Crazy Detective Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Yet Another Shock

One-hundred percent?! Seeing the result, Zhao Yu could not help but be rather excited. To think he had obtained a perfect completion rate? Also, he had gotten five items as well! Just what kind of powerful item was it this time? He immediately checked his inventory, and saw that the five new items were called long-term detectors.

"No way? Long-term detectors. Whats that?" Zhao Yu wondered. Clicking on the summary, the system started its introduction, "This item is a first-class item, an upgraded version of the invisible detector. After use, the effect is half that of the invisible detector, but it lasts ten days."

Oh, an upgraded version of the invisible detector? Zhao Yu thought back before remembering that the invisible detector was an anti-surveillance device, used to detect any sort of bugs, recorders, cameras, trackers, etc, as well as explosives. No matter what it was, the invisible detector could very accurately detect those things.

Zhao Yu finally understood. As it turned out, the invisible detector only had a ten-minute duration, and could only be used to check for trackers. Since this upgraded version could be used for ten days, once used, it meant within ten days, he would know if he was being tracked or eavesdropped on. If so, this item is quite powerful!

"Why dont I use one now?" Zhao Yu thought. "I got five altogether." Since he was in a rather dangerous situation, if someone wanted to attack him, this item would be a good defense!

Good! Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately used one. After use, his mind immediately showed a surveillance map. Looking carefully, he could clearly see the exact location of the surveillance cameras in the police station.

Incredible! With this item, Zhao Yu immediately felt much safer.

Soon, the doctor had finished treating his wounds and warned him that he could not shower in the next few days, and could not do vigorous exercise. The more rest he got, the faster he would recover.

After paying and thanking the doctor, Zhao Yu took his newly bandaged shoulder and returned to Shunfeng Street. On the way, as soon as any surveillance device entered the range of the detector, Zhao Yu knew right away. Not only did it capture their location, but the detector could even detect which surveillance cameras were having issues, or did not work, etc.

Zhao Yu could not help but be amazed. This was indeed a first-class item, and this was with half the efficacy! If it was the original, then the detecting ability would be even better!

After entering the house, Zhao Yu purposely walked around a bit, nothing suspicious appeared on the detector, signaling his safety.

Considering he had not yet ate dinner, he simply ordered delivery. Since he was quite rich, he decided to be a bit more luxurious and got the most expensive meal delivery. Everything added together was one-hundred and eight yuan! Luxurious!

Zhao Yu grabbed a bottle of beer and ate as he drank. At this time, his phone rang. Miao Ying told him over WeChat to meet at nine in the morning in front of the police station. She had already notified Bureau Chief Luan. She asked Zhao Yu to notify Zhang Yingwei, Lan Bo, and a few other good friends, and asked everyone to prepare something for a BBQ.

Seeing this message, Zhao Yu smiled a bit. It seemed like Miao Renfeng really did care for him! "Hahaha, tomorrow, hopefully I can get a "Kan" hexagram!" he thought. That way he could use the BBQ as a way to get closer to the beautiful team leader.

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately created a group message and added Zhang Jingfeng and others in order to discuss tomorrows barbecue plans.

Once everyone heard about this opportunity to relax, the team members were quite happy. Each of them eagerly signed up to bring something to the BBQ.

After some chatting, Zhao Yu even took some time to video call Huahua and check on Daheng, who was still resting. Dahengs leg was already healed, but she still could not walk freely. Her leg was being kept stable by a machine. But she looked much stronger than before, and upon seeing Zhao Yu on the phone, she barked excitedly.

Actually, having not seen Daheng in so many days, Zhao Yu actually missed her a bit. Zhao Yu simply warned Daheng not to eat sh*t again.

That night, even though Zhao Yu dreamed a bunch of scenes regarding Zhao Qings suicide, but all in all, he slept well.

