Crazy Detective Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Against the Norm

Truthfully, ever since Liang Huan told Zhao Yu that the reward might be redistributed, Zhao Yu thought up this idea.If he acted as he had before, and took the investigators along as he made a commotion in front of the bureau chief, not only would it not solve any problems, but it would most likely bring more trouble instead. Thus, he might as well change his way of thinking and take care of the problem from another angle.

Ever since the Mianling Case was solved, Liang Wangan, Mister Tao, and all the other victims family members had all come and offered their appreciation for Zhao Yu personally. All these people were of the highest level in the Qinshan Business World. Having fought through the battlefield-like business world, they were all sharp-witted and intelligent. Once they knew the full story behind the Mianling Case, they all knew who had truly helped them, and who they should show their utmost appreciation to! Thus, they all promised Zhao Yu that if he needed anything in the future, they would help him in any way they could, without fail.

Thus, when Zhao Yu called Mister Tao, Mister Tao rushed over as fast as he could. He gave the two-million yuan reward to the police squad without hesitation.

Liang Wangans words were true. Their intention was to thank all the investigators who had worked nonstop on the Mianling Case. So when they heard the money was going to be used in other ways, they were obviously quite angry. If it was like that, then they would give all the money to Zhao Yu!

The two-million yuan was taken care of smoothly, but Zhao Yu had never expected Liang Wangan to pull out another eight-million for Hao Jiajuns information.

"Mister Liang, what are you trying to do?" Zhao Yu looked at the card on the desk as he asked.

"Officer Zhao, I told you, I just need Hao Jiajuns location. As for anything else, you dont need to worry!" Liang Wangan spoke without any expression.

Zhao Yu threw a glance at Mister Tao. When Zhao Yu saw the he made no attempt to stop what was happening, he turned to Liang Wangan again. "Sir, the rule of the streets is not to touch the family members. If you harm Hao Jiajun, then"

"Officer Zhao! I didnt say anything else! You also dont know anything. As long as you give me the location, you dont need to worry about anything else!" Liang Wangan did not even raise his head. "How about this, if eight-million isnt enough, you can name the price!"

Whew. Suddenly, the atmosphere around the dining table thickened. Zhao Yu almost had difficulty breathing. He looked seriously at Liang Wangan, then a few seconds later, he made his decision. He pulled out the card Mister Tao had given him and said sternly, "Okay! Heres my price. Here," he pushed the bank card in front of the elderly man, "Ill spend two-million to buy Hao Jiajuns life!"



Liang Wangan and Mister Taos body both shook as they looked at Zhao Yu in confusion.

"Officer Zhao, youthis" Liang Wangan asked as he shook, "Why are you doing this?"

"Sir, Mister Tao," Zhao Yu spoke righteously, "I ask the two of you, hear me out, okay?" After a few moments of silence, the two did not resist.

"Okay!" Zhao Yu nodded. "Then Ill say it now! During the case, after I identified Hao Gang as a criminal, I had no evidence. I had previously considered kidnapping Hao Jiajun to force Hao Gang to confess!" Hearing this, Liang Wangan and Mister Taos heart shook. Clearly what Zhao Yu said touched them greatly.

"I spent much effort and investigated Hao Jiajun thoroughly! But," Zhao Yu shook his head, "when it was time, I couldnt do it! Even though it was a fake kidnapping, butI couldnt!"

"Why?" Mister Tao could not help but ask.

"When Rongtian Corporation was building the Haiyun Shopping Mall, Hao Gang used illegal documents and forcefully demolished a nail salon! The nail salons family of four lost their home and ended up on the street. In the end, Hao Jiajun went behind his fathers back and gave them a resettlement fee. He even asked the local government to move them into a cheap apartment.

"Last year in April, Lan Ping had a earthquake. Hao Jiajun was there by the second day, spending his own money and effort, and even saved a few lives! The media had no idea of this, even Hao Gang himself didnt know.

