Crazy Detective Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Keep Them Naked

For some reason, Miao Ying was not picking up her phone. On his way to the meeting, Zhao Yu had called her countless times. Other than her official phone, Zhao Yu knew Miao Ying had another phone, but even when he called that one, no one picked up. Even though Li Beini had already found Miao Yings position, Zhao Yu was still in a rush. What if something happened to her?

According to the GPS, Miao Ying was on the busiest shopping street in the Old Town District of Qinshan. The thing that worried Zhao Yu the most was that her position had not moved at all! Even with the map zoomed in all the way, he could only see the shopping mall she was in, but not which floor she was on, so he could only search personally.

Ah! Zhao Yu rushed over in a hurry as he scolded Miao Ying in his head, "The female devil mustve went off by herself. Not even telling me! How troublesome! Just where did she go? Whats she doing? Why isnt she picking up her phone, and hasnt she moved at all?"

This time Zhao Yu drove by himself. Zhang Yaohui was worried something major was happening and had already went to the police station gun storage and readied his weapon, planning on arriving later as backup.

Zhao Yu drove at top speed. As soon as he saw the building, he immediately parked the car haphazardly by the street and rushed into the building. This time, he was more and more agitated and worried with each step!

"Miao Ying! Miao Ying! Please dont let something happen to you! Youre the one and only Miao Renfeng, no one could beat you. Youre definitely okay, okay" he prayed in his mind.

Unfortunately it was the weekend, and the shopping mall was beyond crowded. Zhao Yus careless actions had knocked down several people, and quickly attracted the mall polices attention.

"Hey! What are you doing?" The mall cop yelled as he ran. After some time, the cop finally talked to other mall cops through his walkie-talkie and blocked Zhao Yu at the elevator door. Zhao Yu immediately showed his police badge and yelled, "Police on the case! Get out of my way!"

The mall cops started eyeing each other. No one dared to resist further.

Zhao Yu immediately rushed into elevator. Yet before he even made it in, his phone suddenly rang.

"Ahhero, please leave me a good dream"

Ah! Zhao Yu stopped and pick up immediately. Yet when he picked up, he was completely dumbfounded. From the phone case Miao Yings voice.

"Hello, Zhao Yu? Whats up? You called me? How come I got so much money through WeChat? Whats wrong? Did you give it to me?"

"Holy! Jesus Ch" Hearing Miao Ying was safe, Zhao Yu could not help but collapse, huffing endlessly.

"Ah? Youre cursing at me?!" Miao Ying suddenly got agitated.

"Little missy, what are you doing? Why arent you picking up?" Zhao Yu was rather frustrated. "Did you know I was going nuts looking for you? I thought you were murdered!"

"Get outta here, you sure know how to talk!" Miao Ying complained. "I was originally going to look for that person, but I didnt find any evidence all day, so I went to Annie Hall to get a facial! I just finished, so I couldnt pick up"

"Holy sh*t! I was so worried, did you know?" Zhao Yu complained, his heart still pumping. "I thoughtI thought Ahright, go and call Zhang Yaohui and the others quickly. Otherwise theyre going to come in here later guns ablazing!"

"No way?" Miao Ying was quite shocked. "Zhao Yu, since when did you care so much for me?"

"Since when have I not? Weve already kissed, shouldnt I be responsible for you?" Zhao Yu immediately retorted with something perverted.

"You! Are you itching for a beating again?" Miao Ying threatened angrily.

"Okay, okay! Im already downstairs. I almost died running! Ah, hurry up and call Zhang Yaohui, got it?" Zhao Yu huffed, sweating buckets.

"Oh, okay! Ahbut," It was as if Miao Ying remembered something, and said immediately, "dont come up. This is a female only facility. Were all naked, males arent allowed!"

"Really?" Hearing this, Zhao Yu suddenly stopped huffing as he craned his neck. "Dont let them put their clothes on, Im on my way!" Then before Miao Ying could curse at him, he immediately hung up.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu leaned against a pole as he huffed, rather frustrated. After all that, it was just empty shock. "Miao Renfeng, why couldnt she just follow the rules. Getting a facial now!? NowIm all soaked in sweat" he thought.

Zhao Yu looked at the stairs on the side and sighed helplessly. Psh! Even though he said he would do it, he would never actually go into a female-only facility. So what was he doing standing there?

All the stunned mall cops were still surrounding Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu faked sternness as he said, "Okay, everyone disperse, disperse! The emergency is over, the terrorist was already captured, get away." He dismissed the mall cops like swatting away mosquitos.

Due to sweating so much, he suddenly felt thirsty. Looking left and right, he saw a small shop beside the shopping mall. He walked towards it, planning on buying a bottle of water. But when he entered the cold section of the shop, he saw a strangely familiar scene in front of him.

