Crazy Detective Chapter 250

Chapter 250: The Complicated Secret

7:00 at night. Rongyang Branch, Vice Bureau Chiefs office.

This office belonged to Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, but Luan Xiaoxiao was not around at the moment. The room only had three people in it: Liao Jingxian, Zhao Yu, and Miao Ying.

Liao Jingxian tilted his head as he sat on Luan Xiaoxiaos chair, and asked Zhao Yu and Miao Ying to sit on the couch opposite each other.

"Whew!" Before Bureau Chief Liao even spoke, he first inhaled deeply, as if signaling what he was going to say was extremely important. He first opened his phone and showed Zhao Yu and Miao Ying a document, before finally saying, "You guys, look carefully. This was all the data on your computers, they werent deleted, but were all transferred to the city level Criminal Investigation Department! This is the processed document. It also has Bureau Chief Hongs signature."

"This" Zhao Yu knew Bureau Chief Liao always spoke as he pleased and directly asked him, "Liao, why didnt you pick my call from a few days ago? Where have you been these past few days?"

"Where did I go?" Liao Jingxian spoke angrily. "Hmph, to save someone! Zhou! He almost died"

"Ah? Zhou? Bureau Chief Zhou? Hewhat happened to him?" Zhao Yu asked urgently.

"He was reported anonymously!" Liao Jingxian replied, "Were not even sure where the evidence came from. Not only did it look real, but the crime was severe as well. I cant even talk about it here! Anyways, Zhous probably not gonna come back to work for a while!"

"Ah? That severe Thenwhat now?"

"The investigation is more or less over now." Bureau Chief Liao sighed. "Even though I can help him, Zhous political career is pretty much over! Mmactually, lets talk about Tang first. As soon as Bureau Chief Zhou had issues, Tang Zhaolong was immediately appointed. This wasnt some set-up by the higher-ups or any huge conspiracy, this is the emergency mechanism set up by the Qinshan Police System, got it? Hmm, I think you guys wouldnt understand, because I just began to understand it!"

Hearing this, Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yu in confusion. She thought to herself. "Why are all the higher-ups so wordy?" But Zhao Yu was already used to Liao Jingxians whimsical attitude and immediately yelled, "Stop wasting time. Speak!"

"Zhous reported crime is very severe! If it is proven true, it will cause a huge scandal with chain reactions and far reaching consequences. Once the city branch reported it, the officials decided to activate the emergency mechanism and transfer the bureau chief that was the furthest from the Rongyang area. This person was Tang Zhaolong!

"This sort of policy is from the older generation. Only if they got someone far away could this internal investigation not be affected by Zhou Andong. Mmmis this hard to understand?"

"We got it, we got it! Now get to the actual point!" Zhao Yu held up his phone. "Qu Ping, the truth behind Qu Ping, just what was it? Hurry up!"

"Hey, quiet down a bit, will you? Right now, Qu Pings name is highly sensitive!" Liao Jingxiao scolded him a little in frustration. "You guys are truly stubborn! Despite all the pressure and danger, you guys still dared to go against orders. How reckless! But truthfully speaking, you guys are really something! Despite all the difficulties, you guys still found some evidence! Finding Zhao Qing, Jin really found the right people."

"Jin?" Miao Ying was a little confused.

But ZhaoYu did not stop and rushed the Liao Jingxian, "Keep going! Get to the point!"

"The point is," Liao Jingxian spoke quickly, "you guys made something simple into something complicated! Got it?"

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying looked at each other, unsure of what was happening.

"Mm, you guys are both excellent detectives, but did you really not think about this while investigating Qu Pings murder?" Liao Jingxian shrugged and explained, "If Qu Ping really was murdered because she got involved with a massive case, then as a team leader, dont you think shed realize? Would she really know what she was getting into? But throughout this entire case, did you guys feel like Qu Ping had any preparation?"

Ah? Actually, Liao Jingxians word had a huge effect on Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. They had thought of countless possibilities, but had failed to notice this one.

It seemed plausible. If Qu Ping knew she might be in danger, then why wasnt she alarmed. Her death was very sudden. That was why everyone thought it was an accident! Before Qu Pings death, she had been completely focused on the Mianling Case, without any signs of worry, panic, or nervousness for her own safety. What could this mean?

"Hmph! How are you guys detectives if you guys cant figure this out?" Liao Jingxian proudly put away his phone, then opened another document for them. "Look at this. This document came from the City Level Forensics Department who looked at Zhao Qings corpse. It was also signed by the bureau chief! Dont worry, our police department has no internal issues. Qu Pings death probably stemmed from the most typical reasonrevenge!"

Revenge?! What does that mean? Where did revenge come from? Zhao Yu and Miao Ying once again stared at each other, even more confused than before.

"Actually, this whole thing has to start from someone else. Ill warn you ahead of time." Liao Jingxiao warned them, "I wont bother with a confidentiality agreement with you guys, but you guys have to keep your mouth shut! Otherwise, Ill murder you both!"

"Holy" Zhao Yu whistled.

