Crazy Detective Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Time for a Huge Business

"Lets go, lets go! One more!" With Zhao Yu raising his beer cup, the young blonde and the other raised their cup as well, and downed it all at once.

"Muwahaha! Feels good!" Seeing the young blonde and the other finish their drinks, Zhao Yu laughed in satisfaction. The blondes name was Zhou Yang, and he was sitting with all the delinquents from Yuxi Alley. There was no friendship without conflict. Zhou Yang and the others had already become Zhao Yus loyal followers, and had already finished many special missions for him. Zhao Yu obviously did not treat them badly. If something happened to one of them, he would also do anything to help as much as he could, thus gaining their trust.

"Boss," Zhou Yang grinned as he poured Zhao Yu another beer, "we heard about the bank robbery at Rongyang. Shouldnt you be pretty busy? How do you have time to come drink with us?"

"Cough! Dont even mention it!" Zhao Yu waved his hand dismissively. "Im not in the best shape right now, so I gotta get some rest!"

"Hehehe, if you ask me boss, your liver is lacking some alcohol!" A boy nicknamed Shouhou stood up. "Here, boss, one cup for you!"

"Hahaha, liver lacking alcohol? Interesting! Lets go!" Their cups met, and were downed in one gulp.

"Sigh, but anyway, even though my brains fried, I still keep thinking about it." Zhao Yu put down his wine cup and asked, "Guys, right now on the streets, who has this sort of capability? Who would dare to do something like this?"

"Hmthis" Zhao Yang thought for a bit. "Boss, this definitely isnt something anyone would dare to do! The probability of successfully robbing a bank is practically zero. Only idiots would do it!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Another boy nicknamed Baldie spoke up, "Ever since I was born, Ive only seen robberies in movies or on TV. Whod dare to do it in real life?"

"See, with all the high tech stuff now, whod know what kind of security measures banks have? How do they go about robbing the bank then? Besides, with all the security cameras around, what could they do after they robbed the bank? Where would they go? Even if they succeeded in robbing the bank, they wouldnt be able to spend any money!"

"Mm!" Zhao Yu nodded in agreement. On the streets, the most feared and legendary act was robbing a bankit was basically suicide. But he did not want to let go of even this tiny possibility, and said to the group of delinquents, "Guys, keep an ear open for me. If you guys hear anything at all, let me know! Ill tell you guys right now, Im actually good friends with the president of the bank. If you guys help me catch the culprit, the reward is going to be even better than winning the lottery!"

"Woah!" All the delinquents were shocked by Zhao Yus words and immediately nodded, desire in their eyes.

"Right, boss, there wasnt any news on the TV. Could it be you guys havent caught the guy yet?" Zhou Yang asked curiously.

Truthfully, Zhao Yu should not reveal too much, but it was obvious. If the culprit was captured, the police would have already announced it. Zhao Yu nodded quietly.

"Somewhere else, it had to be someone from somewhere else!" Shouhou suddenly spoke up. "Boss, watch, the robbers are definitely from another city!"

"Why?" Zhao Yu asked curiously.

"I dont know!" Shouhou said frankly. "Its just a guess!"

"Get outta here!" Zhou Yang cursed at Shouhou. "From another city, peh! Id guess it was someone inside the bank! Its called an inside job, get it? Its a professional term!"

"Why?" Zhao Yu asked curiously again.

"Isnt it obvious?" Zhou Yang slapped his chest. "Its always like this in the movies, right?"

"Keke" Zhao Yu raised his empty cup at the two. "Thats enough, lets just drink!"

"Oh?" Zhou Yang glanced at Zhao Yus empty beer cup. "Boss, you dont have any alcohol, let me add some for you!"

"No need!" Zhao Yu laughed. "Im toasting you guys with an empty cup! If you guys refuse, I can just use the beer cup to smash your guys heads!"

Zhou Yang and Shouhou looked at each other, then immediately raised their cup and downed at once, spilling some beer on their clothes.

"Thats it!" Zhao Yu smirked then changed the topic. "Guys, theres something else I want to tell you! Im pretty rich, so I want to do some business! Help me out. What should I buy?"

