Crazy Detective Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Severe Consequence

"Sir, please key in your password!" Under the instructions of the bank attendant, Zhao Yu keyed in the password for his safety deposit box. After verification, the attendant passed him his wallet which contained the two-hundred thousand old notes.

"Alright, sir. Please double check!" The young female attendant said politely with a smile on her face, "To extend our sincere apologies, we will reimburse you double of the rental fee as compensation. Please proceed to the counter. An assistant will reimburse you with this claim form."

Zhao Yu checked the wallet and saw stacks of old notes still inside. Sigh! He thought back to the events that the wallet had undergone! It was buried deep down in the mine tunnel for twenty-six years, then finally retrieved. But then it went through another adventure and almost got stolen by the robbers. Fortunately, the robbers were not interested in money. After a few worrisome events, it was returned to Zhao Yu's hands again. He thought that it would better if he quickly sold the old bills as it was not even safe in the bank! Although it was very valuable, there was no place safe enough for it!

"Please sign here!" The attendant pointed to the claim form. Zhao Yu took the form. Before he claimed his item, the attendant had made him register with the utmost detailed personal information and made a photocopy of his ID card. Thinking back to when he opened an account, it had been as detailed. The bank had only reminded him to remember his password and keep the keys, and also to pay his rental fee on time.

Zhao Yu took the pen and was going to sign, but an idea popped into his mind. He then pretended to be in shock. "Hey? That's not right. I put another six carat diamond in here! Where did it go?" Zhao Yu opened the zip and pretended to look horrified.

"Huh?! Itit can't be." That was what the attendant feared the most. She was scared stiff when she asked, "Sir, please don't joke around! Before you rented a safe deposit box, you told us that you were going to store a wallet, and that in the wallet there was cash. You did not mention anything about a diamond."

"Nonsense! My diamond is from South Africa. I was afraid that the Commission for Discipline Inspection would come after me, so I saved it with the bank. Aiyo, my diamond! It costs about a million now!"

"S-sir" The attendant was fooled by Zhao Yu. She was tongue tied and shaking in fear.

At that moment, a middle aged lady that looked like the supervisor walked over quickly and said to Zhao Yu politely, "Hi sir, please calm down. Regardless of what you have lost, our bank will reimburse you according to the market price. But first, you have to give us full cooperation and follow our procedure!"

"What do I need to do?"

"As this is a serious matter," the supervisor explained calmly, "our bank will need to investigate your claim with the help of the police force. If your financial background matches the value of the lost item, the bank will reimburse you accordingly, regardless of the price! But, let me remind you, the robbers will be arrested soon. We will then inspect all claims one by one. If you made a false claim, you will have to take legal responsibility!"

"Oh, Incredible! That's really impressive!" Zhao Yu thought to himself. He secretly admired the clever bank workers. If there was someone who came to claim their item, they would have to be investigated by the bank and the police force. If someone was really was guilty, then why would they chose to be investigated? Even if they lost their precious items, they would have to swallow the bitter pill in silence!

"Is it thatthere was really a spy in the bank?" Zhao Yu wondered. But Zhao Yu was an expert in being a knave. He realized that his first tactic had not worked, so he thought of another one. He eyed the lady supervisor and asked, "I said, miss, even if I did not lose my diamond, my safety deposit box was opened! When I chose to store my item here, this wasn't what I was promised. What you promised me was a hundred percent safety and privacy!

"Look at what happened now. It wasn't safe and my privacy was violated. My seven brothers found out that I have a lot of money, and now there will be chaos! You should take legal responsibility for the incident!"

"This" The lady supervisor definitely did not expect for this to happen. She might be cursing in her heart, "Seven Brothers?! You think you are the Calabash Brothers?"

"On top of that, do you know that I was terrified when I was informed that my safety deposit box was broken into and that my money might have been lost? My heart stopped beating! Let me ask you then, is there any compensation for my psychological trauma? You're going to reimburse me with double the rental fee and that's it? I just stored it for a couple of days, it wasn't even two-hundred yuan. You're just trying to dismiss me!"

