Crazy Detective Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Another Unexpected Reward

"Ah! My Captain Jin!" Before Zhao Yu had even entered the office, he had already started wailing, "Captain Jin! Im here to see youuuhh!" Hearing Zhao Yus yell, everyone in the room moved aside, making way for Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu ran to Captain Jin with his head down, wailing in despair, "My Captain Jin! Youre truly unfortunate to have contracted such a severe disease, yet didnt tell any of us! Ah, my heartmy heart is broken!"

"Ah?" Seeing Zhao Yu like this, Captain Jin was immediately alerted. He threw Zhao Yu a secretive glance, trying to stop him from blabbering. But Zhao Yu was here for revenge. So, of course, he ignored the other continued his wailing instead. "Guys, you guys still dont know, right? Late stage osteosarcoma! Ah, the gods are merciless to have given Jin such a terrible disease!"

"What?!" The entire office was stunned as they looked at eachother.

"You guys didnt hear?" Zhao Yu said, "Its a terminal illness! Let me tell you guys, even if Jin chopped off his leg right now, hed only have four months to live! But Jin doesnt want to live so he refused to have his leg removed!"

"Ah, Zhao YuZhao Yu" Jin seemed to have realized what Zhao Yu was doing and immediately said, "You heard wrong. Its only a bit of bone necrosis."

"Jin!" Zhao Yu would not accept his explanation and immediately pounced in front of Jin and wailed as he latched onto his leg, "Youre too kind! Someone as gentle and selfless as you, as brave and bold as you, how could you have contracted such a disease?! How long are you planning on hiding it? Guys!" Zhao Yu waved towards the crowd. "Everyone, hurry and take a good look at Captain Jin or you will never get another chance!"

"Ah?! What?"


"Terminal illness?"

"Zhao Yu!" Jin was very angry at Zhao Yu, but was guilty of deceiving him and could not really argue. He trembled with anger instead.

"Jin!" Zhao Yu continued without a care, "Dont you worry, Im rich now. Ill make sure to buy you the best coffin! Ill personally speak at your funeral. Ah, my dear Jin, the gods are truly merciless." The way Zhao Yu cried was like an endless storm, as if he himself was dying. His despair was a complete match for someone who was mourning for the dead.

Now the investigators finally had time to react. They immediately rushed forward to inquire about Jins condition. Zhao Yu then took the time and squeezed through the crowd, quickly running out.

At the door, Zhao Yu wiped away his snot. After hearing the investigators worried concerns and questions, as well as Jins confused explanation, he finally sneaked in a few laughs. "Hehehe! Jin, youre still alive?! As the old saying goes: what goes around comes around! If you dare to deceive me, Zhao Yu, then youd better be ready for the consequences! Hehehe"

Satisfied, Zhao Yu returned to Team As office, but saw that Miao Ying was sitting there. When Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu, she immediately tried to dodge him as if running away from something disgusting.

"Oh?" Zhao Yu was shameless. "Miss Miao, what are you doing here? Do you have some time? Would you like to chat? Oh? Dont leave?"

"Get away!!!" Miao Ying growled in frustration, then disappeared without a trace.

This was seen by Li Beini, who was once again stunned. It seemed that Zhao Yu had turned his situation around. Even Miao Ying, who had apparently tamed Zhao Yu before, had failed!

Zhao Yu looked around and saw only Li Beini in the office. He asked her, why was Miao Ying here?

"Team Leader Miao said," Li Beini replied, "since weve been busy lately, she didnt have time to invite everyone out for food. So today, she wanted to take everybody on the investigation team to Laoqinshao Restaurant, and asked me to let everyone know!"

Food?! Zhao Yu thought about it. Laoqinshan Restaurant was one of the more high-class restaurants in Qinshan. One, because it was hard to get a seat, and two, because it was expensive. Only rich people who had more money than they could spend would choose to invite people to eat here. It seemed that Miao Renfeng was ready to break the bank for this.

"Mm" Zhao Yu rolled his eyes, then asked, "Beini, that Miao Renfeng. Oh no, Team Leader Miao, did she say anything else? Were there any special requirements, like"

Li Beini was incredibly intelligent. She immediately knew what Zhao Yu meant and replied quickly, "Team Leader Miao only said everyone in the Key Case Investigation Unit. There were no specifics! But, I think if you dont go, Team Leader Miao would be especially happy!"

"Happy?" Zhao Yu laughed. "How to make her happy? Even if she doesnt ask me, Id go, hehehe."

"Pervert." Li Beini sighed softly, then asked, "Senior, you really cant do this! From the Lost Hand Case, catching Yang Wentao, solving the Slaughter Case, and now, you even solved the massive Mianling Case! What, cant hold it in anymore?

