Crazy Detective Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Scumbag Cancer, and the Second Time He Wet Himself

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying shouted and frightened Zhao Yu. "You b*stard, why are you acting so weird today? Whose things did you steal? Tell me, did you do something to me?"

"Yeah! Yes!" Although something bothered him, Zhao Yu covered it up naturally. "You caught me again! Actually, Im having a sexy war with you using my imagination! We fought all the way into the water!"

"Sigh!" Miao Ying did not bash him but shook her head and said, "Zhao Yu, I can tell that youre severely ill. What you have is called Scumbag Cancer, last stage, terminal!"

Zhao Yu was sitting on a rock by the pond while Miao Ying was standing, her back facing the water with her hands on her waist in front of him.

The fire started, accompanied with teammates hurray. Everyone started to get ready for BBQ excitedly. But the loud hurray scared Zhao Yu, and he nearly fell onto the rocks.

"Huh?" Miao Ying caught Zhao Yu by his collar and shouted, "Zhao Yu, from what I see, you are guilt-ridden!"

"Of course! Ive always had you in my heart!" Although he was scared stiff, he kept his mouth sealed.

"B*stard!" Miao Ying looked over, and when she was certain that no one was paying attention, she spoke softly to Zhao Yu, "You said you ran into Zhao Qing yesterday, right? You were buying a bottle of water and ran into the suspect. Thats not convincing. Tell me! How did you find him?"

"Mm" Zhao Yu wanted to answer but Miao Ying raised her arms and threatened, "If you bring up some nonsense about your friends from above, I will disfigure your face!"

"Dont!" Zhao Yu pretended to be afraid and said, "I need my handsome face to kiss a pretty girl! Team Leader Miao, why dont you tell me? If I didnt run into him coincidently, how could I find Zhao Qing?"

"Hmph! Thats easy." Miao Ying let go of his collar and smiled. "You are the double agent! You were worried that Zhao Qing would be found so you went to kill him!"

"Oh" Zhao Yu gulped and got goosebumps. Even if he was shameless, he was left speechless!

"You were trying to cover up your misdeeds by shifting the blame onto others. Actually, it has always been you! Nobody would suspect you as a double agent! Am I right?" Miao Ying was intimidating and scary.

"I" Zhao Yu was tongue-tied. He could not find any reason why he was not the double agent!

"Hahaha!" Miao Ying laughed hysterically and patted Zhao Yus cheeks. "Look at your silly face. You finally got a taste of your own medicine! Hehehe" Miao Yings laughter had a way of making Zhao Yu feel delighted, although he was confused.

"If youre the double agent, youre a sick double agent!" Miao Ying joked, "You are the one that have insisted to investigate since the very beginning. Is it thatyou are trying to fight against yourself? Do you have split personality?"

"Oh Mm Ah" Zhao Yu stuttered.

"So what now? Are you still not willing to tell me the truth? Quick, tell me! How did you find Zhao Qing? I dont buy the idea of you having so many coincidences!" Miao Ying was drilling him for answers.

"Hey, missy!" Zhao Yu was going crazy and asked for forgiveness with clasped hands. "Why do you not believe me when I said it was a coincidence? I was being honest about what I said. I was holding Zhao Qings picture and asking around. Who knew, but the cashier managed to recognize Zhao Qing, then told me that he had just paid the bill and went to the bakery shop opposite. Then I saw him! That was it! Ill swear on my life!"

"Mm" Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yu suspiciously. Then she suddenly recalled something and asked, "Zhao Yu, do you remember why Zhao Qing went to the bakery?"

"Of course, to buy a cake, this big," Zhao Yu demonstrated with his hands and said, "it should be a cake that was quite expensive!"

"Birthday cake?" Miao Ying continued to ask.

"Doesnt look like a birthday cake. It looked cylindrical. Then he saw me chasing after him, the cake," Zhao Yu tried to recall, "the cakeI dont know when he lost it. Anyway, when I caught up to him, the cake was gone! Mm, why? Is there a problem?"

"I feel, Zhao Qing, being who he was," Miao Ying guessed, "wouldnt go to just any bakery! It feelsa bit odd."

Zhao Yu thought along Miao Yings theory and agreed. "True that. Would there be any secret in that cake? Why not go over and take a look in the afternoon?"

"Tsk tsk." Miao Ying creased her brows, thinking about more than just the cake.

"If we look into the video along the way, we should be able to find where he lost the cake." Zhao Yu was drowned in thought too. "We can ask at the bakery too. Sigh"

Before Zhao Yu finished talking, he suddenly saw a red UV light appear on Miao Yings chest!! Zhao Yu did not hesitate when he saw the red dot. He shouted and pushed Miao Ying into the water.

Splash The two of them fell into the river that was about a meter deep. Even though it was beginning of summer, the water was still rather cold. Zhao Yu did not care much and quickly dragged Miao Ying to the other side of the river.

Miao Ying was pushed over by Zhao Yu. She wanted to catch her breath, but Zhao Yu was worried that she might be shot. So he quickly leaped over to push her underwater.

Just as Zhao Yu was holding Miao Ying down, he heard his teammates shout, "Little Zhao! Team Leader Miao! Whats going on? Hurry up!" Zhang Jingfeng urged his teammates to come over faster.

"It cant be? Fighting again?!" Lan Bo was afraid.

"Bro, stop hitting, stop hitting!" Li Beini panicked.

"Huh?" Zhao Yu felt odd. If there was a gunman, his teammates should have been shot! Just when he went to warn them, there was no more motion. And on his invisible detector, there was not anything.

Splash! Miao Ying could not hold her breath any longer and jumped of water and flipped Zhao Yu over.

Miao Ying was panting as she quickly swam to the swore. Her teammates quickly helped her up. At that moment, Miao Yings mushroom hairstyle fell flat and she was soaking wet.

Zhao Yu stumbled and finally regained the balance to stand up straight. He was dumbfounded at what he saw.

Seeing Liang Huans son playing with the toy guy and aiming at him, he realized that the rot dot was from that "gun"!

"This motherf*cker! This goddamn son! This is so deceiving!" Zhao Yu cursed in his head.

Zhao Yu pointed at Liang Huans son and wanted to scold him but Miao Ying took the lead and scolded Zhao Yu instead. "Zhao Yu! Did I kill your family? You b*stard, what do you want to do?"

"No, No, no, no." Zhao Yu quickly waved. "This is a misunderstanding! You listen to my explanation"

"B*stard!" Miao Ying was furious. She took a big rock and threw it towards the water near Zhao Yu. It splashed and Zhao Yu was all wet again.

"Tat tat tat! Tat tat tat!" Liang Huans son was still aiming at him with the toy gun as he imitated shooting. Only when Liang Huan returned with the fishing net did his son tell his dad happily, "Daddy, daddy, Look! I shot that uncle and he fell into the water!"