Crazy Detective Chapter 249

Chapter 249: The Third Angry Generation

There are all kinds of opportunities for coincidences to happen, but what Zhao Yu experienced was the weirdest kind. Maybe, just maybe, it was really the Miracle System that was making the story develop this way, allowing Miao Ying to awkwardly appear at such a crucial moment!

Miao Ying had been getting a facial at the female-only facility, but she heard Zhao Yu say that he wanted to come, and he even told her not to let the other women put their clothes on. Actually, the one who was not wearing any clothes was Miao Ying herself. She was getting a high-class body sculpting treatment, so she could not wear any clothes.

Zhao Yu was just joking, but Miao Ying was uncertain about how barbaric he truly was. So she immediately turned on the location tracking device to check his location, just to see whether or not he would actually go to the spa. If he rushed into the facility pretending he was on some police business, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Initially, Miao Ying loosen up when she saw that Zhao Yu was not going upstairs. But after a while, she saw Zhao Yu run up like a mad cow, and then on the streets. But most interestingly, he ran in a circle and came back to the building that Miao Ying was in. On top of that, he was running upstairs extremely quickly and towards the female-only facility that she was at! Miao Ying had panicked and gotten dressed. She had not even taken off the face mask on as she ran out.

Then, just when she went one floor down, she saw the chaotic kids playground. When she took a closer look, she saw Zhao Yu slamming into things with someone on his back.

At first, Miao Ying did not know who Zhao Yu was having a dangerous fight with until she got closer and saw that the person who threw Zhao Yu into the pond was the person that she had been looking for all alongZhao Qing!

Miao Ying quickly ran over and kicked Zhao Qing off, but Zhao Qings body was pretty tough. Her kick had not hurt him that much. She was worried that he would try and escape, so she leapt forward and continued to fight with Zhao Qing.

In reality, the fight was not as interesting as the ones on TV. One was a SWAT member, and the other was a professional in martial arts. After a short fight, both of them got kicked and punched by each other, then retreated.

Zhao Qing was kicked on his chest, and Miao Ying was punched on her back. At that moment, although Zhao Qing had the advantage, it was two against one. He was worried and wanted to escape. But Miao Ying obviously would not let him. She continued to fight him. Zhao Qing knew that he could not fight for much longer, so he rolled aside and tried to sprint away.

But Zhao Yu had already gotten up out of the water. He crouched and launched a punch at Zhao Qings face. But Zhao Qing had great reflexes. He pushed Zhao Yus wrist away with his elbow, then punched Zhao Yus face instead.

Zhao Yus nose started to bleed and he was furious. He yelled and started punching uncontrollably! Zhao Qing wanted to fight back but Miao Ying suddenly kicked and he had to defend himself. Zhao Yus disorderly punches accompanied with Miao Yings constant flying kicksone was intense and the other was precise. Even-though Zhao Qing was a SWAT member, under attack by the two great cavaliers, he was beaten up, then fell backwards and groaned miserably.

Zhao Yu leaped forward but Zhao Qing quickly dodged while Miao Ying landed a kick on Zhao Qings chest. He flew off like being ejected from a plane, then hit the handrail beside the escalator! Although he was severely injured, Zhao Qing immediately got up and ran towards the escalator, intending to escape. Zhao Yu was shocked and chased right after him.

Zhao Qing saw a lot of police officers coming up with batons when he looked down the escalator. He turned and wanted to run in a different direction, but he saw security guards running towards him as well. He felt hopeless and leaped over the railing, jumping off without hesitation.

At the same time, Zhao Yu was right behind Zhao Qing. When he saw Zhao Qing leap over the railing, he thought there was a platform underneath, so he followed suit. Just as he leaped over the railing, he realized there was not anything but the building courtyard! Zhao Qing had definitely jumped to commit suicide!!

"Ahhhhh!" Just when Zhao Yu understood, his body had already crossed the railing and was falling fast. He was terrified and raised his hands to grab the railing. But instead of the railing, he grasped a warm strong arm.

"Zhao Yu!!" Miao Ying shouted and grabbed Zhao Yu tightly. More than half of her body was over the railing, and she nearly fell with him.

