Crazy Detective Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Make a Run

Following where the cashier pointed, Zhao Yu saw a tall muscular man walking out of a bakery. He was wearing a cap and he wore it really low. With the sunlight shining on the black cap, no one could see his face.

Zhao Yu was stunned, but he thought the persons body looked extremely similar to the man that kidnapped Hou Meng in the video! Could this person be Zhao Qing? If he caught him, did it mean the truth behind Qu Pings death would be revealed?

The man with a cap was really alert. Although he did not hear the cashier, he quickly noticed the crowd near the mart. When he looked closely, he was shocked that the cashier was pointing towards him and that Zhao Yu was looking at him all fired up.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong. He quickly turned around to walk in the opposite direction while he held the cake that he had just bought. When he turned around, he unnaturally pushed his cap lower.

"What the f*ck!" Zhao Yu could not hesitate any further. Wearing a cap and acting so sneakily, this guy must be Zhao Qing! He took his cellphone back, left his water bottle, and ran out of the shop right away.

Initially, Zhao Qing had been walking steadily but he sped up when he turned around and saw Zhao Yu tailing him. He gradually started to small jog. Zhao Yu sped up to chase after him.

It was a one way street between the mart and the bakery. Just as Zhao Yu avoided a few cars and reached the bakery, Zhao Qing had already made a turn at the junction and ran towards the sidewalk on the left. Zhao Yu started running after him, using up all his stamina, but Zhao Qing ran pretty quickly through the crowd and left Zhao Yu far behind.

But Zhao Yu was smart. He knew he could not catch Zhao Qing if he kept running, so he got into the janitors electric car as he passed by a trash can. He tweaked the acceleration hand control and chased after him.

The janitor was busy cleaning the garbage can and did not notice at all until he tied the garbage bag and turned around. But the car had already disappeared!

There were no cyclists allowed on the sidewalk but the janitors electric car was an exception. Zhao Yu twisted the accelerator hand control to the max and flew through the crowd. He had to shorten the distance between him and Zhao Qing quickly.

Zhao Qing thought he had lost Zhao Yu, but when he turned around and saw him on the electric car. He felt helpless and ran into a commercial building that was packed!

Thats bad! Zhao Yu knew that there were a lot of people in the mall so it would be easy to lose him! What made it worse was thathe had used up the invisible location tracker and the invisible eavesdropper. He could only depend on his own skills to chase him!

Zhao Yu quickly left the car and ran into the building. But the building was packed and he had already lost Zhao Qing when he entered. He tiptoed around, looking for the direction where Zhao Qing ran, but his vision was blocked and he could not see anything. He stood on a counter in order to see further.

But the counter he stood on was selling jewellery, and the counter assistant was shocked because she was uncertain of the situation. "Aiya! Robbery! Robbery! Quick! Call the police," she yelled.

But what she had done was extremely helpful for Zhao Yu! The customers that were not aware of the incident were scared and hid, so Zhao Yu was able to see Zhao Qing run towards another exit to get out of the building!

Good one! Thats really cunning!

Zhao Yu ran along the counters and jumped over a few obstacles as though he was in Super Mario. Finally, he caught up to Zhao Qing again.

Zhao Qing saw that he had not lost Zhao Yu, so he immediately exited the building and ran out. There was a plaza opposite the building. Zhao Qing did not think much and ran towards it directly.

This time, Zhao Yu tried to be smart again. He saw the youngsters skateboarding nearby. He pushed one of them off and took his skateboard. Although Zhao Yu could not skateboard well, it was still transportation at the end of the day. After he sped up, he was close to Zhao Qing again.

Zhao Qing had already ran for two or three kilometres, and was obviously slower than before. But this guy did not want to admit defeat just yet. When he saw Zhao Yu coming closer and he ran into an underground parking lot.

Zhao Yu skated following his path without much thinking. The path to the underground parking lot was a slope. With the combination of his weight and speed, Zhao Yu went even faster!

"Ohhhh!" Zhao Yu was frightened as his skills were not that great, and with that speed he panicked. And he was going in through the exit of the underground parking lot. Coincidently, just when Zhao Yu regained balance, there was a car driving towards him!

"What the f*ck!" Zhao Yu yelled and quickly moved to the side of the road. The driveway was tight and car was wide. Zhao Yus back was against the wall. But after dodging the car, there was another ninety degree turn that he could not handle. In the end, he flew off the skateboard and rolled into the parking lot.

Maybe it was because of the Miracle System, but when Zhao Yu fell, his skateboard felw and hit the back of Zhao Qings head!

Pak! Zhao Qing was hit by the bulky skateboard and he bellowed while he tumbled forward and fell on the floor! "Ouch! Ah."

Zhao Yu saw stars around his head and did not get up. Zhao Qing felt dizzy and held his head while he groaned.

Screech Just when the two of them were trying to recover, a black car drove towards the exit but was blocked by the two of them. There was a person wearing floral shirt in the car, he lowered the window and asked, "Hey bros, are you guys okay? Need you need me to call an ambulance?"

Bang! Just when he finish speaking, Zhao Qing got up and banged on the front of the car. Zhao Qing had lost his cake long ago. He held his head and walked clumsily towards the driver, supporting himself along the side of the car.

Zhao Yu understood that Zhao Qing most likely planned to pull the driver out of the car and drive away. If he did, Zhao Yu would not be able to get a hold of him.

But Zhao Yu had not recovered as quickly as Zhao Qing. Although he tried to push himself off the ground, he could not stand up. He could only watch Zhao Qing while he walked towards the driver.

But at the same time, something happened that surprised Zhao Yu. Just when Zhao Qing trying to grab the driver, the driver started the engine. In the end, Zhao Qing was dragged by the car for a few metres and was swung off. He coincidently rolled over to Zhao Yus side The driver was frighten so he stepped on the gas and sped off.

Wahhahahah! When Zhao Yu saw Zhao Qing being hit like a bull in a china shop, he was delighted. He quickly supported himself and finally got up.

"Hmph! Who told you to run!" Zhao Yu bellowed and jumped at Zhao Qing.

Although Zhao Qing had fallen two times, he was perfectly fine. He used a flying scissor leg to take Zhao Yu down easily.

Ouch! Zhao Yu stumbled on all four and groaned. At the moment, he recalled that Zhao Qing was a SWAT member. If they were fighting one-on-one, Zhao Yu would be at a disadvantage.

"If so, Id better not waste time! ill quickly use some devices!" Zhao Yu thought. He quickly activated hsi invisibility cloak. He became invisible like air!

"Wahahah." Zhao Yu laughed and thought to himself, "Son, look at me. Look at how I am going to take care of you!"