Crazy Detective Chapter 243

Chapter 243: The Second Angry Generation

Just as the system told Zhao Yu that he had completed that days adventure, he hoped for another invisible eavesdropper. He wanted to eavesdrop on Tang Zhaolong and see what this new bureau chief was up to. Had the higher-ups sent him to destroy the evidence? Or did they have some kind of other arrangement? And who was Tang Zhaolongs boss? Was it the municipal bureau chief? Or someone with a higher ranking? What did these people want to do?

But opposed to what he had wished for, Zhao Yus completion rate was only seventy-seven percent, and he was awarded with an invisible signal jammer. Actually, Zhao Yu was prepared for the completion rate. Regarding that days "Zhen" hexagram, Miao Ying took the lead, and for the "Gen" hexagram, he had not made any progress on the case. Of course the completion rate would not be high.

But the next morning when Zhao Yu opened a new hexagram, he was happy when he got a "Dui-Gen" hexagram. According to his past experiences, Zhao Yu knew that continuous "Gen" hexagrams signified that he had taken the correct approach in his investigation and that he was getting closer to solving the case.

It seemed like an unusual day. Zhao Yu got to the office and received a few updates. The first was related to Miao Ying. He was not sure where the news came from but it was about Liu Changhu not suing Miao Ying, and that he had changed his oral statement, saying that he had fallen and hit his head. To top that off, Tang Zhaolong and the other leaders never brought up the hit incident. It was as if it had never happened. Tang Zhaolong filed Liu Changhu and Mao Weis medical expenses under their injury insurance, and gave them a long holiday. Other than that, everything else was swept under the carpet.

As a result, the detectives in the Key Case Investigation Unit were shocked. No one had expected that this would happen. Who the hell was this Miao Ying? She was perfectly fine after cracking her superiors head open?

What the. How did it happen? In the future who would be dare to offend this evil lady?

What happened to Miao Ying was of course a good news for Zhao Yu. If Tang Zhaolong was an enemy, at least Zhao Yu had Miao Ying to fight alongside him.

But the second news was not anything good. People heard that Tang Zhaolong was actively asking the higher-ups to transfer some of his old workers in order to make the workplace more efficient Once the higher-ups agreed, Rongyang Branch would have a big human resource movement. The situation would definitely be more chaotic.

As for the last piece of information, it was bad news indeed! Liang Huan came to Zhao Yu and angrily told him some internal news. Tang Zhaolong had stopped the cash reward from the Mianling Case. The original cash reward allocation agreement was invalid! Zhao Yu was not the only one confused.

"I heard some rumors..." Liang Huan told the detectives in the office, "Tang Zhaolong thought the cash reward allocation was unreasonable, so he wanted to reallocate! I think hes trying to take over Bureau Chief Zhous prestige."

"Unreasonable? Reallocation? How?" Peng Xin was annoyed. "Tang Zhaolong was not involved in the Mianling Case. Maybe he wants a share of it? On what basis?"

"Not that!" Liang Huan shook his head. "Bureau Chief Tang said that the cash reward shouldnt be used to reward the detectives entirely, but that part of the money should be used for police equipment, especially regarding kidnap prevention. He thinks that they should use the money to purchase some anti-kidnapping device in order to prevent a recurrence of the Mianling Case!"

"What the" Peng Xin was furious. "Dont the higher-ups ask for donations every year? On what basis are they allowed to take our money? In my opinion, this guy is taking advantage of his ranking to put some money in his own pocket! Luckily, Bureau Chief Zhou made the whole reward two-million. If it was ten-million, Tang Zhaolong wouldve gone crazy!"

"Yeah!" Liu Xueshan nodded in agreement as he looked towards Zhao Yu and said sorrily, "Aiya, Little Zhao! Our reward was just ten or twenty-thousand, but yours was eight-hundred thousand! If they redistribute the cash reward, arent you the biggest victim?"

Everyone could tell that even though Liu Xueshan spoke sympathetically, his tone was obviously taunting Zhao yu. He meant something life, "You, Zhao Yu, were the pivotal member in solving the case, right? Now that you lost your cash reward, will you still be high and mighty?"

"Tsk tsk." Liang Huan noticed the problem and said, "Zhao Yu, as I see it, you cant just let this slip! Although he is a bureau chief, he cant just oppress us! Isnt this dictatorial? How about we go look for him together?" Liang Huan said this sincerely because he had been directly in arresting Hao Gang directly and his cash reward was not small. He obviously did not want to be drowned alongside Zhao Yu.

Liang Huan insisted that Zhao Yu should not just say nothing! Eight-hundred thousand yuan was in an instant. Zhao Yu would definitely lead the second charge and lead them to negotiate with Tang Zhaolong.

But this time Liang Huan had underestimated Zhao Yu. The current Zhao Yu was not that hot-headed warmonger that cursed anymore.Just when Liang Huan disclosed the news, Zhao Yu responded unusually calm. When Liang Huan finished egging him on, Zhao Yu smiled cheekily.

"Liang Huan! Calm down!" Zhao Yu said casually. "Like you said, what you heard was a rumor. Theres no official notice yet, right? Chill, we will see how it goes!"

