Crazy Detective Chapter 235

Chapter 235: You Are the Double Agent

The meeting room was suddenly overwhelmed. Everyone were discussing amongst themselves. No one understood why there was a video playing out of nowhere. Why was Hou Meng in this video?

Finally, Miao Ying, who played the video, walked out from the dark and explained, "Bureau chiefs, fellow comrades, we have just retrieved this video. As you can see, the time stamp on the video was on the exact day of Team Leader Qu Pings death, about twenty minutes before she was killed!!"

Wow The situation got even more out of control, every police detectives were in shock.

"MiaoTeam Leader MiaoYou are?" Bureau Chief Luan asked confusedly, "What does it mean? Where did the video come from? Why do you suddenly bringing up the case about Team Leader Qu? I thought the suspect was arrested?"

"Bureau Chief Luan," Miao Ying explained, "please look at this video closely. It was taken on the day when Team Leader Qu was killed and it was taken outside the bar where Hou Meng was drinking!

"Look, everyone! Hou Meng was unconscious when two men stuffed him into the trunk! From that, we can tell that Hou Meng may have been framed. He was taken to the crime scene and became a scapegoat! The murderer may be someone else!"

"Huh? This" Bureau Chief Zhou thought it was a nuisance. What had happened was too sudden and he was not ready to deal with it. He looked red-faced.

Liu Changhu looked unhappy too. He smacked the table and said, "Miao Ying, what do you mean? Why didnt you report this to us when you found something this important? Why do you have to play it during the commendation ceremony? You didnt even let us prepare for this. Do you still respect me as your captain, or the other bureau chiefs? This is nonsense!" Bureau Chief Zhou nodded when he heard Liu Changhus lecture.

"Bureau Chief Zhou!" Miao Ying explained to him calmly, "Please forgive us for not reporting this before! This is because we think that if the murderer responsible for Team Leader Qus death was someone else, there will be a chained effect. We were afraid that there might have been more accidents so we did not report according to the normal procedure!"

"Accidents?!" It was then that the room became more chaotic.

"Listen to me." Miao Ying continued to explain, "If Team Leader Qus death was a carefully planned, premeditated murder, the consequences will be scary! Team Leader Qu decided to go home without notice. It was one in the morning!

"But the murderer knew when Team Leader Qu was leaving, and her travel route home. On top of that, they managed to make Hou Meng unconscious and transport him to the crime scene, and made him a scapegoat! Think about it. This was such a well planned conspiracy. How would any commoner pull this off?"

Huh?! The detectives were in shock again and left their mouths wide open! Who would have guessed that Team Leader Qus death was so complicated.

"Ifif so," Zhang Yaohui suddenly responded, "Team Leader Miao, you mean Team Leader Qus death wasnt an accident? It was a conspiracy? Butwhy was she killed? Why did the murderer want to kill her? Is it thatTeam Leader Qu knew something? Or was investigating something? Oh God, thatsthats so scary!"

"Aiya!" Peng Xin suddenly said, "If I follow what youre saying, who would know Team Leader Qus movements? Is itis it someone in the police station? Theres a spy? Theres a double agent among us?!" Once that was said, it was as if a bomb exploded in the meeting room.

"Thats right!" Miao Ying confirmed. "Dear bureau chiefs, we are worried that the double agent would make a mess, so we dared not report our theory! We hope for the bureau chiefs forgiveness! But now that we have evidence that shows Hou Meng may have been framed, we hope you will look into this and request to reopen of Qu Pings Case.

"This" The leaders were bothered as they had closed Qu Pings Case and Hou Meng had already been detained for trial. If they requested to reopen the case, that would affect the reputation of the police station. It might also bring about a court case!

"How could we do that?" Liang Changhu understood the difficulty that the leaders were facing and said, "From what I see, this videos validity needs to be evaluated. We cant just make a decision because of this video! What if it was a mistake? That would be embarrassing!"

"True!" Bureau Chief Luan nodded. "Team Leader Miao Ying, I think this is quite sudden. We need to look into the situation! Tell us, where did you get this video? Would it be from someone who wanted to save Hou Meng?"

"Bureau Chief Luan, this video is definitely real!" Miao Ying explained, "There is something peculiar about Team Leader Qus death. We would like to reinvestigate the case!"

"Miao Ying!" Liu Changhu refuted, "Its not said and done by you alone. We need to look into the evidence. I am the captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit. You have to listen to me. We need to discuss this!"

"Hahaha!" Zhao Yu suddenly laughed hysterically when Liu Changhu finished talking. "Hahaha, Liu Changhu, I finally caught you! Who wouldve guessed that you were the double agent!"

What?! It was chaos again when everyone heard that.

Zhao Yu walked in front Miao Ying. Although his hair had not fully grown back, he and Miao Ying looked like a good fit when they stood together.

"Zhao Yu, youwhat did you say? Who is the double agent? Dont point the finger at whomever you wish!" Liu Changhu yelled angrily.

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu pointed at the video and said, "The one who planned to kill Team Leader Qu Ping isnt one or two people; it was an organization! There is a professional anti-investigation setting within the police station. If there wasnt any double agent, how would the murderer know Qu Pings movements? So whoever interrupts the reinvestigation is the double agent!"

"Zhao Yu! You are being unreasonable!" Liu Changhu fought back. "You dont have any evidence at all. You are just blabbing!"

"Let me tell you!" Zhao Yu smiled coldly. "We have been investigating for a while and realized that this double agent isnt a normal police detective. He must be someone not too high up in ranking but not low as well, just like you as a captain!"

"Zhao Yu! You! Shameless! Condemning people!" Liu Changhu was furious.

"Thats enough!" Bureau Chief Zhou Andong suddenly said, "Stop it this instance! Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, and everyone, as the bureau chief, I hope you understand my stance. You know that this is a crucial matter and we have to be extremely careful about this!

"Team Leader Miao Ying, please write a detailed report and hand it in. I will report to the municipal immediately and see what they say about it. If theres a need to reinvestigate, I will not object. Looking for the truth is what detectives are determined to do! But we cannot be reckless. If we jump into the enemys trap, we will be a joke! Also, the Mianling Case is being wrapped up. There are many things that have yet to be done. Wed better not cause more trouble as of now!

"But dont worry. If there was a conspiracy behind Qu Pings death, I, Zhou Andong will not tolerate it. We will look into it thoroughly!!!"