"A few days ago, Tianlong Technology Enterprise had a suspicious bomb case. I personally saw Hao Jiajun save a child who was about to touch the bomb without a care for his own life. There are many, many other cases like this!" Zhao Yu continued, "Sometimes, I almost feel like Hao Jiajun was trying to repay his fathers debt." Hearing this, Liang Wangan and Mister Tao fell into silence again.

"Sir, when will the road of revenge end? I understand you guys. I also know," Zhao Yu gently persuaded the two, "that you guys know these principles much better than me! So"

"Bam!" Liang Wangans fist slammed into the table before Zhao Yu could finish. The old mans body trembled, tears streaming down his cheek. "I dont care! Ive eaten with Hao Gang, and talked business with him! To think that the person in front of me was the one who killed my daughter! The person who committed the devilish act of the Mianling Case! This isnt fair! Why can he murder my child, but I cannot take his own? Only when I see that b*stards son die in front of his own eye, will Iwill I"

"Will you what?!" Zhao Yu suddenly raised his voice. "You kill Hao Jiajun, Hao Gangs family line dies. Would you die peacefully or would you just feel better? Other than guilt, what else would you gain from Hao Jiajuns death? Hm? Would your daughter come back to life?

"Mister Liang, let me suggest a good way to take revenge! Maybe itll let you take revenge and youll be able to do it without guilt!" Unexpectedly, Zhao Yus tone suddenly changed.

Hearing this, Liang Wangan immediately stopped his coughing and raised his head. "What? What way?"

"If theres a chance," Zhao Yu smiled, "get close to Hao Jiajun, and take Hao Jiajun in as your godson. Let him take care of you when youre old."

"What?!" Zhao Yus idea was completely unreasonable. Both Liang Wangan and Mister Tao was dumbfounded. "Go-godson?"

"Yeah!" Zhao Yu smiled. "You guys are both smart, think from a different perspective! Think about it, if Hao Gang is about to be executed, and he gets the news that his own son is now your godson, think about it! Wouldnt Hao Gang die dissatisfied? How hurt would he be? Wouldnt it be like stabbing him?"

"You" The look Liang Wangan gave Zhao Yu was rather complicated, both angelic and evil.

"Also, Hao Gangs death will cause Rongtian to collapse!" Zhao Yu said, "Sir Liang, youre rich beyond reason, and not that old either. Right now is the perfect time to expand your influence! If Hao Jiajun is your godson, then the Rongtian corporation, wouldnt itahyou guys are both businessman, you guys know the ins and outs. I wont embarrass myself talking about something I dont understand wellhehehe"

God Hearing Zhao Yus words, Liang Wangan was immediately enlightened and suddenly excited. He could never have imagined that a mere police officer could think so broadly, with such farsight.

Liang Wangan looked at Mister Tao. The two of them seemed to have made some silent deal and nodded to each other.

"Officer Zhao!" Mister Tao even bowed to Zhao Yu and spoke in excitement, "Youre truly the model of the police team. To meet such a good police officer is truly a blessing to us! If there was someone like you back then, then maybe the Mianling Case wouldnt have happened! Thank you! Truly, thank you!"

"Good! Amazing!" Liang Wangan pushed the two cards to Zhao Yu and said, "We businessmans value honesty. We said ten-million yuan in rewards, not a cent less! Officer Zhao, go ahead and take it all!"

"Howhow could I do that?!" Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt like he was hit with a brick. The luck came too suddenly, he could not even react.

"This money doesnt mean anything to me!" Liang Wangan was stubborn. "Giving it to you is completely reasonable! I, Liang, am completely convinced by you!"

"Nonono. This is too much! How could I" Zhao Yu was refusing verbally, but kept scooting forward. His hands were almost touching the two bank cards!

"What do you mean too much?" Liang Wangan held up his cane and yelled in agitation, "Take it if I say so! You got shot! I think this is too little to represent our gratitude!"

"Thenthen" Zhao Yus brows furrowed as he faked helplessness. "Thenwhats the password?"

"Ahahaha!" Hearing this, Liang Wangan and Mister Tao both bursted into laughter. Liang Wangan even spoke in further agitation, "Officer Zhao, if one day you decide not to be a police officer, come to me right away. My door for you will always be wide open!!"