Crazy Detective Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Nothing Goes as Planned

Zhao Yu had originally thought that as soon as he became invisibility, he could easily capture Zhao Qing, and GAME OVER. But unexpectedly, Zhao Qing had not planned on fighting Zhao Yu much, and was focused on escaping. So once he tripped Zhao Yu, he immediately ran towards the elevator at the parking lot.

Sh*t! Zhao Yu did not expect that Zhao Qing would not try to find him once he became invisible! Mmwaitthis sounds wrong! Zhao Qing should be confused that he could not see Zhao Yu, but why wasnt he even looking back?

Seeing Zhao Qing run away, Zhao Yu obviously could not get caught in his own thoughts too much since the invisibility cloak only lasted one minute. Once it was gone it was gone. How could he wait?

Zhao Yu immediately rushed forward, still invisible. Zhao Qing slammed the elevator buttons, but realized that the elevator did not stop at the parking lot level. He looked back and did not see Zhao Yu, but he did not stop moving anyways!He pulled open the emergency exit and ran down through the stairs!

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu yelled out in frustration, chasing Zhao Qing. He felt a pang in his heart. "Ah my poor invisibility cloak, will it end up going to waste like this?" he thought.

Zhao Qing was very alert. Even though he could not see Zhao Yu chasing him, he instinctively felt that the danger had not passed yet, and that he had to leave the area as soon as possible. He followed the stairs and quickly went up two floors, pushing open the door to the ground floor. Unexpectedly, this was the lobby of a corporate enterprise building, and it was filled with people.

Zhao Qing was quite sneaky. He figured that if he continued along the building, he might run into the maniac chasing him again. It would be better to defy regular logic and go upstairs instead!

Thinking this much, Zhao Qing quickly ran towards the escalator, passing by the steps as he rushed. At this point, he was already completely out of breath, holding the side of the escalator, heaving.

Zhao Yu was right at his heels, only ten meters away from him. Seeing Zhao Qing on the escalator, he quickly followed. Yet just as Zhao Yu got on the escalator, the invisibility cloaks effect expired, and he suddenly appeared on the escalator. It was truly a terrifying experience.

Zhao Qing was still trying to catch his breath! When he did not see any trace of Zhao Yu, he finally relaxed and wiped away his sweat, but when he turned around, he suddenly saw Zhao Yu right behind him, almost like magic!!

Holy sh*t Zhao Qing was shocked and nearly collapsed on the escalator. He could not understand it at all! Just where had Zhao Yu came from?

Zhao Yu had wasted a perfectly good invisibility cloak and was completely enraged. He quickly pushed through the crowd, rushing up the escalator. Zhao Qing was shocked and immediately stood up again and rushed up the elevator. They quickly arrived on the second floor. Zhao Qing quickly rushed to the next escalator going to the third floor with Zhao Yu chasing at his heels.

Just like that, the two of them enacted a rather movie-like escalator chase scene, and got to the ninth floor in a flash. The building only had ten floors. They were almost at the end!

Hmph! Zhao Yu was clenching his teeth in exhaustion, thinking to himself, "Kiddo, were almost at the top, where are you going now?"

Zhao Qing still went to the tenth floor, and Zhao Yu followed. But Zhao Qing had tricked him! Halfway up to the next floor, Zhao Qing suddenly jumped onto the escalator going down instead!

Holy sh*t! Zhao Yu propped himself on the railing and suddenly came face-to-face with Zhao Qing. In that instant, all of Zhao Yus anger exploded. He hopped up without a care for his safety and jumped down to Zhao Qing!

Zhao Qing had never expected Zhao Yu to be so reckless. After being tackled by Zhao Yu, the two rolled down the escalator like a ball, knocking down many people along the way.

Boom, boom! After a confused fight, the two slammed onto the ninth floor. Zhao Yu felt like he was going to fall apart. His head was spinning and ringing.

After this tumble, Zhao Qing was at the peak of his rage! He hopped up in a single motion. He could have run away, but after having been chased for so long, his own anger flared up. His eyes flashed with danger as he stepped closer to Zhao Yu. Just as Zhao Yus head continued to spin, Zhao Qing pinned his elbow right up against Zhao Yus neck.

