Crazy Detective Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Three Women in a Show

"What is going on? Zhao Yu thought. Hearing Miao Ying made him confused. Why was she suddenly here to join the fun?

"Hey, MiaoMiao.Team Leader Miao" Zhao Yu asked, "What are you talking about? Is there a mission? What do you mean when you said you're staying over?"

"Cut the crap. I haven't sleep for two days and your house is the closest. Quick! Open the door" Miao Ying hung up the phone just as Zhao Yu heard the heavy knock on the door.

"What?! So fast?" Zhao Yu panicked and thought, "Why did she come to my place for sleepover out of the blue. That's not like her. Did she purposely come to ruin my plan? Why would you come to my house to sleep. Aren't you afraid that I'll make a move on you?"

If Yao Jia had not been there, Zhao Yu would have died for Miao Ying to come over. But Yao Jia was currently lying on his bed. If Miao Ying came over, he would be finished!

"Hurry up! I am falling asleep. Stop taking your own time, okay?" Miao Ying was urging him noisily outside the door, "Zhao Yu, unless Are you afraid that I'm gonna do something to you?"

F*ck! Hearing that made Zhao Yu feel belittled. He immediately got off the bed to open the door for Miao Ying. Zhao Yu wanted to fight with Miao Ying, but the one who came in first was not Miao Ying, but Li Beini. Miao Ying walked in right behind Li Beini and shrugged her shoulders.

"Bro," Li Beini said sleepily, "the off-duty room in the police station is too filthy and it smelled like stinky feet. Team Leader Miao and I thought your house was the closest, so we decided to come over and crash here for a bit. Which room is empty?"

"Mm Mm" Zhao Yu did not expect to see two women entering. He held Li Beini's shoulder and said, "How about this? There's a motel behind Shun Feng Street. It's much more comfortable. I'll pay for it! My place smells like stinky feet too."

"Nah, the motel is another few hundred meters away!" Miao Ying pushed Zhao Yu aside and walked towards his bedroom. Miao Ying was exhausted to the point where she was wobbling.

"Eh?" Zhao Yu saw her approaching the room where Yao Jia was sleeping. He immediately stopped her. "Don't! This room is taken. Take the next one!" He quickly pointed at the other room.

"Wow. It smells like alcohol in there. How much did you drink?" Li Beini shook her head and walked towards the next room.

But Miao Ying felt that something was off. She pointed at Zhao Yu's nose as she said, "There's not just the smell of alcohol, there's also perfume. You" Miao Ying pushed Zhao Yu away and walked into the room directly.

"Hey" Zhao Yu wanted to stop her again but failed to do so. In the end, Miao Ying saw Yao Jia lying on the bed dead drunk in her messy clothes.

Zhao Yu knew that he was in trouble, so he scratched his head helplessly, but the handcuffs were still attached to his wrist, so when he scratched his head, it made a metal clanking sound.

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying's face turned green, "youused handcuffs? You are sick!"

"I No You got it wrong!" Zhao Yu hid the handcuffs behind him. "I What I wanted to say is that she's drunk. I didn't do anything to her. Youyou"

"What? What is it?" Li Beini jogged over and was surprised at what she saw. "Wow, you are so amazing, bro! Is this my new sister-in-law?"

"No, no, no" Zhao Yu kicked her out. Miao Ying kept quiet and followed them out.

"Team Leader Miao, it's not what you think! It's really not" Zhao Yu held Miao Ying's shoulders as he explained.

"Filthy! Let go of me!" Miao Ying turned around and shouted. Zhao Yu immediately let go of her. Miao Ying's face turned from green to red, and from red to purple, "Zhao Yu, I thought you went to investigate the case! Who knew you went to play around with a woman? You are hopeless!"

"No, no! You listen to me"

"You wasted all my effort," Miao Ying spat. "I was worried that you might've run into danger, so I came to see you. But really Sorry to ruin your night! Sigh! Beini, let's head over to the motel. This place is too filthy! Let's go"

"Aiyo, move again? I can't even stand anymore." Li Beini did not seem to be too keen on the idea.

"Oh" Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something. He knew that he could not explain, so he retreated in order to make progress. He grinned and said, "Team Leader Miao, I understand now! You are jealous! Hehehe"

"What?" Miao Ying stopped and turned around. She shouted, "Me? Jealous? Of who? That's a joke!"

