Crazy Detective Chapter 224

Chapter 224: The Sinful Exchange

Zhao Yus words pierced through Hao Gang like a spear, his body suddenly quivering a little. At the same time, Miao Yings expression also changed. Other than shock, there was also a bit of worry. She was concerned that Zhao Yu would once again use some unorthodox method, even possibly breaking the law. But Hao Gang was indeed experienced in life. After the initial shock, he quickly calmed down.

"Hehe!" Zhao Yu laughed. The laugh was especially evil. He immediately pulled out a photo and showed Hao Gang. In the photo was a girl smiling brightly. "Boss Hao, this girls name is Liang Shuhan How come she looks so familiar?"

Zhao Yu purposely waved the picture in front of Hao Gang and continued, "When Liang Shuhan was kidnapped, she was twelve-years-old, in the sixth grade! This child was always studious and polite. If she was alive right now, she would definitely be the pinnacle of this nation! Sigh, too bad." Zhao Yu sighed, then glanced at Hao Gang coldly. "But the point of my speech isnt the girl, but her father!"

When Zhao Yu said that, Hao Gang seemed to have understood something. He looked more and more stunned, as if Zhao Yu had already found his weakness. Yet Miao Ying was more and more confused. Just what was Zhao Yu trying to do?

"Liang Wangan. You should know this name, right?" Zhao Yu smiled a little. "Liang Wangans is just as rich as you. You two even worked together before, tsk tsk. You should know what kind of person Liang Wangan is now. His background isnt clean for sure. If he knew that you were the kidnapper of the Mianling Case, his daughters murderer, and that you also wont confess, whewII look forward to it."

"Youwhat are you trying to do?" Hao Gangs expression was distorted slightly.

"Liang Wangan was thirty-seven when he finally had Liang Shuhan, his only child, his treasure, his princess! Even though once Liang Shuhan disappeared, Liang Wangan remarried many times, he never had another child! All of his wealth and riches could only be inherited by his nephews. If it was you, wouldnt you be sad?" Zhao Yus words were like knivess, cutting through Hao Gangs resistance. "Boss Hao, if Liang Wangan knew you were the murderer of his daughter, what would he do?"

Speaking this much, Zhao Yu pulled out the doctors diagnosis that Liang Huan prepared for him and handed it to Hao Gang. "Boss Hao, Liang Wangans already seventy-five-years-old this year. Unfortunately, he has a terminal illness and will die soon! I think he doesnt have the patience to wait for an official sentencing! Hed throw away all his riches and teach you a lessonan eye for an eye!!!" After Zhao Yus words, everybody was silent.

Miao Ying understood Zhao Yus approach, but did not believe that Zhao Yu could only rely on Liang Wangan to force Hao Gang into confessing. As it turned out, she was correct. Hao Gang simply ignored Zhao Yu, refusing to say a word.

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu laughed again. "Boss Hao truly is slick and sly with infinite wisdom! Last night, did you think that you already took care of everything? Your sons hidden? Did you know? I already knew Hao Jiajun from a long time ago. At that time, I always suspected if Hao Jiajun really is your son?" Hearing this, Hao Gang and Miao Ying both raised their head. Their eyebrows raised in shock.

"But the truth is, he really is your son!" Zhao Yu changed the topic. "The reason I couldnt understand was because even though you did something so terrible, you should be able to imagine how bad it would be if your son was kidnaped. So you shouldve set up countless bodyguards around Hao Jiajun! Yet every time I saw him, even during that bomb act, he was always by himself. This was the reason for my deep suspicion!"

"Youwhat are you trying to say?" Hao Gang was a little agitated.

"Later on I realized that you must have had some sort of protection for Hao Jiajun!" Zhao Yu laughed. "I used to work for someone in this sort of business, I knew a way to put the most advanced GPS on a child. Even if the child was kidnapped, they would know his real-time location, so this way, the childs safety could be easily guaranteed!

"Thus, I thought, did you do that to Hao Jiajun?" Zhao Yu suddenly pulled out a photo. "Ding ding ding! To think I guessed right!" You used the most classic methodhis teeth! Hao Jiajuns medical record showed that he periodically went to the dentist. From sixteen-years-old, it never stopped, and it was very organized!

"Hehehe, as it turns out, it wasnt because he had to check his teeth, but to change the GPS inside of his teeth!" Zhao Yu then handed a set of documents to Hao Gang. "Ive already asked the doctor, and along the way, found the source of Hao Jiajuns GPS. Heh, now its time for a miracle!"

ZhaoYu pulled out his own phone and turned on a tracking software, then pointed at the blinking position. "This is your sons real-time position. This is quite advanced, even better than the ones the police have! Look, look, your son didnt even leave Qinshan! Where is this? Baishui street, nothing special. Why did you hide him there?"

Seeing Zhao Yus GPS tracker, Hao Gang went completely stiff! His blood-shot eyes bulged as he stared at Zhao Yu, his expression twisted further as he shook.

"Whew," Zhao Yu exhaled and tapped a few times on the software, then put the phone in front of Hao Gang. He said, "Hao Gang, with a tap of my finger, your sons real-time position will be sent to Liang Wangan. As for the result"

"Youyou dare?!" Hao Gang suddenly roared like an angered bull, "Thats illegal, thats murder!"

"Hmph! Youre telling me whats illegal?!" Zhao Yus words were like ice. "Hao Gang, you have to pay your own debt! How does it feel after twenty-six years? Four innocent children, one hardworking man and driver, and Liang Sisi, who took all your abuse! How many families were ruined by you guys?! Were their lives not worth anything?! You guys dont even have any basic humanity, you guys are all animals! Hmphpah!" Zhao Yu spit on Hao Gangs face, then yelled, "Why wouldnt I dare? Your son is a good son, so what about others? I think, not only would Liang Wangan happily arrange a funeral for your son with his daughter, but many other families would also be happy to see it! Not only that, but theyd be happy to see Hao Jiajun dead!

"Hao Gang!" Zhao Yu once again roared in anger, as if reaching the climax of his emotion. "Your son is done for! And remember that it was all because of you!" Zhao Yu raised his thumb, about to press the button.

"Wait! Wait, wait, wait! No! No!" At the climax, as if he was exploding, Hao Gang could no longer take it and yelled manically, "Policepolice officer! I beg you, dont! I just have this one son. My sonhes innocent!" Hao Gangs tears were streaming down his face as he sobbed. "Okay! Ifif my confession will save my son, please, please?!"