"I heard that Liang Wengan already took all the reward money and gave it to the police station. Even if it wont all go to you, youll probably get a huge part of it, right?"

"Oh, really?" Zhao Yu feigned ignorance, but he was quite excited. He immediately asked Li Beini if there was any other news on the case.

Li Beini told him that Liang Sisis family had already seen Liang Sisi. Even though Liang Sisi had been tortured by Hao Gang and was emotionally unstable, seeing that their child who had disappeared for twenty-six years still alive, the parents were still happy.

The doctors said that Liang Sisis situation was not as bad as they had previously thought. With some rehabilitation, she still had the chance to return to normal. They believed that with her parents help, Liang Sisi would slowly recover.

Also, another piece of news was that when Gao Qian heard that her own cousin, Gao Yang, was part of the Mianling Case, and that he had murdered her child, she was so angry she had a heart attack. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but apparently the situation was not optimistic. The Mianling case might have a new victim.

Li Beini also said that the higher-ups on the police force knew that the five victims families were all fairly influential in Qinshan. They were worried that they would try to take revenge on Han Wenjun and Hao Gangs son.

Thus, Bureau Chief Liao had already contacted some of the higher-ups and pulled Liang Wangan and the others together. They held a small condolences meeting, partly to patiently console the group, but also to remind them that that the police were highly against any illegal activity, and asked them to not worsen the situation any further.

Due to the severity of the case, Hao Gang was also transferred to Qinnan Prison. He required maximum security. His sentencing was also transferred to the city level bureau of criminal investigation.

Apparently, through further investigation, more evidence surfaced. Other than the Mianling Case, all the other illegal activities Hao Gang had committed were also coming to light. He was truly a criminal among criminals. While making his way to the top, he had done many criminal activities. He was truly an awful influence to the world.

Zhao Yu thought about it. If all of Hao Gangs had involved police connections, then that meant all the evidence of Hao Gang bribing provincial level officials would be within revealed as well. If so, then Su Yangs secret mission would be more successful as well.

Ten past noon, news came from the police headquarters. Han Wenjuns attempted suicide had failed, and he was now awake. During his interrogation, he had confessed to his involvement in the Mianling Case, and was currently being escorted to Qinshan. Hao Gangs accomplice would finally receive the punishment he deserved.

That afternoon, with careful planning from the police force, they finally decided to open a press conference. The police were going to publicly announce the situation regarding the Mianling Case. And so, as the biggest cold case in Qinshan was solved, the news quickly spread across all media outlets and quickly became the talk of the city, the province, and the entire nation.

But even though the police station was very busy, Zhao Yu felt completely empty. He stayed in the office for the entire day. Other than wait for Miao Yings invitation to dinner, there was nothing more for him to do. In his boredom, he started organizing the system items in his mind, trying to do some inventory.

From experience, he knew that all the items had their own specialties, so he should make sure to remember their function so that he could use them well in an emergency.

To his surprise, while he was doing inventory, he suddenly realized something. Unexpectedly, the invisible tracker and the invisible listening device were still working! The tracker still showed Hao Gangs location, and the invisible listening device was still on Zhai Linlin.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch. The items lasted for forty-eight hours, so there was still some time before they stopped working.

Suddenly, Zhao Yus curiosity roused. He wanted to listen and see if Zhai Linlin was still having an affair with Hao Jia, or maybe there was something even better going on? He turned on the listening device.

"Hubby!" Just as it turned on, Zhai Linlins spoiled voice said, "Ive already looked for so long? Who knows what time our car got keyed? How will I ever go through all of these tapes?"

"Of course!" A heavy voice came spoke. "Our cars an Audi Q7! Do you know how much it would cost if we had to repair it ourselves. Look, we can definitely find whoever did it. If I find who keyed the car, Im gonna kill them!"

Oh. Zhao Yu understood. It seemed like Zhai Linlin was talking with her husband, and their car had been keyed by someone. They were looking at the cars surveillance camera.

With menial family drama like this, Zhao Yu was uninterested. He immediately looked for the switch, wanting to switch the conversation off. But just as he was about to turn it off, the sound of Zhai Linlins shocked cry suddenly came through.

"Woah! Hubby! Come, come look! Whats this?"Zhai Linlins cry recaptured Zhao Yus interest, so he did not switch it off right away.

"What? Whats this! Its so blurry." Zhai Linlins husband seemed to have some optical issues.

"No!" Zhai Linlin appeared to be pointing at the screen as she yelled in shock. "Isnt that someone getting robbed? Look, that persons getting stuffed in the trunk! Ill rewind it for you." A few seconds later, Zhai Linlins shocked cry came through again. "Ah, that person getting kidnappedisnt that...Hou Meng?!"