Crazy Detective Chapter 264

Chapter 264: The Power of Kun Hexagram

"Sir," the lady supervisor saw his police ID and asked politely, "besides the branch manager, I'm the highest power here! What can I help you with?"

"I need a list of all the customers who registered for the safety deposit box service in your bank. Not only the one on Yu Hua Street, but also the other two!"

"Officer, what is this for? We have already submitted the list to the police force. Regarding the list from the other branches, I do not have that authority," the lady supervisor replied awkwardly.

"Alright then. Give me the list of customers registered for the safety deposit box service in this branch first!" Zhao Yu asked for what she could do.

"I can't do that either!" The lady supervisor creased her eyebrows and said, "The branch manager told us that we have to get approval from the bank, even if it's for the police investigation. As you know, this is a serious matter. Wewe will need to verify your identity and ask with the leaders"

"That's okay. Application, right?" Zhao Yu cut her off and gave called Mister Tao directly. Zhao Yu was an old fox, and exaggerated the urgency of the matter. Mister Tao was convinced and immediately ordered the lady supervisor to give Zhao Yu full cooperation. Besides, Mister Tao promised Zhao Yu that he would get in touch with his secretary and send over the list of customers registered for safety deposit box service in the other banks in order to assist Zhao Yu's investigation.

Before Mister Tao hung up, he pleaded, "Detective Zhao, it's on your shoulders now! If you solve the case, we will thank you!"

"Don't worry!" Zhao Yu sounded polite but felt delighted. If he helped Mister Tao with the situation then maybe the eight-million reward situation will happen again!

Mister Tao was very efficient. After two minutes, the supervisor told Zhao Yu, "We just received the list of customers registered for the safety deposit box service in the three banks. Do you want us to print it out or make a digital copy?"

Zhao Yu tapped the table and said, "I don't need either, just help me search something. Look up if there's anyone named 'Tong Yun' on the list."

"This" The lady supervisor knew about the corpse, and she knew that the safety deposit box that had the corpse inside was registered under the name 'Tong Yun,' but she did not understand why the police detective was asking her to search for this name.

"Hurry up. You don't even know how to search?" Zhao urged the lady supervisor. She clicked the search button. After it showed the search result, she was dumbstruck.

"Found it?" Zhao Yu asked.

"Mm" The lady supervisor nodded nervously. After she nodded, she told the other staff members to leave.

"How many?"

"Tw-two! There are two!!" The lady supervisor stuttered.

Bang! Zhao Yu slammed the table, frightening the lady supervisor.

"Bingo!" Zhao Yu asked excitedly, "Quickly, tell me, besides the one here on Yu Hua Street, where is the other one Tong Yun is registered for?"

"The branch on JieJie Fang Road!" the lady supervisor replied nervously.

"What kind of box?" Zhao Yu asked straightforwardly.

"Alsoalso the biggest one." The lady supervisor was petrified.

"What are you doing then?" Zhao Yu urged her, "Make a call, tell the staff there to open up the box!"

"Oh Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" The lady supervisor called immediately. When she hung up, Zhao Yu recalled something and said, "Quick, help me check. Is there a 'Gong Xiuzhen' on the list?"

"Oh" The lady supervisor realized the severity of the matter and followed Zhao Yu instructions closely, but the search yielded no results. There was no one named Gong Xiuzhen.

"Mm" Zhao Yu thought for a while and said, "Thentry to check for the name 'Duan Dacheng' then!"

Zhao Yu was worried that there was a typo. He wrote the name on a piece of paper and showed the lady supervisor. When the lady supervisor searched, she was shocked again and was shivering. There were two results, and both of the names were registered at this branch!

"Alright! I'm calling the police team now. Don't waste any time. Get the bank stockholders here immediately. This is big trouble!" Zhao Yu spoke casually, but he was soaked in his cold sweat. Suddenly, he realized that the continuous "Kun" hexagram signified that there was not only one vacuum sealed corpse hidden in the safety deposit box vault!!

After ten minutes, Mister Tao rushed to the bank on Yu Hua Road. He was literally jogging to the safe deposit box vault. In front of him was Miao Ying and the other police detectives, and the colleagues from the Forensics Department. The investigators were looking for evidence under Wang Xin's guidance. As expected, the two safety deposit boxes registered under Duan Dacheng's name had corpses inside. Just like Gong Xiuzhen's, the two corpses were vacuum sealed and put into suitcases, then stored in the biggest safety deposit box.

According to the record, these two boxes had been opened seven and six years ago respectively, meaning that they had been stored there for quite a while. At the same time, there were updates from Jie Fang Road. They found another corpse in the safety deposit box registered under Tong Yun's name. The box had been registered five years ago, when Tong Yun had gone missing.

Getting such terrifying news one right after another, Mister Tao and the other bank stockholders were dumbstruck! They would never have guessed that the safety deposit box service that they had developed would become the perfect cover up for a murderer! At that very moment, looking at the two newly found corpses, Mister Tao was panicking.

"Mister Tao!" Zhao Yu saw him and walked through the crowd towards him. He said to him seriously, "Mister Tao, please inform everyone in your bank to be keep the news of discovering the corpses in the vault a secret. This cannot be leaked out! This is very important. Please do it now!"

"Yes! Yes!" Mister Tao wiped his sweat as he nodded.

"Oh, also!" Zhao Yu continued, "We are not sure whether or not there might be any more corpses hidden in the vault. I don't care how you want to do this, but you have to check every single safety deposit box! Especially those that you can fit a corpse inside. Understand?"

"Yes! Yes! I will figure out a way!" Mister Tao held Zhao Yu's shoulders nervously. "Detective Zhao, no matter what, please solve this case as soon as possible! If not, our bank won't be able to hold on any longer, please!"

"Don't worry, Mister Tao. We will try our best!" Zhao Yu had just finished talking to Mister Tao, and Miao Ying was giving orders, telling all the police officers to keep this confidential and to not reveal the terrifying news to the public. She sent people to go to all banks in Qinshan that provided safety deposit box services and see if the murderer also used the victims' names to register forsafety deposit box as they had at Qinshan Bank. Unfortunately, at about one in the afternoon, there was shocking news from Tongchuan Bank. They found another safety deposit box opened under Tong Yun's name. When they opened the box, the fifth corpse appeared!