Miao Yings forehead was completely wrinkled. What kind of bureau chief threatened their underlings? Was this Bureau Chief Liao also some sort of delinquent?

"Alright, lets get to the main point!" Liao Jingxian organized his thoughts about and said, "This whole thing has to do with Qu Pings father. I wont name Qu Pings father. Anyway, hes an ace spy! He was incredible. Back then, he solo infiltrated a criminal organization as a spy for many years, then cooperated with the police and destroyed the entire organization!

"Due to his high merit, Qu Pings father later was promoted to the provincial office and was a huge official. I once had the honor of meeting him!" Liao Jingxians expression showed a sliver of pride.

"But," his proud expression quickly gave way to sadness as he sighed, "unfortunately Qu Pings father ended up with a terminal illness and died early! Truly, the gods are jealous of the talented!

"It was because of her fathers status that the provincial level officials always treated Qu Ping well, wanting to cultivate her talent and have her blossom into an excellent police officer like her father. They had high hopes for her, butunfortunatelyin the end"

"Then, could it be?" Miao Ying and Zhao Yu looked at each other again. Both of them seemed to have realized the implication.

"Thats right! The situation surrounding Qu Pings death was strange." Liao Jingxiao said wistfully, "The higher-ups have long known the reason for her death. The city council set up a special investigation group specifically for this case. Ill tell you guys now, theyve known that Hou Meng was nothing but a scapegoat!

"Oh right, heres the document." Liao Jingxiao looked as if he remembered something, and handed another legal document to Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. "This is Hou Mengs sentencing delay notice. Due to complications, Hou Mengs sentencing will be delayed! The higher-ups have already released their command, saying that before Hou Meng is sentenced, they have to investigate this whole case thoroughly!"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were still in shock.

"After a few days of investigating, the investigation team found some shocking information." Bureau Chief Liao lowered his voice. "As it turned out, the year the criminal group had been destroyed with the help of Qu Pings father, their leader was called Yu Something. I call him something because I cant say his real name! Anyway, that person was already killed on the scene by the police during the initial capture!

"But, this Yu Something had a really powerful father. According to the information, this Yu Somethings dad came back from another country to get revenge for his son! Thats why we suspect Qu Pings death was related to vengeance for this guy!

"Qu Pings father was dead, so they killed Qu Ping instead?!" Miao Ying was angry. "Isnt that too unreasonable? Thats monstrous! Its blasphemy!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu could not help but shake his head. This was called the vengeful way of the streets. The debt of the father was paid for by the son. To those bloodthirsty people on the streets, who would reason with you?

"I dont know how you guys managed to find Zhao Qing." Liao Jingxian sighed. "But the investigation team discovered from looking into Yu that apparently, Yus father specifically hired someone as powerful as Zhao Qing and made a hit-list, intending to get revenge on everyone who had harmed his son!

"Ill tell you guys something else! Zhou Andong also participated in the capturing process, and he was the commander! We had reason to suspect that the people who framed Zhou are related to Yus father!"

No way? Zhao Yu was getting more confused by the minute. Why did this sound like the plot of a police film? Wasnt this a little too much? Those years he spent on the street, he had never heard of something so crazy. Just what kind of person was Yus father? How could he be so powerful? To do something so reckless? Did he not fear death?

"But," Bureau Chief Liao said, "unexpectedly, Tang Zhaolong is so shallow! Wed never have expected that a bureau chief from a small branch would be so stubborn, so rash! If I had time to explain everything to you guys, then the situation wouldnt come to this! To even cause Liu Changhu such injury!"

Hearing this much, Miao Ying could not help but furrow her brows.

"Dont think too much!" Bureau Chief Liao said seriously, "Tang Zhaolong was only acting on the higher-ups command. Bureau Chief Hong had already mentioned to ask you Rongyang officers to stop any investigation on Qu Pings case. One reason was to protect you guys, the other was to prevent you guys from acting too much and alerting the other party, ending up being more of a nuisance than help!

"Also, the higher-ups had other plans. They were worried that the investigation would cause bad publicity, so they didnt want you guys to interfere. If they could deal with it themselves, it would decrease the chance of the bad publicity spreading!

"How about it? After all that, did you guys finally realize something?" Liao Jingxian spoke without stopping, "If you feel like theres something wrong still, or have any suspicions, I can show you guys all the documents!

"You guys didnt even think, did you? If the higher-ups wanted to hide the truth regarding any shady business or conspiracy, how could they have given you guys so many openings and so many chances?"

Liao Jingxians words suddenly had Zhao Yu and Miao Ying at a loss for words.

"But after all that," Liao Jingxian looked at the two of them, "you twos capabilities are truly impressive! Even under such a difficult situation, you guys still found Zhao Qing, and almost captured him! Thats unbelievable!

"If you guys are interested in joining the city level investigation squad, I can write an application for you guys, and have you guys go to the city office and investigate together. How about it?" But before Liao Jingxian had even finished speaking, he already saw Zhao Yus middle finger raised in the air at him.