"Hold on?" Liang Huan looked at everyone and gritted his teeth at Zhao Yu. "The bureau chiefs secretary Xiao Song told me. How could it be fake? When it turns into an official notice, it will be too late!"

"Hehe!" Zhao Yu laughed and patted Liang Huans shoulder. "Dont worry! If I, Zhao Yu, am here, nobody will lose a single penny! Well then, can you please head to the finance department and get me a copy of the cash reward allocation table?"

"This." Liang Huan creased his eyebrows as he did not understand what Zhao Yu meant. "Whatwhat do you mean? We lost all the money. Whats the point of getting the cash reward allocation table?"

"Hehehe." Zhao Yu ignored him and walked out of the door.

Liang Huan thought Zhao Yu was going to take extreme measures and quickly trailed him. Zhao Yu only went to the bathroom after he left.

"What the! How could he stand for this?" Liang Huan spat and stomped away. "Is Zhao Yu a different person now? If notIll look for help from Miao Ying. My cash reward" Liang Huan rushed to Team Bs office but could not find Miao Ying. Someone told him that Miao Ying went out for fieldwork!

Went out for fieldwork? Liang Huan wondered, "Theres not an emergency mission, why is she out for fieldwork?"

Actually, Liang Huan was right. Tang Zhaolong saw that the two-million cash reward was being allocated to all the underlinings by Zhou Andong and got greedy. And he saw that one of the policemen had been awarded eight-hundred thousand, which was more than the sum of a few years of his salary! His greed became jealousy! So after some thinking, he decided to delay the distribution of the cash reward and put it aside. He thought that he could think of some other legitimate reason to put the money into his own pocket.

But Tang Zhaolong had not expected that at eleven in the morning, the Mianling Cases victims family representative, Mister Tao, would come to his office out of the blue. He asked for the two-million cash prize to be returned directly to him.

Tang Zhaolong was shocked! Although the money had willingly been donated by the families, there was no official document, so technically the money still belonged to the families.

Bureau Chief Zhou only gave them a receipt then when he took the money. But now that Bureau Cheif Zhou was not there, Mister Tao used that as a reason to take the money back.

Mister Taos reasoning was sufficient. Firstly, the official procedures were not complete. Secondly, he had had a mutual agreement with Bureau Chief Zhou regarding the cash reward allocation, and since Bureau Chief Zhou was not there anymore, Mister Tao was worried that the money would not be given to the officers as the families had intended it to be. Thirdly, the families were heartbroken and arranging various funerals. They needed the money back as they were short of funds.

Mister Taos speech was sensible and Tang Zhaolong was convinced. This money was a personal cash reward. If Tang Zhaolong stopped him, it would be illegal and unreasonable. If this rumor spread, it would be embarrassing!

Also, as Mister Tao explained, the families needed the money to cover funeral expenses. If the police kept the money from the victims of the Mianling Case and the news traveled, there would be huge repercussions! The Qinshan Police Department could not afford that! Let alone the fact that Tang Zhaolong was just a branch bureau chief.

Unfortunately, Tang Zhaolong had to agree. He consoled himself by thinking that if the money could not go into his pocket anyway, he could just return it! As the family members had asked for it back, there was nothing that the detectives could say. So Tang Zhaolong instructed the finance department to immediately return the two-million cash reward to Mister Taos bank account.

Mister Tao left the police station around the same time when the detectives shifts were ending. He sat in his car and went to an expensive restaurant nearby. This restaurant was run by a Frenchman. All the waitresses were beautiful French ladies. It was considered as a high-class place in Qinshan. Not just anyone could dine there.

Mister Tao entered the restaurant and headed towards a mid-century European style. There were two people at the table. One was Liang Wanqian, who was holding the dragon headed walking stick, and the other one was Zhao Yu, who was joking casually with him.

"Here!" Mister Tao gave Zhao Yu a bank card and sat down. "Detective Zhao, two-million! The password is six sixes! Now its all yours!"

"Hehehe." Zhao Yu took the bank card and thanked him. "Mister Liang, Mister Tao, I thank both of you on behalf of the police detectives from my branch!"

"Youre welcome!" Liang Wanqian laughed. "We clearly saw how the case was solved. This money is to appreciate our police officers. How could we let those corrupt officers pocket the money instead of our hard-working officers? Especially you, Detective Zhao. You nearly died trying to arrest Hao Gang, that b*stard! We will remember you forever!"

"Dont worry about it!" Zhao Yu said. "I shouldnt bother you, I shall leave!" Zhao Yu got up to leave.

"Wait!" Who knows why, but Liang Wanqian suddenly raised his hand to stop Zhao Yu from leaving.

"Huh?" Zhao Yu turned around and asked curiously, "Mr Liang, is there anything else that I can help you with?"

"Detective Zhao." While speaking, Liang Wanqian took out a gold card from his pocket and put it in front of Zhao Yu. "Heres another eight-million! Its yours too!"

"What?" Zhao Yu was thrilled but when he saw the serious expression on Liang Wanqians face, he realized that something was wrong.

As Zhao Yu guessed, the old man said ferociously as his body shook, "Detective Zhao, please give me Hao Jiajuns location!"