"Ahhhh!" There were shrieks from down below.

Zhao Yu looked down and saw Zhao Qing dead body on the floor of the first floor lobby. Suddenly, his expression went blank. He did not understand why Zhao Qing jumped so casually. "This b*stardcant be brainwashed, right?" he thought.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying shouted and Zhao Yu recovered from his shock. She gave him her other hand and finally dragged him up. Zhao Yu reached for the railing and climbed over. He was finally out of danger.

Suddenly, countless police officers and security guards appeared in front of them. They did not know their background so they immediately surrounded Zhao Yu and Miao Ying and warned them not to move.

Zhao Yu had no time for these people. His face was pale and he was panting as he held on to Miao Ying tightly. He was not sure whether he was really traumatized or if he was just taking advantage in order to lie on Miao Yings shoulder. He seemed like he was enjoying it and there was a nice smell coming from Miao Yings body.

Miao Ying was panting too but her face mask was restricting her breathing. She took it off and threw it at Zhao Yus face.

After a few hours, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying returned to their office in Rongyang Branch. But awaiting them was not greetings from their teammates, but a lecture from the higher-ups!

Tang Zhaolong could not care less about the colleagues around as he stomped his feet and scolded, "You two! Nonsense! Look! Such big chaos! Did you not hear my orders? Huh? I said dont investigate! No investigation! Its for your own good, why wont you listen? Are you trying to drive me crazy? Hmph! Wait for your punishment!"

"Miao Xiaoying," Tang Zhaolong pointed at her, "dont you think you can do as you wish just because you have connections to stand up for you! You have violated our rules. Just you wait. This time, see how you can run away from this!

"Oh, and you, Zhao Yu! Its always about you, Zhao Yu! Huh" Tang Zhaolong went to point at him but he realized Zhao Yu had disappeared. He asked surprisedly, "Hey? Wheres Zhao Yu? Where did he go? Im giving a lecture, you"

Swoop! Pak! Tang Zhaolong was raging when an empty coffee cup flew out of nowhere and hit his back.

"Ouch!" Tang Zhaolong turned around when the coffee cup fell and shattered on the floor! "Who is it?" Tang Zhaolong was surprised at the fact that someone threw a coffee cup at him. But because the cup flew so quickly, he could not see who threw it. Besides him, the police detectives were confused as well and stood aside to marvel at what was happening.

Another glass flew through the air and hit Tang Zhaolongs shoulder. "Ouch!" Tang Zhaolong held his arms and jumped on the spot. He was pale. Suddenly, he felt a slap on the back of his head. He could feel and hear it too.

"Ah" Tang Zhaolong staggered and turned around to look. He was terrified. There was only the wall right behind him!

"Wh-who is it? How dare you hit me?!" Tang Zhaolong was talking to the air and the police detectives were confused. They thought the new bureau chief might be mentally ill.

Tang Zhaolong looked around, scared stiff. He was more confused than ever before. To calm himself down, he pulled over the swivel chair and went to sit on it. Just as he was going to sit down, the swivel chair slipped away. Tang Zhaolong then fell on the floor!

"Ah!" Tang Zhaolong stood up and scolded all the police detectives, "You, all of you! Nonsense! All of you.all of you" Tang Zhaolong was left speechless at all these strange incidents. He was pissed and terrified. In the end, he left embarrassedly with his tail in between his legs.

After Tang Zhaolong left, Zhao Yu walked out from the pantry with a cup of coffee. He pretended to ask, "Huh? Wheres the bureau chief? He finished his lecture so quickly?"

Everyone turned around to look at Zhao Yu and was terrified. They did not understand what had happened earlier. But what else could it be? Zhao Yu had obviously used another invisibility cloak.

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying felt something and asked him suspiciously, "quick! Was it you?"

Zhao Yu sipped his coffee and said innocently, "Me...what could I do? My friends from above went to play mahjong. Theyre not home today!"

Zhao Yu had just finished pretending when a bunch of people rushed into the office, led by a person who shouted, "Zhao Yu! Zhao Yu! Where is Zhao Yu?"

Zhao Yu looked and realized it was the person who was not answering his callsBureau Chief Liao Jingxiang!