Crazy Detective Chapter 245

Chapter 245: The Big Red Envelope

Actually, even if Zhao Yu attached the invisible eavesdropper on Tang Zhaolong, he would not be able to get any information since Tang Zhaolong did not know why he was relocated to Rongyang branch as a bureau chief.

In Tang Zhaolongs mind, it was more surprising to him than anyone else in the police station. He was like a soccer teams assistant coach who had been instructed to take over as the main coach, Zhao Andong, and he needed to lead the team to attend an important competition.

Officially speaking, even if a leader committed a crime, their replacement could never be promoted to the position so quickly as there would be preparation needed!But on that day, he had been sleeping in his bed when the municipal bureau chief gave him a call to tell him that he was being relocated to Rongyang Branch as a bureau chief. The transfer order would arrive at the same time as him.

Just when he was rushing to Rongyang Branch, he received an order from his higher-up that he had to follow up on the wrap up tasks for the Mianling Case and stop any investigations related to Qu Pings case.

Tang Zhaolong had been an officer for years. He knew that when he first took up a new post, he would need to keep the policemen on an even level. But experience aside, his capability was average. On the first day, he deleted some information by force, leading to the fight between Miao Ying and Liu Changhu.

Actually, when Tang Zhaolong had been a bureau chief at Tongyang Branch, he was a very strict higher-up. He thought deleting underlinings information was a very normal matter. He never expected for it to be any different in Rongyang Branch, or that it would lead to such severe consequence.

As Miao Yings incident was common knowledge now, Tang Zhaolong had been lectured by his higher-up. But he was surprised that even though they were pissed off, his higher-up only warned him to suppress the matter. Even if he need to transfer Liu Changhu, he could not do anything to Miao Ying!

Getting that order, Tang Zhaolong was dumbfounded. Only then did he realize that Rongyang Branch had a hidden dragon-crouching tiger. They were on a different level compared to him from Tongyang Branch. This Miao Ying was someone powerful.

Theoretically, the matter was supposed to end there, but when Tang Zhaolong saw the two-million cash reward, his greed took over. Actually, it was a bad habit that he had practiced in his province, grabbing the feathers of a flying goose. He was reluctant to see two-million slip through his fingers, so he decided to delay the distribution of the cash reward to try to put some in his own pocket.

Tang Zhaolong thought this through. He felt that since he had been transferred so suddenly to handle someone elses business, he was most likely going to be sent back in no time. So he tried his best to take advantage in order to get something out of the situation. But he could not even do that! The victims families took the money back! As it was previously handled by Bureau Chief Zhou Andong, and Tang Zhaolong had transferred very suddenly, he had to return it.

Tang Zhaolong was holding the tea cup with the eighty-eight yuan price tag on the bottom as he walked back and forth, thinking about his next step.

At that time, the secretary Song Chao knocked and came in with a stack of documents. "Bureau Chief Tang! This is the information for tomorrows press release. Look at it when you have time! When the press asks questions"

As a provincial bureau chief, Tang Zhaolong had never attended any press release. He immediately held onto Song Chao and asked, "Song, what will they ask? Is it all pre-arranged? Do I just read according to the script?"

"Mm, regarding this" Song Chao appeared to be reluctant. Just when he was going to answer, his phone rang. He unlocked and checked his phone. Song Chao was surprised and blabbed, "Aiya, even I got mine! Seven-thousand eight-hundred, not a penny less!"

"What? What did you say?" Tang Zhaolong seemed upset.

"Bureau Chief, ohexcuse me. Mm" Song Cao stuttered and showed the bureau chief his phone. "Bureau Chief, Zhao Yu is sending everyone red envelopes!"

"Sending red envelopes?" Bureau Chief Tang shook his head. "So what? What so weird?"

"Mm" Song Cao hesitated and said, "What Zhao Yu is sending is from the two-million cash reward! Every detective who was involved in the Mianling Case is getting some. Also hes basing it on the cash reward allocation table!"

"What?! Two-million?!" Tang Zhaolong wanted to say Zhao Yu was rich, but suddenly he recalled something and was dumbfounded. Two-million, the Mianling Case, the cash reward allocation table Had the two-million that slipped through his fingers been given to Zhao Yu?

Oh my God! Suddenly Tang Zhaolong felt a shiver go down his spine. He thought to himself, "Who are all these people from Rongyang branch?"

At the same time, Zhao Yus Team A office was crowded. Everyone was trying to pass their WeChat ID to him. Zhao Yu was holding the cash reward allocation table and reading it to Li Beini so that she could transfer the money to everyone.

Zhao Yu reminded Li Beini, "Sis, you dont put in any wrong number. That would give the money to someone else!"

"Dont worry! Let me say this first, you have to pay me for this later!" Li Beini flirted as she transferred the money.

The colleagues that had gotten their cash reward quickly thanked Zhao Yu! Especially Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan. They even bowed respectfully with clasped hands.

Zhao Yu sent the cash reward according to the allocation table strictly; not a penny less or a penny more! But after sending the money to everyone, he realized that there was still about one-million left!

Huh? Who else? Zhao Yu had not double-checked the list, but when he did, he realized that Bureau Chief Zhou, Liu Changhu, and Mao Wei had not gotten theirs yet! As the leader, Bureau Chief Zhou would not get a small amount. It was almost forty-thousand. But now that he had been replaced, the money could not be sent out temporarily.

As for Liu Changhu, needless to say, Zhao Yu would definitely not send his money over. But he had never fought with Mao Wei before, so Zhao Yu sent the money over.He felt that this would piss Liu Changhu off, and that he would go against him. When Mao Wei showed off his money, Liu Changhus expression would definitely be epic.

Zhao Yu realized that he was fifty to sixty thousand off. He flipped through the list and found Miao Yings name on the last page.

Zhao Yu knew that since Miao Ying was a newcomer, she was last on the allocation table. Miao Ying had become his best comrade, so obviously Zhao Yu would not be stingy. He sent her the money immediately. But Miao Ying did not accept the transfer request for quite a while. Zhao Yu remembered the investigation and asked Zhang Yaohui about Miao Yings whereabouts.

Zhao Yaohui and the others told him that Team Leader Miao had left early in the morning and had not returned since. No one knew where she went.

Zhao Yu was left with no choice but to call her himself. Who knows why, but Miao Ying did not answer the call.

Huh? Suddenly Zhao Yu felt a bit odd. According to the Miao Ying he knew, she would not skip work with no reason. Had she gone to look for Zhao Qing?

That would be bad! Zhao Yu was worried because no matter how well Miao Ying could fight, Zhao Qing was a professional SWAT member. It was too dangerous!

Zhao Yu was still thinking when his phone rang. It was from Lan Bo, who said, "He heard from the admin in armory that Team Leader Miao had tried to apply for armor earlier that morning but had been rejected. The new Bureau Chief Tang gave orders that Team Leader Miao was still under provision, so she could not be given a gun. In the end, Miao Ying had not managed to get anything.

"Bro, I feel like..." Lan Bo spoke softly, "Did Team Leader Miao go after that guy? Should we be prepare to back her up? I hope theres no trouble!"