Crazy Detective Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Zhao Yus Ultimate Killer Move

Splash In the ladies bathroom at Mona Lisa Restaurant, Yao Jia finally loosened up when she flushed the toilet. But with Zhao Yu standing right beside her, she was extremely embarrassed.

"Officer Zhao, I'm done!" Yao Jia tugged at the handcuffs that trapped the two of them together, then Zhao Yu took off the mask that covered his eyes.

Zhao Yu had asked the waiter to cover his eyes with black cloth before entering the ladies room with Yao Jia to show that he was a gentleman. After taking off the mask, the two of them exited from the narrow cubicle.

When they got out of the bathroom, many waiters threw them a judgemental look. Zhao Yu did not feel a thing, but Yao Jia was embarrassed and was trying to bury her face into Zhao Yu's back.

"Motherf*ckers, what are you looking at?" Zhao Yu bellowed and raised the handcuffs that was on their wrists. "Have you never seen couple wearing bracelets? I'll start charging money if you take another glance!" After Zhao Yu's barbaric warning, the waiters looked away. He then led Yao Jia out of the western restaurant nonchalantly. He climbed into the car from passenger side again and drove towards the police station.

"Sigh" Yao Jia bit her lips and told Zhao Yu awkwardly, "Officer Zhao, I'm really sorry."

"What's there to be sorry about? If I need to use the bathroom later, you don't need to wear a mask!" Zhao Yu said jokingly.

"" Yao Jia felt ashamed.

"Mm.Cough! Who's never broke up before?" Zhao Yu felt that he had misspoken and quickly advised Yao Jia, "Don't you worry, that Cang Jie b*stard will not have a good life!" Who knew, but she was reminded of her heartbreak. She started crying again.

"Don't cry. Crying won't help!" Zhao Yu said, "How about this, you only drank some alcohol and I haven't eaten. I know an outdoor hot pot place. Let's go grab some food there, then we go to the station and unlock the handcuffs!"

Yao Jia turned on the waterworks and ignored Zhao Yu's suggestion. But when Zhao Yu stopped his car at the stall, she did not object, but followed Zhao Yu out of the car. Zhao Yu found a shirt in the car to wrap around the handcuffs before they sat down at one of the tables.

It was about eight at night, and it was not rush hour for the stall, so there were not many people. The sky was full of stars with a bright full moon. Although it was summer, it felt rather cool with a slight breeze

Zhao Yu ordered hot pot and skewers with beer. Yao Jia was drowning in her own sorrow. She looked at the table miserably in silence. As she drank the whole bottle of wine earlier, the alcohol in her system just started to hit her. Her face was red and she seemed gloomy and unresponsive. But under the moonlight, she still looked beautiful. Zhao Yu was charmed by her beauty and he felt a stirring of emotions. This woman was once his lover!

Hot pot, mutton skewers, and beer were served soon enough, and Zhao Yu started feasting as he was starving. Yao Jia had no intention of eating, but she took the beer and chugged it. The beer spilled on her snow white skin and onto her neck. She looked like a vixen.

"Slow down! Slow down!" Zhao Yu was nearly burnt by the scorching hot mutton skewer when he tried to stop Yao Jia. "Damn it. Drink slower! You What is that for?"

"Hehehe," Yao Jia laughed. "Just like the dramas on TV! Worse than TV dramas actually! The boyfriend that you grew up with, who was your best friend! Why would this kind of drama happen to me? They How could they do this to me?"

"The thrill I guess!" Zhao Yu expressed his opinion naturally, but he immediately changed his mind when he saw Yao Jia's expression. "You shouldn't look for this kind of thrill! It's irresponsible! Yao Jia, do you want me to teach those bastards a lesson?!"

"Don't! Don't! There's no need to!" Yao Jia was a kind person. Although she was hurt, she was worried. "Zhao Linlin's home had turned into a madhouse! She and her husband Cang Jie and I as well. Sigh"

"Yao Jia," Zhao Yu asked out of curiosity, "when did you find out about this?"