"Is it so? You like me. You have a crush on me. So you're pissed when you see me with another woman. Am I right?" Zhao Yu started calling "white" black and "black" white.

"R-really? Team Leader Miao." Li Beini took the bait and said goofily "Another sister-in-law? Two sisters-in-laws?!"

"Zhao Yu! You are the most shameless b*stard that I have ever seen!" Miao Ying scolded him with her hands on her waist. "Okay, you think I'm jealous? I will stay and sleep here! You go and play games with that woman of yours. Then you will see whether or not I am really jealous!" She stomped into the other room with Li Beini. Zhao Yu went in to check on them a while later. Both of them were passed out, with their shoes still on! It seemed that working nonstop for several nights had worn them out.

Zhao Yu was confused with what happened earlier. "Why do all these women appear with the 'Kan' hexagram?" he wondered.

After what happened, he was not in the mood to continue where he left off with Yao Jia. But Yao Jia was in his room, and the other room was occupied by Miao Ying and Beini. He had no choice but to sleep on the couch in the living room, only covering himself with his jacket.

The two rooms were occupied by beautiful ladies, of course he could not sleep. He tossed and turned, thinking about the adventures that had happened earlier that day. At first, the creepy corpses from the Bank Case were a major headache, but compared to the women, it seemed like nothing! It was like three women in a TV show, with Zhao Yu as the main character!

When Zhao Yu was still deep in his thoughts, the system made a ending noise. The adventure completion rate for that day was only eighty-three percent. He had only gotten an invisible telescope!

"It can't be. I got a 'Kun-Kan' hexagram though! Theoretically, I did well for today's adventure, so why is the completion rate so low?" he wondered. "Oh" Zhao Yu replayed what happened today and came to a conclusion. He then realized that the "Kan" hexagram had not been referring to Yao Jia, but to Miao Ying!

If he had not handcuffed himself to Yao Jia, forced her to go for hotpot, then brought her home, maybe something would have happened between him and Miao Ying that night! Maybe because he made some immoral moves on Yao Jia his completion rate was so low! If he had not had any wicked thoughts towards Yao Jia, he might have been able to get better results!

Aiyo! It seemed that the system had strong moral principles. Good things for good deeds. Any consequences for sinful thoughts were self-inflicted!

Zhao Yu's self-inflicted consequence continued into the following morning. He finally fell asleep on the couch, but the three women woke up at the same time, coincidentally before six in the morning. The three of them wanted to use the washroom, so they ran into each other at the door.

Firstly, Li Beini recognized Yao Jia and said, "Aren't you the chief nurse that got robbed? You and Zhao Yu are still in touch?"

Yao Jia saw the other two beautiful ladies and panicked. She asked Miao Ying and Li Beini nervously, "Which of you is Zhao Yu's girlfriend? Please don't misunderstand. I had quite a bit to drink, but I had nothing to do with Officer Zhao!"

After Miao Ying heard what Yao Jia said, she was confused. She had thought that Zhao Yu had gotten a prostitute for some special assistance. Who knew that she was just an ordinary beautiful lady.

Zhao Yu heard the commotion and went to introduce them to one another. He didn not want Yao Jia to find out his evil doings, so he pulled her aside to explain what happened the previous night. "You drank too much last night, so I had no choice but to take you back to my place. I was afraid that if you stayed here alone with me, it would harm your reputation, so I asked my two colleagues to come over. They brought the keys for the handcuffs." Zhao Yu lied without writing a script beforehand. Yao Jia bought the lie and complimented Zhao Yu as a gentleman, and she did not know how to thank him.

Just when he finished explaining, Miao Ying sneaked over and told Yao Jia, "Miss, do not buy the b*llshit that Zhao Yu fed you with. He is very good at lying. If he tries to make any filthy moves on you, you can let me know!"

"Mm" Yao Jia stunned.

Zhao Yu smiled and explained, " Hehehe. We are really close. They are always offering to help others instead of me!"

"Oh" Yao Jia thought it was a joke so she did not think much.

"Aiyo!" Li Beini was playing with her fingers and mumbling to herself, "Well, I think too much! None of you are my sister-in-law"