"A chestnut shop!" Baldie immediately answered without a pause, "Sweetened chestnuts! Ive done this business before, boss. You should open a chestnut shop! Get a good spot, Shunfeng street or Yuxi Alley, they both work!"

"A barbershop!" Shouhou immediately followed. "I worked as a barber before, and even though my skill level was average, I definitely made money!"

"Its summer now," Zhou Yang answered. "You can buy a small swimming pool! I was a swimming coach. You can open a summer swimming class. I guarantee youll make enough for an iPhone!"

"God! "Zhao Yu was suddenly speechless and immediately scoffed, "Do you guys have any ambition at all? Im talking big business. Big, get it?"

"Thena big swimming pool?!" Zhou Yang asked in confusion.

"Jesus." Zhao Yu nearly fell over in exasperation. He slammed the table in anger. "Bigger, okay? Im talking millions! Huge businesses! Get it?" Clink, clang! suddenly there was a huge commotion as the group fell over in shock at the table.

"Boss!" Zhou Yang was the first to get up. He latched onto Zhao Yus leg. "Are you a messiah sent by God? A few million? A few delinquents like ourselves"

"Who dares to say we delinquents are sly and selfish!" Zhao Yu feigned pride. "We, as delinquents, can also be honorable and generous! Other people look down on us, but we cant look down on ourselves!" Within moments, Zhao Yu looked like he had gained a halo, as if his body was glowing in greatness. The way the delinquents looked at Zhao Yu had already turned to admiration.

"How about this, you guys keep an eye out for me," Zhao Yu said. "See if you guys can find any good places for a bar, okay? A bar, a karaoke, a barbershop, I can do them all! Buying a storefront works, but borrowing one is the best."

"Woah!" All the delinquents were in awe, swaying a bit in shock.

Zhou Yang was the first to speak. "Boss, I really picked the right person to follow! We are truly taken care of by you. And to think we can do some huge businesses as well. Hahaha! A toast! What are we waiting for?" Everyone raised their cups and drank well into the night.

Zhao Yu drunkenly returned home at 11:00 at night. He immediately fell asleep in bed, snoring into the night.

The colleagues in the police station were still working tirelessly. In order to find the culprit of the bank robbery and the truth behind the vacuum-sealed female corpse, everyone was working their hardest! The truth was, it was not that Zhao Yu did not want to help his teammates solve the case, but he really was not in the right shape to do so. Whether it was investigating the crime scene or investigating a clue, his mind was currently a complete mess. He was unable to focus. But only Zhao Yu knew why. The truth was that it was because of the mysterious "Kun" hexagram.

Who cared about the bank robbery? Or his two-hundred thousand yuan? The only thing Zhao Yu cared about was whether what happened to Qu Ping would fall upon him or his teammates. The reason for his constant fear and agitation was because he was worried that someone would plot against him or his teammates due to matters related to Zhao Qing. With this on his mind, he obviously had no energy to think about the complicated case at hand.

It was not until 12:10 in the afternoon that he finally heard the ending message from the system. He was finally relieved of his worry! Miao Ying and the others were all busy taking care of the matter with Bureau Chief Tang at the Forensics Department. The system suddenly told Zhao Yu that the adventure for the day was over, and that the completion rate was seventy-eight percent. He had gained another Invisible Night Vision Device!

Even though the completion rate was low, Zhao Yu felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Since the adventure was over, it meant that the "Kun" hexagram was indeed just the bank robbery, nothing regarding his own safety.

With this off of his shoulders, Zhao Yu felt like he was about to collapse. He knew that in his condition, there was no way for him to investigate any cases, so he might as well go out and relax. He went and found Zhou Yang and the others. He drank until they were able to erase the remaining worry in his heart.

The next day, Zhao Yu woke up before dawn, and after a hot shower, felt exceedingly relaxed. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it, thinking to himself confidently, "A new day has begun. Bank robbers, are you guys ready? Your nemesis is here. Muwahaha! A new hexagramgo, go, go!"

Following a fit of violent coughing, the hexagram explanation started. Yet after hearing it, Zhao Yus confidence was completely shattered.

The system read in a calm voice, "Kun-Kan Hexagram. Kun for earth and Kan for water"