"This" The lady supervisor was finally defeated. She hummed and hawed for ages before she advised Zhao Yu, "Sir, please calm down! Our branch manager is in the ICU at the moment. Regarding what happened to you, I will report it to the general manager, and we will let them get justice for you. Don't worry, our bank will not treat you poorly!"

"Branch manager? In the ICU?" Zhao Yu thought about it and asked, "What happened to him? He needed to be sent to the ICU?"

"Sigh!" the lady supervisor sighed. "The bank was in such big trouble, who could handle it? You don't know that we are actually running around like headless chickens now! Our safety deposit box service is under attack from various media outlets. Our situation here is slightly better now that we're closed and are only focusing on settling the seventeen safety deposit boxes that were broken into.

"As for the other branches, they are all turning into madhouses!" The lady supervisor continued to complain, "No one dares to save things in the safety deposit boxes now, so they are all pulling out their items! Our customers heard rumors and are all busy trying to withdraw all their money from the bank. Sigh! Actually, there is no need for them to do so!

"Our Qinshan Bank is a very safe bank. This incident had harmed the bank!" The lady supervisor said confidently, "Plus, the police will arrest the robbers and retrieve the stolen items. By then, everything will resume to its original order!"

Tsk tsk Looking at the confident lady supervisor, Zhao Yu was in deep thought. Maybe she exaggerated to calm him down, but whatever she said did make sense.

Zhao Yu had looked into Mister Tao's background thoroughly back when he was investigating the Mianling Kidnapping Case. As an experienced bank owner, he emphasised honesty, and he was a respectable man among the players in his league. He did not strike Zhao Yu to be a custodian turned thief.

Besides, this was not a child play. When the truth was revealed, the bank would collapse, and the accomplices would be punished. As bank stockholders, they would not bear the risk! Even if their sales decreased and the bank closed down, whatever profit they had made would be more than enough to support them. There was no need for them to do something like this! "If it wasn't from within the bank, what other possibilities are there?" Zhao Yu wondered.

"Sir, you haven't signed yet!" The attendant reminded him softly.

Zhao Yu signed. He suddenly thought about something and asked, "Oh yeah, I remembered that I registered when I started an account. The registration record is stored internally, where outsiders can't check, am I right?"

"You, why do you want to know?" The lady supervisor knew Zhao Yu was hard to deal with and she answered quickly, "In order to protect our customer's privacy, the information is, of course, classified!"

Zhao Yu was thinking, if Tong Yun was reported as a missing person, the police would have investigated Tong Yun's information. But they did not know that Tong Yun had opened a safety deposit box in Qinshan Bank! It meant that the registration for safe deposit box was stored internally and was highly secured. Even when the police investigation took place, it would not be exposed. If so

Zhao Yu suddenly realized something as though he recalled something really important. He asked, "Miss, from what I heard, it's not only the branch on Yu Hua Street that has this safety deposit box service, but the others do too, am I right?"

"Yes, of course! Three in total!" The lady supervisor answered, "Headquarters, Yu Hua Street, and Jie Fang Road, these three provide safety deposit box service! But ours is the earliest, it started ten years ago! Headquarters only started providing this service one year ago when they built a new building."

"Oh, that means, the safety deposit box vault in the headquarters is much bigger than the one here?" Zhao Yu continued to ask.

"Of course. Our headquarters is a thirty-five floor building. They have about four to five safety deposit box vaults, and every one is bigger than ours!" The lady supervisor explained, "But this incident will definitely affect the business for safety deposit boxes. Sir, I don't quite understand. Why are you so interested in our bank?"

"Besides Qinshan Bank, what other banks provide safety deposit box services?" Zhao Yu asked again.

The lady supervisor got even more curious, but she answered, "There are many others! Such as Tongchuan Bank, Dajiang Bank Oh," she seemed to understand something and asked, "you mean, the robbers were sent by the other banks? They wanted to set us up?"

"Nope! It would be more severe than that," Zhao Yu replied honestly while he showed his police ID and urged her, "Quick! Call your boss over, I have something to tell them!"