Crazy Detective Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Actually Jealous?

Miao Ying and Li Beini were at Yonghe Soymilk and Breakfast enjoying their meal. Through the large glass window, they could see Zhao Yu outside, who was focused on lighting his cigarette. After taking a puff, it was obviously followed by a deathly coughing fit!

"Ah!" Li Beini stuck out her tongue. "Senior's getting weirder and weirder! Smoking before breakfast? Has he ever smoked before?"

"Look at him dying!" Miao Ying threw a glance over in annoyance and spoke in disdain, "Why doesn't he just choke and die?!"

"Ah? Sis, look," Li Beini pointed at Zhao Yu in shock, "he only took one puff then snuffed the cigarette, andput it back in the box? Whatwhat kind of life is that?" Miao Ying also could not understand, and could only shake her head helplessly.

The stranger thing was, once Zhao Yu put the cigarette back in his pocket, he ran his hand through his now two centimeter long hair, then started praying as if relieved!

"I'll bet you ten yuan that," Miao Ying saw and turned to Li Beini immediately, "once Zhao Yu comes in, the first thing he says will have something to do with gods!"

"Mmmmm" Li Beini bit her lips and pondered, then nodded. "Fine, I'll take the bet!"

As it turned out, the reason why Zhao Yu had prayed was because he had just gotten the "Zhen-Gen" hexagram.

"Oh, thank God!" After obtaining this hexagram, Zhao Yu finally relaxed a bit. For the last two days, he was nearly getting heart attacks from the "Kun" hexagrams. Today, he could finally relax! Also, not only did the "Kun" hexagram not appear, but he had even obtained the much desired "Gen" hexagram. Since the "Gen" hexagram was there, it meant that he would make some progress on the investigation.

Remembering the case again, Zhao Yu's interest flared up again. Once he entered the restaurant, he immediately asked Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, how's the case going? Is there any news?" Miao Ying ignored Zhao Yu, but her gaze met with Li Beini's. Li Beini clapped her hands in joy, and Miao Ying immediately took out ten yuan and gave it to her.

After breakfast, the three of them rushed back to the police station. That night, Miao Ying had been completely exhausted. All the male investigators just found some random place and slept, but she and Li Beini refused that, which was why Miao Ying decided to stay at Zhao Yu's house for a night.

Of course, Miao Ying did not lack money; she could have easily rented a fancy hotel room for a night. However, the reason she chose to go to Zhao Yu's house was because she had an ulterior motive. No matter what sort of case it was, Zhao Yu always seemed to be blessed with the ability to find some unexpected clues and solve the case! That was why Miao Ying wanted to go to Zhao Yu's house, maybe he had found some clues again? But instead of clues, she saw Zhao Yu doing something completely immoral, and that was what led to the rest of the situation.

That was why she had been angry at Zhao Yu all night, and did not end up sleeping too well. She didn't even know just why she was so mad. She knew clearly that Zhao Yu playing with other women had nothing to do with her, but for some reason, she was just really uncomfortable by the idea.

"No way?" Miao Ying was a little worried, could it beI care about this shameless b*stard? I'm jealous?" she thought to herself.

Time passed quickly. By the time Miao Ying and the other two arrived at the office, Bureau Chief Luan had already sent out the notification for an emergency meeting with all the members of the Key Case Investigation Unit.

Without a doubt, this emergency meeting had something to do with the Bank Hidden Corpse Case! The number of victims had exceeded five, making this a case of massive importance. Obviously the higher officials could not just stand by and watch. Indeed, many city level officials were at the meeting. Even vice-bureau chief Liao Jingxian was there.

Due to the special nature of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, everyone from top-level officials to the crime scene investigators knew this case must be kept a secret. The case could not reach the public under any circumstances.

For one, with such a terrifying case, if the news went public, it would surely cause a panic. Also, this case has already been deemed a serial murder case, if the murderer knew of this, he would definitely plan his escape, making the capture more difficult. Thus, during the meeting, the investigators all signed a confidentiality agreement stating that they would not even reveal anything to their family.

Also, Bureau Chief Liao said that due to Rongyang Branch's excellent performance on the Mianling Case, all the officials agreed that the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, as well as the Bank Robbery Case should continue to be the responsibility of Rongyang Branch. He asked for full cooperation from other branches with Rongyang Branch's commands.

After that was Tang Zhaolong and Bureau Chief Luan's formality speech. First, they thanked the officials for the heavy praise. Then, they promised to complete this heavy task. In the end, they closed with a motivating speech for all the investigators present!

After the meeting ended, Zhao Yu's "Zhen" hexagram was the first to activate. Before Tang Zhaolong even spoke, Bureau Chief Liao immediately called Zhao Yu to the bureau chief's office. To make it worse, he asked Zhao Yu to enter, but asked Tang Zhaolong to leave and wait outside.

Tang Zhaolong was stunned! First was Miao Ying with her terrifying family background, and suddenly came Zhao Yu and his powerful support! These twohe could not mess with them anymore!

Closing the door, Liao Jingxian immediately told Zhao Yu what he wanted to know. He said that he had already gotten the information from Zhao Yu, and immediately reported it to the Special Investigation Team. However, even though the cake was found at the shop, testing showed that the cake was not anything special. Bureau Chief Liao said it was just a normal mousse cake; it was not hiding anything.

Oh? Zhao Yu furrowed his brows. It seemed like he and Miao Ying were wrong. The cake was not anything special.

"But, you guys don't have to worry." Bureau Chief Liao was quite confident as he said, "The investigation team has discovered the truth through many new lines of evidences. Those who were involved in murdering Team Leader Qu have already been discovered. All that's left is capturing them! So, you guys don't have to worry, just deal with the case at hand first. Hurry up and solve the Bank Hidden Corpse Case and the Bank Robbery Case!"

Zhao Yu had nothing to add, and could only nod. But hearing that Qu Ping's case was nearing its completion, the weight on him lessened again. Having the Special Investigation Unit keeping an eye on the evil culprits meant that Zhao Yu no longer had to worry about them threatening him or his companions.

"I heard from Bureau Chief Luan," Liao Jingxian told Zhao Yu a small secret, "that she had wanted Team A and B to investigate the two cases separately, but Miao Ying refused. She said that the case situation has changed, and it's still too early to eliminate the possibility of a connection between the two cases, so the two have to be investigated together!"

"Yes, true!" Zhao Yu nodded. "I also feel like these two cases weren't some sort of coincidence!"

"I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but I know you'll start cursing after my next sentence!" Liao Jingxian spoke cryptically. "Originally, Bureau Chief Luan wanted you to replace Mao Wei! You'd lead Team A, and Miao Ying would lead Team B, then"

"Ah? Shef*ck" Zhao Yu angrily cursed.