Crazy Detective Chapter 221

Chapter 221: More Than a Hundred Percent

Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan were confused. They had no idea what Zhao Yu had been thinking at all. The two of them were confused after the accident, but Zhao Yu did not wait any longer. He opened the door and ran towards the taxi.

The taxis window was broken and the door was bent out of shape. There was smoke coming from the back of the car too. There was only a driver wearing a cap. He had been hurt but wanted to escape through the passenger side door. He saw Zhao Yu approaching him and he quickly took out a gun. He put his arm out and shot at Zhao Yu!

Bang bang! The bullets hit Zhao Yu but he could not feel anything. He was still running towards the taxi. He grabbed the drivers wrist and pulled back. This persons shoulder made a cracking sound.

"Ah!" The drive groaned and the gun fell onto the ground.

Zhao Yu grabbed the drivers broken arm, turned around and put it on his shoulder. He pulled it up and jerked forward ferociously!

"Ah!" The driver groaned again. His shoulder was almost out of the socket! Zhao Yu wanted to jerk him out of the car and carry him out but he was too heavy, so he only managed to break his arm instead.

Zhao Yu had no choice. He grabbed the drivers collar with his right hand and pulled him out of the car. The driver nearly fainted because of the pain. When Zhao Yu pulled him out through the window, the driver fell on his face because he was too heavy. The persons face was revealed when the cap fell off. The driver was none other than the criminal that the police were after: Hao Gang!!!

Zhao Yu was afraid that Hao Gang would attack him, so he kicked him on the back of his head and ears. When he saw Hao Gang lying on the ground without any strength to fight back, he pulled Hao Gang up from the ground to put cuff him.

Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan were dumbfounded. They did not understand what happened. Why had Zhao Yu bet his life on this taxi driver?

The two of them got out of the car and walked closer. Before they could ask what happened, Zhao Yu shouted, "What are you two doing? Quick, take a photo for me!" Hao Gang had no strength to stand on his feet, so Zhao Yu had to hold him with both hands. He took a few photos with different poses but he was not satisfied. He took some blood from Hao Gangs face and wiped it on his own face. "Alright, this shows that I fought furiously with the criminal. Hurry up! Take a photo now!"

Zhang Jingfeng took more than ten photos on Zhao Yus cue. He also tried different angles and poses. After that, Zhao Yu told Liang Huan to call higher-ups to tell them that the suspect for the Mianling Case, Hao Gang, had been arrested!

"Hao Gang! This is Hao Gang?" Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan were still confused. But when they found out that he was the culprit of the Mianling Case, the two of them were extremely delighted. No wonder Zhao Yu said he would make them rich! They would be awarded with big rewards when Hao Gang was arrested!

This Hao Gang looked like he did not have an arm. He was disoriented to the point of being disabled, and there were wounds all over his face. He had lost the superior look that he used to have.

"Hao Gang!" Zhao Yu was injured too but he was excited. He shouted at Hao Gang, "You are arrested for kidnapping, murder, illegal imprisonment, sex crimes, etc! Hmph! This time, you cant run anymore!"

When Hao Gang was moved to the police car, Zhao Yu pulled Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan to one side. He told them, "Listen up, the two of you! Tell the higher-ups that you two were taking me to the hospital. I saw Hao Gang when we were driving on Qinshan Bridge, so we crashed into him to capture him! Understand?"


Understood!" Liang Huan nodded then asked, "But why?"

"Nonsense! Do you need me to explain further?" Zhao Yu scolded. "If I say that I found Hao Gang using a location tracker, we would be screwed! I would be admitting that I knew where he was but I didnt report it! Are you looking for trouble? You think about it yourself, if you want more cash, tell them what I said. If not, we wont get a single penny, but punishment. Get it?"

"Got it! Got it!" Zhang Jingfeng quickly scratched Zhao Yus back. "Little Zhao, I made a really wise decision by following you! You are the best! Who knew you would include us in this. Aiya, Im so touched." Liang Huan finally understood and took Zhao Yus hands in his won to express his gratitude.

"Cough! Good brothers share!" Zhao Yu said, but in his head he was thinking, "Nonsense! If I had not injured myself and was worried that I couldnt take down Hao Gang on my own, I wouldnt share this with the two of you!" Hao Gang was still arrested by Zhao Yu in the end!

Just as the other police officers had chased Hao Gang to the airport, Zhao Yu was watching the live situation through the invisible surveillance camera, and knew his position from the location tracking device. The cunning Hao Gang had made his driver drive the car towards the airport, then found himself a taxi to run away some other way.

Zhao Yu wanted to report to the higher-up, but from the camera, he saw that Hao Gang was alone. There was no need for the whole team to take him down. So he opted for Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan.

Hao Gang was taken away in a police car. The big suitcase that he brought along was confiscated as well. Although they knew that whatever was in the suitcase was worth a lot of money, it was evidence, so they did not touch it.

It was meant to be another sleepless night. All Qinshan police officers were affected. Although it had been a rather big case, the public was still unaware of the Mianling Case.

The leaders had their concerns. They were afraid that it would turn out to be a joke if there was any misinformation, so they decided to interrogate Hao Gang and make and announcement once they were sure.

Rongyang branch had no psychology clinic, so Liang Sisi was sent to the city branch for special assistance and care, and to verify her identity. She would get treatment from experts to find out what happened in the Mianling Case. Hao Gang was locked up in Rongyang branch. Like Hou Meng, he needed treatment and interrogation.

Since Zhao Yu had been shot, he was sent to the hospital. The bullet shot through his left shoulder but was not still inside him. Doctors only needed to stop the bleeding, disinfect the wound, and stitch him up. The doctor told Zhao Yu to admit himself but he refused. He left for the police station immediately after getting stitches to find out what had happened.

Zhao Yu had not slept for two nights, and his body was extremely exhausted, but the truth of the Mianling Case would be revealed soon. He felt only excitement. But before the results were out, something else happened first.

"You have completed todays adventure," the system spoke in Zhao Yus head. "The completion rate for today is 105%! Congratulations! You have been awarded with one invisible device. Please accept!"