Crazy Detective Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Heres the Big Incident

Miao Ying drove her own car over, so she had a change of clothes with her. After awhile, she came out wearing a red sports uniform. Yet, Zhao Yu was completely different. He only had the beach shorts that Liang Huang had lent him, and was naked from the waist up. He hung his clothing on a branch and dried it over a fire! Even his bandages were all wet, and his wound was showing. The doctor had specifically told him that he could not get water on his wound. Now it was all ruined!

Li Beini asked curiously as she helped Zhao Yu disinfect the wound, "Senior, what were you guys doing? Just now you guys were fighting. How come you guys suddenly ended up in the water?"

"Sigh, sigh!" Zhao Yu sighed twice as he covered his face. "Lets not talk about it. It just makes me sad."

After the fiasco from Zhao Yu, the joyous atmosphere suddenly became especially awkward. Everyone focused on cooking the meat, but nobody said a word. No one could understand, just what had happened between the two?

Even though Miao Ying changed clothes, she was still chilly, so she warmed herself by the barbecue fire. As she warmed herself, she wiped off her phone with a towel.

Seeing Miao Ying messing with her phone, Zhao Yu also took out his own. Good thing the phone from the police station was water resistant, so there was not an issue. But Zhao Yu couldnt help but be curious. Just where would the "Zhen" hexagram show up? Just what big issue would arise?

As he was thinking, his phone rang. When he looked at it, it was an emergency notification from the police station. Actually, it was not just Zhao Yu; all of the team members phones rang at the same time, with the same message: "All department please take note. The following is an emergency notification. A first-degree incident arose in the Rongyang area, all team members please head over to the police station"

What? First-degree incident? Just like Zhao Yu, Lan Bo, and Li Beini were new investigators; they had no idea what exactly was a first-degree incident.

Just as Zhao Yu went to ask, Miao Yings phone suddenly rang. After picking up, her expression turned stern. Clearly, whoever called her was a high-level official, and called about something very important.

"Yes, Bureau Chief Luan, well head over right away!" After finishing, Miao Ying hung up the phone.

"Whats wrong, Team Leader Miao?" Zhang Yaohui asked in agitation. "Ive been working here for a long time, but Ive never seen a first-class incident!"

"Yeah!" Liu exclaimed, "Just what huge issue arose?"

"Tsk, tsk" Miao Ying shook her head helplessly. "Sorry, it seems our barbecue has to be canceled! We just got news that the Qinshan Bank on Yuhua Street was robbed. We have to head over and deal with it right away!"

What? Bank Robbery?! Everyone was stunned, but Zhao Yu was the first to shiver in realization. Oi? Yuhua Street Qinshan Bank? Why was that name so familiar?"

"Holy, something this big?" Lan Bo spoke in shock. "I thought bank robberies only happened in movies! This is wild! Team Leader Miao Ying, whats the situation right now?"

"The details are unknown, but the culprits have already escaped." Miao Ying cleaned up as she answered, "According to Bureau Chief Luan, the culprits didnt steal from the front desk, or any gold, but from a safety box"

Yet, just as she spoke, Zhao Yu suddenly yelled out in realization. Due to his excitement, the clothes fell from the branch and right into the fire! Zhao Yu was startled, and immediately grabbed the branch, trying to fish out his clothing.

"Be careful!" Li Beini grabbed at the tip of the cloth and pulled it out. Thankfully, the clothing was still wet, so it had not caught on fire, but it was dirtied by the charcoal.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu yelled in rage as he ran towards Miao Ying in agitation. "You, what did you say? A safety box?"

"Yeah! What about it?" As Miao Ying answered, she held back her urge to hit Zhao Yu. What was Zhao Yu up to this time? Not only was Miao Ying confused, but so were the other teammates. Why was Zhao Yu so excited?

"Ah, I was wondering!" Zhao Yu slapped his leg as he roared, "My money! The two-hundred thousand yuan of old bills was in the bank safety box! Ah, how am I so unlucky?"

"Ah?! No way?" Everyone turned and stared at each other. Miao Ying immediately comforted him, "Zhao Yu, listen. I said the Qinshan bank on Yuhua Street!"

"I know!" Zhao Yu was almost in tears. "The bank on Yuhua Street only had the safety bank feature, so obviously I kept it there! Ahahmy money! My heart! Hey, guys, what are you blanking out for? Hurry, lets go! Lets check? My moneyah" Zhao Yus despair and pain was immense. Someone who did not know the situation would have thought that he was grieving for a dead family member!

On the way towards Yuhua street, Zhao Yu was still in a state of agitation. This was too weird! How could there be a coincidence like this? Could it bethe big incident, meant that his money had been stolen?

Oh Suddenly, he remembered the hexagram explanation. It was the "Zhen-Dui" hexagram. Other than the "Zhen, there was still the "Dui" hexagram which represented money! It seemed like this time, he was going to lose quite a bit!

"System, arent youtoo cruel? If I had known this had nothing to do with our safety, why would I go mess with Miao Ying in the water? Now the friendship I barely managed to establish with Miao Ying might die too!" Zhao Yu thought.

Sigh! Liang Huang as well! Why had he brought his son? Why was there a red laser pointer? This guy

Originally, Zhao Yu had wanted to negotiate with Miao Ying about Zhao Qing and the cake, but with this new accident, the teammates had separated the two. Now, Zhao Yu sat in Lan Bos car.

But Zhao Yu felt that regarding Zhao Qing, he could not let any possibility slip. Also, the longer they delayed it, the harder it would be to find the cake. Even though he was going to deal with the robbery case and therefore had no time to deal the cake, maybe he should let Liao Jingxian know instead and see if he could send some professionals over.

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu did not dare to wait, and immediately sent the information about the cake to Liao Jingxian. Yet, where had Liao Jingxian gone again? After the message was sent, it was like it had been cast into the oceanthere was no response.

"Gee, interesting!" In the car, Lan Bo spoke excitedly as he drove, "A bank robbery! Say, is Tang Zhaolong cursed? He just came to Rongyang Branch, and now this happens!"

"Yeah!" Liu sighed. "There goes our barbecue!"

"Do you guys think the robbers are strong? Its already been this long, could they already have been captured?" Lan Bo asked. "Liu, look it up. Did anyone die? If someone died, then we better plan for some all-nighters!"

"Mm" Liu inputted his password, and quickly pulled up the new case information. Yet, after a few glances, his expression turned to shock. "Huh, thisthis is weird?"

"Whats weird?" Lan Bo asked, "Did anyone die?"

"No one alive died buta dead person died!!"

Hearing Lius strange sentence, both Lan Bo and Zhao Yu were confused. But when Zhao Yu suddenly remembered the "Zhen" hexagram, he could not help but feel uncomfortable.