In front of the cold drinks section, there were two gaudily dressed males, their hair dyed like rainbow. They were drinking canned sodas without a care. Not only were the two gaudily dressed, but their elbows and neck were also tattooed. Even though they seemed skinny, they looked as if they couldn't care less about anyone but themselves.

Even though quite a few other customers looked quite annoyed, no one dared to stare. Even the cashier in the shop could only stand aside, not daring to step up.

"Hehe" Holding the bottled water, Zhao Yu could not help but feel nostalgic. Thinking back, wasnt he like that too? When he had no money, he would go to a shop and eat and drink for free. Sometimes he would drink the alcohol. And if he got drunk, sometimes he just slept on the floor. If someone dared to challenge him, then he would just make an even bigger commotion, and even start breaking the merchandise! If someone called the police, then he would be arrested as usual, then when he got out, make an even bigger commotion. All the had shopkeepers shivered at the sight of him.

But that was all in the past! It was all different now! "Im a police officer now!" he thought.

Zhao Yu did not say anything, but instead walked up and punched the two straight in the face! The two immediately fell. The one who was drinking milk spilled it everywhere. The two sat there for a few seconds before remembering to wail in pain. Zhao Yu stepped up and slapped both of them before handcuffing the two of them.

Suddenly seeing people being beat up, the people in the store, and even many from the mall, suddenly congregated to watch the commotion.

"Police!" Zhao Yu flashed his police badge at the two bruised and battered delinquents. "You guys are under arrest! You guys are under arrest formmfor eating without paying at the store!"

When Zhao Yu spoke, it immediately shocked a lady standing on the side chewing gum. She immediately spit the gum into her hand.

"Officer, were wrong, wellwell pay, alright?" Unexpectedly, the two were clearly just acting tough. They immediately started begging for forgiveness.

"Payfine!" Zhao Yu twisted open the bottled water and started drinking, then commanded, "Dont forget to pay for an extra bottled water!" Zhao Yu uncuffed the two, and supervised them to make sure they paid properly.

Suddenly, seeing Zhao Yu upholding justice, everybody suddenly started clapping for him, hooting and praising him! Even though it was no big deal, Zhao Yus ego was still somewhat satisfied. Despite his ego, his eyes wandered over the twos tattoos. Suddenly, a strange idea popped into his head.

"Right! Today was the "Dui-Gen" hexagram. "Dui" hexagram was easy. I already made nine-million yuan today. Thenwhat about the "Gen" hexagram. Could I find some evidence here?"

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu rushed forward and pulled back the two trying to pay their tab. He held up the picture on his phone. "This guy, do you guys recognize him?"

The two of them stared with their bruises face for a while, but both shook their head. They did not recognize him!

Zhao Yu could not help but be a little disappointed. He was just about to put away his phone when a kind lady walked up. "Officer, are you looking for someone? Let me see?"

Zhao Yu looked up and saw many people crowded around! Maybe there was strength in number! So he might as well show everyone!

He showed Zhao Qings picture to everyone, but it seemed like no one recognized him. They all shook his head.

"Whew Whatever!" Zhao Yu obviously gave up after. It seems like there could not be such a coincidence in this world!

At this time, the two delinquents started to pull at their pockets, but could not come up with much money. Zhao Yu saw this and could not help but sigh. He pulled out a one-hundred yuan bill and gave it to the cashier. "Thats fine, all the things they broke, put it on my tab!"

Ah?! The two delinquents were stunned. The female cashier with the ponytail was even more confused as she refused, "No need, no need! Its not that bad, no need to pay!"

"How could I not pay? Im a police officer, and police officers serve the people. How could we let the peoples property be damaged? Take it, no need for change!" Zhao Yu spoke righteously. He almost felt like he was getting goosebumps.

Now the crowd looked at Zhao Yu with even further admiration. The two delinquents showed nothing but shame. The look the cashier gave Zhao Yu turned quickly to admiration as well. After a while, she hesitantly took the money.

"Hm" Since Zhao Yu was still thirsty, he pointed to behind the cashier. "Please, give me another bottle of water!"

"Okay, okay!" The cashier did not hesitate to grab a bottle of water for Zhao Yu. But unexpectedly, when she looked down to open the register, since Zhao Yus phone was flat and facing up on the cashiers desk, she accidentally saw the photo!

"Hm?" Unexpectedly, the female cashier paused, not sure what to say. "This person, looks really familiar?"

"What?" Zhao Yus eyes lit up. He immediately handed the phone to her.

"Hmmm" The female cashier pondered for a few seconds, then suddenly pointed out of the window. "That personI think he was just here?! II saw him go in" Then, her finger pointed towards a cake shop outside, but as she pointed, she jumped and yelled, "Huh? There...isnt it that guy?!"