Crazy Detective Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Perverts Also Mess Up

"What's up? Speak slower!" Yiao Jia's phone call came very suddenly, and Zhao Yu instinctively felt something was wrong.

"Sob, sob" Yao Jia continued to wail painfully. "Cang Jie, that b*stard, he cheated! Andand with my trusted friend, my best friend, sob"

Oh Zhao Yu felt a bit helpless, to think that she had found out anyway. Over the past few days he kept thinking about the fact that Yao Jia was being treated unfairly and was being used. He had wanted to send the blonde and his friends over to Cang Jie's house and catch him and Yao Jia's friend in the act, to take revenge for Yao Jia. But lately, Zhao Yu was simply too busy, and could not deal with something like this.

Yet, before he even managed to act, Yao Jia had found out. Out of curiosity, Zhao Yu asked, "Jiajia, mm, nurse Yao, how did youfind out?"

"I didn't know! Sob" Yao Jia cried painfully. "It was Zhai Linlin's husband who found out. He recorded them, then sent it to me! Sobhow could something like this happen? Zhai Linlin was married! Sob"

"It's fine, don't cry anymore, it's no big deal. Seeing who Cang Jie really is isn't a bad thing!" Zhao Yu tried to comfort her.

"Officer Zhao, right now I can't believe anyone! And I'm too scared to tell my parents! I" After some hesitation, Yao Jia finally told Zhao Yu, "Cang Jie, that b*stard froze our credit account! I can't paysob"

"That piece of sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed. "It's fine, just you wait, I'll be there soon!" Then he asked, "How much do you need?" Zhao Yu did not mind at all.

"Mm If you bring about eight-thousand, it'll be alright!" Yao Jia said, "Ah, please don't worry, I'll definitely pay you back!"

Holy?! About eight-thousand? Zhao Yu was truly curious. "Miss, just what did you eat? Dragon? To eat eight-thousand yuan by yourself?" he wondered. But Zhao Yu had always valued loyalty, and immediately told Yao Jia to wait, that he would be right there.

The price to save a friend knows no bound! Besides, Yao Jia was a beauty who looked just like his dream lover! Helping a friend out was one thing, but as an expert pervert, Zhao Yu knew exactly how to use this to his advantage.

Upon leaving the police station, he immediately drove his police car towards the Mona Lisa Western Restaurant. It was not very far. In less than ten minutes, Zhao Yu had arrived.

To act tough, when he was almost at the door of the restaurant, he turned on the police siren. With the siren blaring, he came to a screeching stop in front of the restaurant. He rushed into the restaurant as fast as possible. Once he found her, he handcuffed one of Yao Jia's wrists, then his own without a word! Then, while Yao Jia was still confused, he started to pull Yao Jia out of the restaurant as he yelled at the servers, "Police business! This person is a major suspect! Get out of the way!"

"Wait!" Within moment, five or six restaurant workers blocked Zhao Yu. "Sir, please show your identification!"

Zhao Yu immediately pulled out his police badge as he yelled in agitation, "This person's a major suspect, very dangerous. I have to take her to the police station!"

"I" Yao Jia was a little stunned, but seeing Zhao Yu speaking in such an exaggerated tone, she seemed to have realized something. She immediately glared at the workers.

"It's fine, officer! Save your breath." At this time, the crowd parted, and the manager of the store, wearing a suit, appeared in front of the two. He spoke in an icy tone, "You're the third one this month, and the twenty-fifth this year to pretend to be a police officer catching a criminal to try and get out of paying! Your method is transparent!"

"Holy! Jesus Christ!" Zhao Yu yelled, "Do you know about the bank robbery case? This person's a major suspect! Are you trying to interfere with official business?" Even though Zhao Yu continued, he was clearly hesitant.

"Okay, let's not waste any time!" The manager turned and yelled, "Old rules!" One server came over with the card reader, another with a phone. They stood in front of Zhao Yu. "Card, or 911, you can pick!" the manager breathed out gently.

"Hmph!" Faced with this situation, Zhao Yu did not care at all. He immediately pulled out a bank card. "Fine! Who's afraid of you guys? Card!"

Oh Yao Jia huffed out softly and leaned on Zhao Yu's shoulder.

7688 yuan! After paying and signing the receipt, Zhao Yu angrily pointed at the manager as he yelled, "Kiddo, I'll remember you! But since I paid so much money, don't bother cleaning up, I haven't ate yet! Let me fill my stomach!"

Before Yao Jia could react, Zhao Yu pulled her back to her table. He had originally thought that the table would have a feast, but he looked down to only see a plate of fruit salad, and an empty bottle of wine.

"Holy! Is this a highway robbery?" Zhao Yu yelled as he pointed at the waiters. "All this is seven-thousand yuan? Robbery! Wait, I'll sue you guys right now!"

"Ah, thatOfficer Zhao!" Yao Jia spoke humbly, "That bottle of wine is a 2008 Rafi"

"" Zhao Yu was speechless.

"I'm really sorry!" Yao Jia's face was red. "I was very angry and wanted to drink my worries away. Also, I wanted to use Cang Jie's card, but I didn't think he'd freeze the account! That bastard! Don't worry, I'll definitely pay you back!"

"Mmmm" Zhao Yu was not sure what to say.

"Thenif so," Yao Jia raised her cuffed hand, "can you unlock this first?"

"Mmokay, okay!" Zhao Yu first glared at the servers. Once he shooed away the crowd, he started to dig for his keys, but after a while, he realized he did not have the key. "Oh no! I'm sorry, miss Yao, today I caught a criminal, and I think I left the keys back at the station!"

"Ah? That" Yao Jia's face was even more red. She immediately covered her cuffed wrist with her other hand.

"Don't worry. Here, I'll take you to the police station for the key. Don't worry, we can open it soon." Zhao Yu gestured for Yao Jia to get in his police car. Yao Jia could not do anything but follow Zhao Yu.

After turning off the siren, the agitated atmosphere died away as well. But a new problem soon arosethe two's hands were cuffed together, so it was difficult to even get in the police car. Zhao Yu could only climb in from the passenger's seat. After much effort, the two finally managed to sit down properly. Yet, just as they settled in and were about to drive off, Yao Jia turned to Zhao Yu, embarrassed. "Officer Zhao, I'm sorry, but I-I need to go to the bathroom"