"This morning! Zhai Linlin's husband sent me the video early this morning!" Yao Jia complained, "Last night, those two spent the whole night together! Cang Jie told me that he was going to get a new stock from the outstation, while Zhai Linlin said that she was working overtime! These two, this must not have been the first time. Boo"

"Tsk tsk." Zhao Yu pouted and asked, "What are your plans? You're already engaged!"

"I have no idea!" Yao Jia started tearing up and replied hesitantly, "It's impossible for me to forgive him! That bloody b*stard froze all my credit card and bank accounts under his name! There was a lot of my money! He did not just hurt me psychologically!"

"Damn." Zhao Yu was aggravated and said, "Why don't you send me the video and I'll knock him down a peg or two. Defamation is my expertise!"

"Mm, that'snot really nice. If you expose him, I'll be embarrassed too!"

"I remember that Cang Jie bought you a car, right? Did he use your name?" Zhao Yu asked, "Where's the car?"

"The car is not ready yet, but the contract and the other documents are with Cang Jie. He has the right to return it! Forget it, I'm too tired to deal with this kind of person! I Boo" She was weeping as she spoke about it.

"Sigh" Zhao Yu sighed. "Life is like this. It's easy to solve a case, but it's difficult to investigate a relationship! It's easy to cure a disease, but it's difficult to deal with a psychological sickness" he thought.

But this problem was not difficult for Zhao Yu. He used to fool around with girls in the nightclub, and he was a very convincing man. He saw Yao Jia so devastated, so he decided to use his ultimate killer move. He told her with a poker face, "Yao Jia, I have a great idea that can get revenge on that heartbreaker and make you happy. Do you believe me?"

"What?" Yao Jia stopped crying and asked, "What is it? I don't believe it!

"Hehehe, that's easy." Zhao Yu replied, "Sleep with me! Then send the b*stard a photo of us in bed, and he will definitely be furious!" Zhao Yu spoke full confidence, as though he was doing justice Yao Jia by sleeping with her. He made it seem like he was making a sacrifice!

"Huh? You" Yao Jia stunned and laughed. "Of course, Officer Zhao. You are really nasty!"

"HeheheThirteenth Sis, you finally laughed!" Zhao Yu said slyly, "It seems you are buying my revenge plan. Wahaha! I guess I will give in and sacrifice myself."

"Hehehe" Yao Jia was laughing hysterically with tears on her face. She felt awkward and wanted to wipe her face with her hand, but she totally forgot that she was handcuffed to Zhao Yu, so Zhao Yu's hand was dragged along her face.

Zhao Yu was cheeky. He took advantage and touched her neck. Yao Jia's skin was smooth and it sent an electric shock through Zhao Yu's body, making his hormones rage within.

"Mm, sorry!" Yao Jia said sheepishly, making Zhao Yu even more excited.

"What are you doing? Taking advantage of me?" Zhao Yu was lightheaded but he spoke as usual, "Yao Jia, you are so bad! Even if you agreed to my idea, I still have to consider. I am very wholesome." Zhao Yu's shamelessness was magical. It made Yao Jia laugh happily, forgetting what bothered her earlier.

"Kan" hexagram! "Kan" hexagram!! Seeing Yao Jia laughing so charmingly, Zhao Yu was flattered. He knew that the "Kan" hexagram was definitely related to Yao Jia.

"Now that I am so close to her, does it mean there is a chance of going further with her?" he wondered. "But that's not really nice. Isn't this taking advantage of her?"

Yao Jia was a little tipsy. He wanted to progress further, but it seemed that there was something missing.

Zhao Yu was a cunning fox. He thought of an idea. He typed an SOS message to the Blonde while Yao Jia was eating. He asked them to help him set up a scene where the hero saves the damsel in distress at the hotpot stall immediately!

"Hmph." Zhao Yu grinned. "If the plan works, will I actually be able to get with her?" he wondered. But Zhao Yu forgot the power of the "Kan" hexagram. Just when he finished typing the message and was about send it, Yao Jia suddenly pointed behind him and screamed.