Crazy Detective Chapter 222

Chapter 222: What to Do Against Stubbornness?

It was already dawn. The sun was rising on the horizon. Zhao Yu was just entering the police station. Before he could inquire on the progress of Hao Gangs interrogation, the System notification suddenly sounded in his mind.

Holy sh*t! One-hundred and five percent!? Whatwhat is this? He had surpassed one-hundred percent? Could it bethe completion rate for the system did not have a limit?

Zhao Yu immediately clicked open the item in his mind. Jesus Christ, one-hundred and five percent completion rate, what kind of amazing treasure was this? In the end, Zhao Yu only obtained one item reward. The items was called: invisible defibrillator!

Invisible Defibrillator? Whats this? Zhao Yu immediately looked up the introduction. The introduction said that this was a high-level item, and would automatically be activated when needed. The item was used on the heart, and could be used for self-preservation or to save others. As usual, the efficacy rate was 100%!

OhEven though this item was not as simple or as straightforward as the invisible x-ray vision, Zhao Yu could feel this item was quite amazing!

Restarting the heart! And automatically too? One-hundred percent efficacy rate. "Could this thing could save my life in an emergency?" he wondered. But the instructions were quite clear. Only under regular circumstances was the efficacy rate one-hundred percent. In other words, this item could only be used while the heart could still be revived. If the person was completely dead, or was in pieces, then even one-hundred of these things could not help!

After he obtained the item, Zhao Yu examined his item list thoroughly. He noticed that after Hao Gangs capture, the amount on the list had decreased drastically. Regular items like trackers, bugs, night vision, lie detectors, and skeleton keys were gone, without a single one left. It seemed that even though he had saved up many items, in a state of emergency, he would use many of them. It seemed that from now on, he had to work extra hard and save up more tools.

Even though he had just completed the adventure from the day before, Zhao Yu did not spare any time and opened the next one right away. This time, he got the "Zhen-Gen" hexagram.

"Zhen-Gen" Hexagram! It seemed that today his status would increase and he would be more successful at work!Actually, seeing the astronomical one-hundred and five percent completion rate, Zhao Yu had already prepared himself. With such a high completion rate, this surely meant that Hao Gao was the true criminal of the Mianling Case! Technically, he had already solved the Mianling case!Thus, today, the truth behind the incredible case that had puzzled Qinshan police for twenty-six years may finally be revealed!

When he returned to the office, Zhao Yu saw that everyone was looking at him with shock and admiration. To think this guy could fight so fiercely while being wounded! Such spirit was truly incredible.

This time, Zhao Yu, without a doubt, would be massively rewarded. If it had not been for his incredible performance, no one knew just how long it would take them to solve the Mianling Case. After some simple inquiries from his other colleagues, Zhao Yu quickly beckoned over Zhang Jingfeng, Liang Huan, and Li Beini, and asked about the progress on the investigation.

Li Beini said that the city branch had already announced the news. Since the DNA was a match, there was now concrete evidence that the female who had been locked away by Hao Gang was in fact Liang Sisi, who had disappeared twenty-six years ago! But the experts said that Liang Sisis mental state was very unstable. Due to having been locked away for so long, many of her bodily capabilities had deteriorated. She could no longer interact normally with other people. If they wanted information regarding the Mianling Case from her, they would have wait for a long time.

Liang Huan told Zhao Yu that the headquarters had given their command. Originally, the order to capture Han Wenjun was quite smooth. Han Wenjun was captured in his own home, with little resistance. Yet after his capture, Han Wenjun announced that he had a major asthma attack, requiring a pill to calm the symptoms.

The investigators who were responsible for apprehending Han Wenjun did not think too much, and allowed him to take the pill. However, the pill contained cyanide poison. Clearly Han Wenjun was attempting suicide!

Even though a more experienced investigator had tried his best to remove some of the poison in his mouth, the poison had still taken effect, and Han Wenjun was currently unconscious in the hospital, undergoing emergency treatment. Thus, the hope to further understand the Mianling Case from Han Wenjun was also impossible.