The next day, as soon as the first ray of sunshine spilled into his room, he woke up early, hoping for a good hexagram. He kept wishing for the "Kan" hexagram, which represented women, hoping for something to happen with Miao Ying. Yet, after hearing the hexagram explanation, he was stunned, his heart pumping like mad.

"Miracle System activated," the system continued as usual. "Zhen-Dui hexagram! Zhen for earth and Dui for marsh, the earth rests upon the marsh, darkness befalls, misfortune seems close, keep away from delicate flowers."

Holy sh*t! Whats this?! Hearing this hexagram explanation, Zhao Yus heart dropped like a stone. Both the "Zhen" hexagram and the terrifying hexagram explanation terrified him equally! He had only gotten the "Zhen" hexagram twice before. The first time was when he discovered the Mianling Case, and the other was when Qu Ping had died! Thenwhat about this time?! Could it be, every time the "Zhen" hexagram appeared, something huge happened?

God Suddenly, Zhao Yu could not stop his speeding heart, his body heating up in fear.

"Miracle System, please dont play me like this! I just slept well for once, yet youre stirring something up again?" he said in his head.

Isnt this too much? Ah Zhao Yu was agitated to the point of confusion. His heart pumped and stress was building, but he did not know what to do. The "Zhen" hexagram had come too suddenly, what could it signify?

Zhao Yu first thought of his own safety. After all, the suspect Zhao Qing had just committed suicide, and then he suddenly got the "Zhen" hexagram. Could the two be related?

Zhao Qing had jumped to his death with no hesitation, clearly to protect his own criminal organization. If a person did not even fear death, then

Oh no! Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered Miao Yings barbecue. Could it beat the barbecue, something was going to happen?! Ahthats difficult

At first, Zhao Yu thought about asking Miao Ying to cancel the barbecue, but as he thought about it more, everyone would finally have a chance to rest, so he shouldnt really interfere, right? Besides, he was not even sure where the "Zhen" hexagram would activate! The miracles were not very exact to begin with. Maybe canceling the barbecue would cause even more danger!

Sigh! Unable to do anything, Zhao Yu could only meet the group right on time, and head towards the depths of Qin Mountain.

Miao Ying, Zhang Jingfeng, Liang Huan, Li Beini, Zhang Yaohui, Liu, Lan Bo were all there. Liang Huan even brought his seven-year-old son along, saying that his wife was busy that day and there was no one to take care of the child.

The group took three cars in total: Miao Yings, Liang Huans, and Lan Bos. To Zhao Yus surprise, Miao Ying did not drive her phaeton, but drove a brand-new Land Rover instead. This car was not as fancy as the phaeton, but was still over a million yuan. The inside was quite expansive; very suitable for driving in the wild.

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "It seems like Miao Ying isnt just a little rich. She even has such an amazing back up car?"

Even though Zhao Yu was very worried, his teammates were all excited and happy now that the Mianling Case was over, and that Qu Pings case was no longer their business. They finally had some time to enjoy themselves.

They drove for nearly two hours before it arrived at the location Miao Ying mentioned. Everyone saw that the area was indeed beautiful and quiet. Among the serenity, there were tall trees and a clear, beautiful river. The river was about a meter deep, and was completely transparent, with fishes swimming happily. The birds chirped joyfully, and the fragrance of the flowers surrounded the area. It was truly paradise.

Once the car stopped, the group found an empty spot beside the river and started getting ready for lunch. Liang Huans son wanted to go catch fish in the water, so Liang Huan grabbed the fish net and went to take care of his son.

Miao Ying wore on an ocean blue sports jacket. Under the sun she looked especially refreshed. Her dark and slick mushroom-styled hair swayed in the wind along with her energetic form. Her skin was smooth and pale. Zhao Yu could not help but stare, mesmerized by her. But he was still worried about the "Zhen" Hexagram, and could not relax. He did not act perverted, nor did he tease her. His eyes darted around the woods, as if on alert. Even though the invisible detector was on at all times, he was still on alert, fearing something