Zhao Yu suddenly could not breathe, and his face quickly turned red. But Zhao Yu was also a fighter. He slammed his body against Zhao Qings, forcing them to hit a large mirror. The mirror broke with a loud shatter, and Zhao Qing felt his insides shake from the impact.

Zhao Qing wanted to completely oppress Zhao Yu. Despite the impact, he clenched down on Zhao Yus throat, not giving him any chance to breathe.

Zhao Yu saw that slamming Zhao Qing into the mirror had not worked, so he decided to just run around with Zhao Qing on his back. The ninth floor was a childrens playground filled with toys.

Soon, because he was unable to breathe, Zhao Yus strength weakened gradually. Even though he slammed a Zhao Qing into other objects a few more times, he could not fight any more.

Zhao Yus face was flushed red, his eyes bulging. He was about to give up.

In the emergency, Zhao Yu having memorized his list of items came in handy. He suddenly remembered that there were a few automatic invisible breathing devices in his inventory! There was no better time to use it. He did not dare to hesitate and immediately activated one. His immediately started to be able to breathe again. Even though his throat was being tightly squeezed by Zhao Qing, the suffocating feeling went away completely.

"Alright, kid!" Zhao Yu thought, "Squeeze all you want! Watch me slam you to death!"

Zhao Yu was once again roused up, and with Zhao Qing still on his back, he slammed him all over the playground. This time, Zhao Yu went wild. Everything within the playground was quickly turned upside down.

Seeing the ensuing struggle, all the children and parents quickly ran away. The playground was filled with shocked screams and chaos.

Zhao Qing was a little stunned. "Whats with this?" he thought. "Ive been choking him for this long, how can he still have so much strength left? Could it bethis man can hold his breath for so long?"

He could not continue this way. Zhao Qing felt like his back was falling apart from being slammed into things. If he could not restraint Zhao Yu soon, it would be over for him!

Thinking this much, Zhao Qing then immediately let go, but Zhao Yu realized that his rampage had brought them right to the kids fishing pond. Zhao Yu saw the small pond and immediately thought of an idea. "Hehe! I cant drown right now, but what about you?" He immediately flung himself backwards, falling into the pond with Zhao Qing!

Splash! Water flew through the air, along with the poor goldfishes.

Zhao Qing was pinned under Zhao Yus body, his face completely under water. He could only let go and try to resurface. But Zhao Yu took this chance and immediately turned and started swinging his fists!

Bam, bam, bam! His hits landed squarely on Zhao Qings face, forcing Zhao Qing to turn around in pain. Zhao Yu took this chance and straddled Zhao Qing, wanting to hold him underwater, not letting him breath.

But Zhao Yu had still underestimated the power of a special agent. Even in such a precarious situation, Zhao Qing did not panic. Even though he took a few punches, he suddenly dove deeper into the pool through Zhao Yus legs, then popped up from behind Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu was shocked by the maneuver and wanted to turn, but this time Zhao Qing held nothing back. As soon as he resurfaced, he immediately tackled Zhao Yu, pulling Zhao Yu into the water.

Zhao Yus strength was nowhere close to Zhao Qings, and he had quickly lost the upper hand in the scuffle. Zhao Qing forcefully pushed Zhao Yu forcefully underwater. But Zhao Yu was not worried at all. His invisible breathing device was still active and lasted for ten minutes. In that ten minute, he could not even drown himself if he tried.

Zhao Yu simply stopped resisting, planning to let Zhao Qing think that he had the upper hand. He decided to take this time to rest, and once Zhao Qing was tired from holding him underwater, Zhao Yu could use the strength he had reserved and turn the tables!

Originally, Zhao Yu had planned everything out! But something suddenly went wrong again. Zhao Yu was waiting for his chance to retaliate but suddenly felt the weight on his body lighten, and realized that Zhao Qing was no longer on top of him.

"Holy sh*t! Is this guy planning on running away again?" Zhao Yu thought. He sat up, but once he wiped away the water in his face and spit out the goldfish in his mouth, he was shocked to see that Zhao Qing was battling someone else!

The person fighting Zhao Qing was none other thanMiao Ying, still wearing a face mask!!!