Crazy Detective Chapter 223

Chapter 223: This Is an illusion

Zhao Yu went out and finished his own chores before the clock stuck ten. In order for his plan to turn out perfectly, he had to head home to take a nap. He wanted to go to the bathhouse to make himself feel better but he could not as he was wounded.

Zhao Yu got back to the police station at about twelve oclock. He was hungry before he came in so he ordered takeout from KFC and prepared to spend the day beating around the bush with Hao Gang. Zhao Yu did not go to the office but he headed towards the detention room. He was holding a stack of documents in his left hand and carrying his food in his right.

Coincidentally, Zhao Yu ran into Feng Caoyang, a famous lawyer, yelling at the police officers. This guy was known to be arrogant, but he did not even have any respect for Bureau Chief Zhou. He shouted at the detention door, "You policemen are unreasonable. You have violated the standards of interrogation. Just you wait, I am going to file a lawsuit and sue Rongyang Police Station. My client is a taxpayer, a remarkable businessman in Qinshan. How could you lock him up by force and detain him for no legitimate reason?"

"Hey, you are a lawyer, how can you talk like that?" Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao refuted. Hao Gang is a suspect in the Mianling Case. We have the right to proceed with this as a felony crime. Your standards are not applicable for this situation."

"What? Are you kidding me?!" Feng Caoyang said, "A Mianling Case suspect?! Did I hear you wrong? Wheres your evidence? Show me your evidence! If you dont have any, this is defamation. Did you know that? You have to take legal responsibility!"

"Mr. Feng." Bureau Chief Zhou Andong was there too. He seemed a little anxious and shouted at the lawyer, "It is verified that the woman that was illegally detained is the Mianling Cases lost victim, Liang Sisi. Is that not evidence?"

"Oh, Please!" Feng Caoyang taunted, "My client doesnt know Liang Sisi, okay? Have you checked thoroughly? Liang Sisi was detained in CEO Haos office, but there is no evidence that shows that Liang Sisi was detained by the CEO! The secret room is the CEOs but he doesnt know where that woman came from. He had no idea!"

"Hey, thats a lie!" Bureau Chief Luan was so angry. "Liang Sisi was illegally detained by Hao Gang for God knows how long. Do you think you can just escape with I dont know? Hao Gang is guilty until proven otherwise. He had a gun, kidnapped, and tried to murder our police officer. That he cant deny!"

"What the hell!" Feng Caoyang yelled, "So this is how you policemen work? Penalizing people as you wish without looking for the truth! My client said that it was the police officer that tried to kill him! This might just be your tactic!"

"You!" Bureau Chief Zhou was so angry that he was trembling. He had no way around this lawyer that flipped the truth around. Bureau Chief Zhou was here because Feng Caoyang used his connections to put pressure on the police station. That explained why Bureau Chief Zhou was on edge.

"My client is severely injured. His arm might be disabled!" Feng Caoyang continued shouting, "He has to get proper treatment at the hospital. If you drag this on and cause my client any harm, who would take responsibility?"

Bureau Chief Zhou and Bureau Chief Luan were surrounded by many other police officers, including Liu Changhu. None of them replied but stood alongside the two bureau chiefs.

Zhao Yu could not help but scoff at what he saw. He waved at one of the police officers and asked him to come over. He poured out all of the burgers in the bag into the police officers arms before he responded. Then he spread open the plastic bag and prepared to throw the bag over the lawyers head. At that time, the lawyer was still blabbing non-stop while all of the police officers and bureau chiefs remained silent.

Zhao Yu waited for the right time then threw the plastic bag over the lawyers head. Then he punched and kicked the lawyer until he fell down on the ground. He even kicked him a few more times after he fell.

The lawyer was confusedhe had been beaten up without even knowing it. He rolled into a ball and groaned. Zhao Yu came and left so quickly. He entered the detention room right after he kicked Feng Caoyang.

The lawyer then took off the plastic bag and stood up clumsily. He roared, "Who? Who is it? Who hit me?"

Bureau Chief Zhou and Bureau Chief Luan saw what happened and knew that the person who had hit him was Zhao Yu, but what Zhao Yu did made them feel delighted. Bureau Chief Zhou pretended to be in shock and asked, "Are you okay, lawyer? Are you hallucinating?"

"Yeah," the other police officer followed. "Maybe you didnt sleep for a night and got too tired? Maybe you had a nightmare?"

Luan Xiaoxiaos eyes were really sharp. He saw the police officer carrying all of the KFC burgers. He gestured for the police officer to leave that instant. The police officer realized what he meant and quickly turned around to leave.

"YouAll of youAll of you are going overboard! How dare you hit me! I want to sue all of you!" The lawyers eyes had gotten all red but he suddenly felt a black shadow fly behind him. He jumped and turned around as though he was frightened. But it was the metal door of detention room that was behind him. He then saw Mao Wei limping out. The lawyer felt odd and wanted to rush into the detention room, but the metal door was already locked and he could not open it.

In the detention room, there was only Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, and the ragged Hao Gang, with a bandage around his arm. Zhao Yu had intended to make Miao Ying leave too, but Miao Ying knew his behavior, so she was worried that Zhao Yu would do irreversible damage. She insisted on staying.

After a night of interrogation, Miao Ying seemed exhausted. Hao Gang was weary as well. But Zhao Yu had taken a break so he was very energetic.

Zhao Yu waved his hand at Miao Ying, as if saying, "Stay far away from me, dont interfere my interrogation." Miao Ying sent him a death glare but she understood Zhao Yus expertise in this, so she went to the other side quietly.

No one likes to meet their enemy. Hao Gang saw that the person who just came in was the police officer that had unleashed chaos in Rongtian Corporation Building the previous night, and he had even broke his arm. He was trembling with anger.

Zhao Yu walked over to Hao Gang, but he saw that the camera was on so he walked past him and turned it off.

"Hao Gang!" Zhao Yu walked towards Hao Gang and said calmly, "To save time, I will keep it short. Let me tell you some good news. Han Wenjun took some poison to commit suicide. Even though he isnt dead yet, its pretty hopeless. I think my colleagues that interrogated you earlier didnt tell you that, right?"

What Zhao Yu said had gotten Hao Gangs attention. Miao Ying was startled and shook her hand at Zhao Yu. It was obvious that Miao Ying was saying, "How could you tell Hao Gang that? If he knows that Han Wenjun killed himself, he will be fearless. That does not do any good for the interrogation."

Zhao Yu couldnt care and whispered into Hao Gangs ear,, "Boss Hao! Han Wenjun thought he could just die and run away from this. But in actuality, whether Han Wenjun is alive or dead, his sons and grandchildren cant escape! Theyre all in big trouble!"