But because Han Wenjun had attempted suicide, it meant he was hiding something. This person was very likely to be one of the culprits of the Mianling Case. He had long prepared the poison for himself, clearly worried that the police would capture him one day.

If that was the case, then the only way to learn the truth behind the Mianling Case was to interrogate Hao Gang. Yet Hao Gang was experienced with the world and was immensely sly. Ever since he had been taken to the interrogation room, he would not confess anything, only speaking of his painful injury and his inability to remember anything.

The people responsible for Hao Gangs interrogation were Liu Changhu, Mao Wei, and Miao Ying. The three of them tried one after another, and expended all their methods, but Hao Gang still refused to admit anything.

Zhang Jingfeng told Zhao Yu that the most annoying part was that the lawyer Hao Gang hired, Feng Chaoyang, had arrived. This person was famous in the legal world. As soon as he arrived, he threatened the police, saying that the police force was abusing their authority, accusing the innocent, etc. At the moment, he was in the interrogation room "protecting" Hao Gang.

Apparently, the man was incredibly arrogant, and put constant pressure on the police in the interrogation room. He said that Hao Gang was severely injured and required emergency treatment, and made numerous attempts to get Hao Gangs released.

This did not shock Zhao Yu in the least. He had expected this type of situation. The Mianling Case was a murder case. If Hao Gang admitted his involvement, he was doomed to die. Thus Hao Gang was definitely struggling as much as he could. There was no doubt he would take any chance, even if there was just a tiny bit of hope.

Similarly, since Zhao Yu had expected it, he obviously had plans to deal with it. He immediately pulled Zhang Jingfeng to the side. "Zhang, I need a few things. Please find them as soon as possible. First, I need Hao Jiajuns medical record!"

"Hao Jiajun?" His teammates were shocked.

"Yes!" Zhao Yu gave Hao Jiajuns phone number to Li Beini. He said, "Beini, I need you to track the number and see where Hao Jiajun was."

"Wait!" Li Beini was very intelligent and immediately realized a possibility. She asked with some worry, "Senior, do youwant to use Hao Jiajun? Use the son as a bargaining chip?"

Li Beinis words sent a shiver up Liang Huans spine, who immediately refused. "No! Thats not allowed! Zhao, we cant use violence against violence. It would end up being kidnapping!"

"Hehehe!" Zhao Yu smiled gently. "Dont worry! I know that. Last time, I nearly got fired trying to catch Hou Meng. How could I do it again this time? We are police officers, how could we possibly end up being kidnappers?"

"Then," the teammates were suddenly more confused, "what are you planning on doing?"

"Hehehe, you guys just dont understand!" Zhao Yu laughed sneakily as he spoke to Liang Huan. "Liang, I heard that you used to be a part of the Forgery Department, and know how to forge documents. Could you help me forge a doctors diagnosis?"

"No problem," Liang Huan promised. "If you can really force Hao Gang to confess, I can even get you a real diagnosis!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yu nodded in satisfaction. "Actually, forcing Hao Gang to confess isnt as complicated as everyone thinks."

"Here!" Before Zhao Yu could finish his sentence, Zhang Jingfeng already handed Zhao Yu a piece of printed information. "This is Hao Jiajuns medical record! But just what are you going to do with it?"

Zhao Yu looked at it carefully and quickly found what he needed. "Look, other than checking his blood every year, Hao Jiajun also has a specifically appointed time to see the dentist!"

"Dentist?!" Now his teammates are even more confused.

"Ah?!" Li Beini suddenly pointed at the computer screen,."Senior, Hao Jiajuns phone signal suddenly disappeared. I cant locate him. Didsomething happen to him?"

"Hehe." Zhao Yu stood up and said with infinite confidence, "Dont worry. Whether something happened to Hao Jiajun or not isnt our business! Now," Zhao Yu grabbed the documents, "I need to do something! To force Hao Gang into confessing, we have to wait another day! Weve already waited twenty-six years, we can wait another morning, right?"