Crazy Detective Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Hundred Percent True Man

"F*ck, Zhao Yu, don't be so shameless!" Liao Jingxian said impatiently, "I've made the entire situation clear to the two of you! Let me tell you something else. Even when Bureau Chief Zhou is released, he can't return to Rongyang Branch. So, Rongyang has to be as stable as soon as possible!

"I understand that Tang Zhaolong doesn't think before he acts, but he is definitely not related to this at all, so the leaders made him bureau chief here. Also, Bureau Chief Hong has sent instructions to have Luan Xiaoxiao to assist Tang. So, in the near future, your task here is to settle down!

"Mm Miao Ying!" Liao Jingxian sighed and said to her, "What a pity. If you hadn't fought with Liu Changhu, you would be captain I hope you can understand, if we were to promote you now, there would be backlash. So take a break for now."

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu spat and thought to himself that if Miao Ying was not going to be promoted, he would not be promoted to team leader either!

Miao Ying did not mind as she was only interested in investigating. As for her position as a team leader or captain, she did not really care.

"Okay. I have clarified everything. In the future, the two of you need to show respect to Bureau Chief Tang!" Liao Jingxian stood up and said, "I have to go back to the station! The two of you be prepared. If the higher-ups can't solve Qu Ping's case, they may ask the two of you for some help! Zhao Yu, If there's anything, please remember to give me a call first. Don't be impulsive. Got it?"

"F*ck you! It only works if you answer the call!" Zhao Yu was furious. "Liao, wouldn't it better if you just clarified it with me first rather than waiting for me to call you when there's this kind of situation? We were betting on our lives!"

"I know! I know!" Liao Jingxian shook his head wretchedly. "But I was occupied with Zhou's troubles. Anyway, alright, I will remember that!"

"Mm, Bureau Chief Liao." Just when Liao Jingxian was reaching for the door, Miao Ying reminded him, "Zhao Qing is from the Crimson Eight Secret Service Squad, and there were two of them when they kidnapped Hou Meng, so"

"I know, I know!" Liao Jingxian nodded. "Don't worry. The experts know what to do. They will catch them all. Daddy Yu can't escape!" Bureau Chief Liao finished speaking and left.

Ouch Zhao Yu sat on the couch and felt discouraged, like a balloon running out of air. His shoulders were full of bruises and cuts. The wound on his shoulder had reopened and blood stained through his shirt.

"Zhao Yu,"Miao Ying said as though she had been relieved of a burden. "I've asked. The municipal level really did establish a special team, and it was a top secret task force made out of commissioners from various provinces! So, this, we will leave it aside for a while! If it was really a criminal gang, we can't deal with them either!"

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu exhaled and spat angrily, "So deceiving! Both of us got it all wrong! These crappy leaders, I wonder how they work. Like I said, it can't be such a powerful dark force. A peaceful society is always better."

"True!" Miao Ying replied, "If it was only one criminal, it would make me feel much better!"

"Mm!" Zhao Yu felt the same. "Alright, if so, let's just relax for a bit!"

"Sigh!" Miao Ying complained, "But after this, I thinkI will have no friends again!"

"Hey? What are you talking about?" Zhao Yu patted his chest and said, "Am I not your friend? How about Zhang Yaohui and the others? Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, you saved my life today! If not for you, I would've been mince meat by now! Well, let's got for some beer tonight! My treat! What do you say?"

"Yeah!" Miao Ying lied onto the couch and said, "It's time to relax! How about this," she pointed at Zhao Yu's wound, "let's rest well tonight, and you go clean up your wound! Let's take the day off tomorrow. How about a picnic? I know somewhere with really beautiful scenery in Qinshan!"

"Mm, that sounds great." Zhao Yu agreed and teased her, "Just us two? I'm an expert in sex wars! Eh eh ehAh"

Miao Ying punched Zhao Yu and said impatiently, "Zhao Yu, why do you talk like this all the time! You pervert! Hmph!" Miao Ying left angrily.

Zhao Yu was trying to explain, "Mis-misunderstanding. I mean war, as in a counterstrike. F*ck."

Zhao Yu wanted to get the Forensics Department's Wang Xin to clean his wound, but he could not find anyone there. So he left the police station and went to a nearby clinic Just when he was getting his wound cleaned up, Su Yang called. Su Yang spoke carefully and told him that he had found out that Zhou Andong had been reported anonymously, and was still under investigation at one of the detention centers!

He heard that the evidence was very crafty, and it was very difficult to verify its authenticity. It was even related to a crime that was abroad, one that was especially severe. So it was still under investigation.

Zhao Yu then understood that why Liao Jingxian had not been willing to share the details of the crime since it was quite serious! Bureau Chief Zhou was so unfortunate to be involved. If it was really Yu's father's doing, it meant that the criminal group was extremely professional!

After he hung up, the doctor was still cleaning Zhao Yu's wounds, but his thoughts were far away. He was thinking that if what Bureau Chief Liao had said was true, then this Daddy Yu was definitely unforgivable. He had killed Qu Ping just to get revenge. The poor Team Leader Qu Ping had not even known why she was being killed!

When Zhao Yu thought about Qu Ping, he could not help but recall what he had saw at the memorial service. Her two children were grieving so helplessly! He swore before her body that he would find the murderer and take revenge on her behalf! If the task force could not solve the case, he would continue to investigate on his own until he found the murderer!

Other than that, even though Bureau Chief Zhou had explained everything, there were still a few details that caught his attention. First of all, the double agent in the police station was still there, so he had to be careful; secondly, although he and the others were not going to investigate Qu Ping's case further, it did not mean that they were completely safe! Those arrogant criminals might even take revenge on Zhao Qing's behalf! So in the future, he had to be extremely careful.

That being said, after Zhao Yu found out about the situation, he felt more relaxed. He was less worried and tense. Plus, he had a bank card that contained more than ten-million in his pocket. He felt different from before!

Every cloud has a silver lining. Zhao Yu thought that if he could retrieve his cash reward of eight-hundred thousand, it would be great! Who knew he could get extra!

Mister Liang had been sincerely nice to him. He was worried that the amount of money would cause Zhao Yu trouble, so he even hired a professional lawyer for him to prepare a legal document. Having this document signified that Mister Liang no longer had the right to take back his money.

Besides the eight-hundred thousand cash reward, there was about half of the two-million that he distributed to the police team. Zhao Yu was fair. He had strictly given out the money according to the cash reward allocation table. Only Liu Changhu and Zhou Andong had yet to collect theirs.

According to Zhao Yu's calculations, he was supposed to get eight-hundred and seventy-eight thousand, but he had about nine-hundred and forty-thousand. He would save Bureau Chief Zhou's share, but Liu Changhu would not get a single penny!

Nine-hundred thousand plus the eight-million he got from Liang Wanqian, and on top of that, he had the money that Mister Tao gave him. He was a millionaire by now.

"Oh my goodness" Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized, "I am a millionaire now. Ain't it? I can buy a Phaeton now too! I have money now. I am rich. I don't know how to spend it all! Haha!"

Zhao Yu had the urge to laugh but the doctor yelled and pulled him back to reality. "Hey! I'm stitching you up! Why are you so happy? Are you okay?"

"Mm" Zhao Yu then felt the pain from his wound and grit his teeth.

Who knew that the Miracle System had suddenly joined the party and rang, "The adventure is complete. Your adventure completion rate for today is one-hundred percent. Congratulations! You have received five invisible devices. Please accept!"