were both wearing bullet-proof vests. Liang Huan was also carrying a gun. Zhao Yu asked, "How about it? Do you guys want to get rich with me?"

"Zhao!" Zhang Jingfeng drove as he turned to him. "What do you mean? How do we get rich?" Yet before Zhang Jingfeng even finished his sentence, Zhao Yu suddenly flung himself over and grabbed the steering wheel. The entire SUV swerved and dove through the railing into oncoming traffic. At the same time, a cab was just driving through. In the end, the SUV slammed directly into the front of the cab.

The two cars were both going at top speed. Upon collision, the SUV was instantly flung far to the side, and the cab twirled through the street and slammed onto the curb of the sidewalk!