Crazy Detective Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Missing Link

Looking at Qinshan Second Middle Schools solemn and magnificent gate, Zhao Yu felt his legs become heavy, gluing him to his place.

Qinshan Second Middle School was one of the biggest, most famous middle schools within the entire district! Many people would give up everything just to get themselves into the school.

Zhao Yu never would have dreamed that Jiang Xiaoqing would be attending the Second Middle School! Not to mention, she was in the eighth grade, and that in a month and half she would be taking the High School Entrance Examination!

He was even more surprised that Jiang Xiaoqing did not want her own father to come to the parent conference; not because her grades were too low, but because her grades were too good!

As it turned out, Jiang Xiaoqing was the Second Middle Schools genius. Every mock exam that she had taken, she was always ranked in the top three among the entire school.

The little girl was very interesting. She told the school that night recitation did not fit her learning style, and that she wanted to study at home. The teachers did not even dare to say no to their best student. With just a simple notification to Jiang Xiaoqings father, she was allowed to skip her night recitation.

But the teacher did not know that Jiang Xiaoqings so-called "father" was not actually Jiang Xiaoqings father. Even before Zhao Yu, the kid had already faked her parent contact information multiple times.

The reason she did not want to show up for night recitation was because she went to study hacking in internet cafes, teaching herself how to scam peoples accounts. Although she did these things, her grades never slipped, so her actions were not noticed by the school or her parents.

Jiang Xiaoqings grades and capabilities almost put Zhao Yu to shame. He was not sure why, but as he stepped through the school gate, he had a feeling that he did not fit in. His heart sped up and he started sweating buckets. Even back when he walked into another mafias territory to taunt them, he had never been this nervous. At that moment, he truly regretted agreeing to pretend to be Jiang Xiaoqings dad.

With the Lost Hand Case taking up so much of his time, he did not have any energy left to spare for this. But Jiang Xiaoqing had pulled out her trump card, and had stumped the experienced, and street savvy Zhao Yu.

Jiang Xiaoqing had said it like this, "Think about it. Both of our lives are at stake here. If you dont come to the parent conference with me, my scamming will be exposed! And when it does, you wont get any money! Also, you might even face heavy repercussions since youre a policeman!"

Her move had been checkmate for Zhao Yu! Of course, Zhao Yu could simply not admit the truth and escape, but he also had a lot at stake and realized it was not worth the trade. With no way out, Zhao Yu could only reluctantly become her "dad."

"Dont worry," seeing the others reluctance, Jiang Xiaoqing tried to make the situation less intimidating for him. "Its only a parent conference, all of the parents are going to be there. You just have to sit in a chair and listen! If our homeroom teacher asks you to make a speech, you can just say something random. Just dont say why I dont attend night recitations!"

Zhao Yu could not do anything except follow the little girl.

After Jiang Xiaoqing opened the gate with her card, she brought Zhao Yu to the schools music building. The building was fairly old, with many eaves and pillars, almost looking like it was from the 70s or the 80s. You could even see the yellow five-point stars that were scattered on the walls, somewhat faded from age.

In fear of affecting the students studying, the parent conference was organized in the music buildings lobby. The lobby could hold up to a hundred people. Using it for the parent conference almost felt like a waste.

But the sign-in at the door was very strict. Every participating parent must use their phone to scan their WeChat code. Thankfully the hacking expert Jiang Xiaoqing had already taken care of everything, and Zhao Yu did not have any problem getting in.

Because students were not participating at the parent conference, Jiang Xiaoqing left for class once she led Zhao Yu to where he needed to be. As she was leaving, she was still worried, and threw several glances back at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu was unprepared, so he simply found a seat near the front and sat on a chair.

The eavesdropper in his mind was still turned on. Even if he was acting as Jiang Xiaoqings dad, he could not slack off at his real job. He was still keeping an eye on Team Bs every move.

But even as Zhao Yu was sitting in the music building, Team Leader Qu Ping was still out of ideas, unable to continue.

There was still some time before the start of the parent conference, so there were not that many people yet. Among them, there was a forty-something year old mother. When she saw the piano on the podium, she looked incredibly interested, and ran up to begin playing a tune.

Unexpectedly, she was apparently a pro, playing a gentle and soothing, yet incredibly difficult tune.

The clear and elegant music rang through the lobby, lifting the mood of the parents present. Everyone stood by the piano player and listened with great interest.

Zhao Yu may have been a crude person, but he was very interested in music. Leaning against his seat, he was also enraptured by the sound of the piano.

Zhao Yu sat at the perfect spot as he could see everything that was happening. Unconsciously, his eyes were drawn to the piano players beautiful, pearly white, long hands.

It was probably the influence of the Lost Hand Case, but in his mind, Zhao Yu was considering, "Such beautiful hands. What would be the best way to chop them off?"

The womans hand fleeted across the piano agilely yet with strength, producing beautiful notes. The music was almost alive, filled with emotions and tugging at everyones heartstrings. The entire room was spellbound. It was easy to tell this female parents piano skills were not simply average.

When the music ended, the seated parents were all stunned in silence for a few seconds before they started clapping loudly.

"HeheheShan Shans mom!" Another mother praised, "I didnt notice before, but your piano skills are amazing! Even better than professionals!"

"I dont know what you mean!" Shan Shans mother, who had just been playing the piano, smiled humbly, "I havent played in so many years! Not to brag, but during our time, to reach the tenth level of piano was much more difficult than today!"

"Oh! Youre piano level ten! Weve already known each other for so many years, how come youve never mentioned it? Were you hiding it?" The other mother laughed.

"Haha" Shan Shans mother laughed, "Its not like I do this for a living. Why should I tell people? Actually, I was just being nostalgic, almost emotional! I still remember twenty years ago, I was right here attending a piano tournament, and almost got accepted into the Central Music School!" She continued, "Even though this place looks old, at the time, the Second Middle Schools School of Music was known to be the musical paradise in Qinshan City! A lot of famous people graduated from here! Sigh! If I worked harder at that time, maybe, I could be living a whole different life!"

"Hahahajoking again." Another female parent noted, "Your Shan Shan is so excellent already! If you went to some Music School, where would you get such a wonderful kid?"

"True, haha" the mother laughed.

Hearing the discussion between the two, Zhao Yu felt like he had caught something. He tried hard to remember something. Then suddenly, as if struck by lightning, he hopped up from his seat.

"Holy sh*t! Piano!" He thought. "Piano!! Pianoooo!!"

Could it be that the key to the Lost Hand Case was right here?!