Crazy Detective Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Came Prepared

The shrunken body was much smaller than the ones in Zhao Yus memory. Also, the body was blackened, looking more like rotten meat. The even stranger thing was that the body was inside a plastic vacuum bag, almost like some sort of packaged food you would see in a store. The inside of the bag was completely airtight, showing off the bodys shape, which was rigid and hard.

The body was lying on its side and shrunken. Even though its arms wrapped around its blackened, it still showed half of its face. The hair inside was especially clear, and looked extra terrifying! Zhao Yu finally understood what Liu had meant when he said no one died except for a dead person.

"Zhao Yu, didnt I say to not come in." Wang Xin saw Zhao Yu getting close to the corpse and walked up, trying to stop him.

"Department Leader Wang, thishow did this happen?" Zhao Yus eyes were wide and confused. "Its so small. Could thisbe a child?"

"Yu, this isnt a kid, but an elderly!" Hu Bin beside him explained, "The body is in the vacuum bag, thats why it seems smaller than usual!"

"Thenwhy is it so blackened?" Zhao Yu asked.

"Its rotten!" Hu Bin explained again. "Even though the body was sealed with a vacuum, the bacteria inside the body still caused it to rot! But the decay is lessened compared bodies without being vacuum sealed! Besides, it seems like this bodys quite old!"

"Why would the bank robbers grab this corpse?" Zhao Yu could not understand.

"It doesnt seem like something the robbers left." Wang Xin worked as she explained to Zhao Yu, "From the crime scene, it seems like it was saved in a security box."

"What?!" Zhao Yu was completely stunned, even more incredulous than before. "No way? A corpse inside the security box? Whos that crazy? Isnt it stinky?"

"Vacuum bags are completely smell proof. Also, the body was inside a sealed security box, see" Hu Bin pointed at the suitcase beside the corpse. "From the dragging marks, we can tell that the suitcase was pulled out from the security box! Therefore, the corpse shouldve been vacuum-sealed, then put inside the suitcase, and then deposited in the security box! Three layers of protection, so no one would realize!"

Following Hu Bins gesture, Zhao Yu saw a rectangular security box with many layers; the door had been forcefully opened. This sort of security box should have been the most expensive, costing a few thousand every year. Usually people would not pick such a large security box.

God! Zhao Yu felt coldness crawl up his back giving him goosebumps all over! To think there was a vacuum-sealed corpse in the security box?!

A few minutes later, as the substitute team leader, Miao Ying also joined in the investigation of the security box. Even though she already knew the situation, seeing such a strange corpse, she could not help but pause, shocked by the bizzarity.

But the strange thing was not just that there was an immensely old corpse inside the security box, but the identity of the robbers were very suspicious too! Why did they go for nothing but the security boxes? Also, with so many security boxes there, how come they only broke into ten? Also, they left quite a bit of treasure behind. Clearly the robbers had not took everything. Even Zhao Yus leather bag had not even been touched!

Could it bethese robbers had not come for money? Did they have some ulterior motive? Did it have anything to do with this vacuum-sealed body? Did they purposely pull the body out and leave it for the police? But why?

At this time, all the investigators reported back to Miao Ying. First, according to the bank CEO, this security box used anti-theft technology from another country. If it was forcefully cracked open, the door would automatically close, and the air inside the room would be vacuumed within ten seconds, so the robbers would have immediately been knocked out. But the anti-theft technology had not activated. They already found that the robbers preemptively cut off the power supply for the anti-theft system. Apparently, the location of the power supply was usually hidden, and normal people would not know where it was.

Not only that, but the robbers chose a very opportune time, right when the bank security guards were switching shifts. Not only were there very few guards inside the lobby, but there hadnt even been anyone in the surveillance room. Clearly, these robbers prepared themselves well for this attempt, and they knew about the inner workings of a bank very well.

Miao Ying immediately ordered for the investigators to help the bank and see if this could have been done by someone within the bank. Quickly, all the bank surveillance camera and witnesses were accounted for. There were a total of five robbers, they had been wearing camo suits, carrying shotguns, and wearing face masks. As soon as they entered the bank lobby, they immediately overpowered the workers. A few workers attempted to call the police silently, but were stopped by one of the robbers! The robbers used hostages to force the workers away from their work desk, then gathered everyone into a corner and closed the door, not letting anyone else enter.

Then, leaving two of the robbers on guard, the other three took the lobby executive and immediately moved toward the safety box storage. The executive did not dare to resist and opened the storage door for them. Then the robbers tied the executive up, and even put a bag over his head so he could not see their theft process.

According to the executive, before entering the storage area, he saw the robbers taking out axes and crowbars and such. But when they got to actually breaking the locks, there was not much noise, and it took almost no time at all. It only took them three or five minutes before they left. The executive had been tied up very tightly, and in the end, was released by other workers.

Apparently, the security boxes had their own anti-theft features. If they were unlocked forcefully, they would automatically lock again. Apparently, the robbers had already researched these security boxes and were prepared ahead of time.

An investigator responsible for tailing the robbers noted that after the robbers finished, they drove off in a black Nissan van. According to the investigator, the car entered an old area of the city around the bank. They found the car, but the robbers were gone. Also, that area was very open and lacked surveillance. It would be difficult to find any decent surveillance videos.

The investigators found the clothing the robbers wore during the robbery, even the face masks and the shotguns, but they did not find any monetary possessions. Clearly, the robbers changed their clothing and ran off.

Miao Ying immediately ordered the police force to lock down the area, then search through each household and take in any suspicious personnel. She ordered them to pay special attention to areas where people could hide, even the sewer. Then Miao Ying asked the portrait artists to quickly finish the robbers portrait and compare it with the database to see if anyone showed up. Finally, she asked the forensics department to quickly figure out the cause of death for the corpse, and to see if this vacuum-sealed body had anything to do with this mysterious robbery case.

Seeing all the police members so busy, Zhao Yu could not help but be frustrated!

He could not help but blame the Miracle System. What kind of problem was this? He was finally going to get some rest, but suddenly a strange case like this popped up? Even though he had just started this case, Zhao Yu felt like these robbers had definitely come prepared. This was a carefully planned case! Solving this case would not be easy! Also, the random vacuum-sealed corpse added even more difficulty to this case! Whose corpse was this? Justwhat happened?