Crazy Detective Chapter 274

Chapter 274: A River Of Tears
Chapter 274: A River of Tears
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At night, Zhao Yu did not stay overtime with the other investigators in the police station, nor did he continue any more crime scene investigation. Instead, he went straight home to rest. Most of the investigators were already used to Zhao Yu's selfish behavior. Conversely, Miao Ying simply did not want to waste the effort to deal with him.

Actually, Zhao Yu did not really intend to sleep, but wanted some time alone to carefully ponder of the case. Even though he was very rowdy during the day, when Zhao Yu wanted to think to himself, he preferred a quiet atmosphere. He felt like the police station was too crowded, and it made him unable to focus properly. After he got home, he opened a can of beer and pulled out a new notebook, starting his own way of investigating the case.

From the start of the case until now, Zhao Yu's feelings about the case had changed drastically. At first, it was disdain, then confusion, and now complete puzzlement. Everything that happened already made Zhao Yu realize that these two cases surrounding the bank safety deposit boxes were not regular cases. Yet, the more difficult the case seemed, the more excited Zhao Yu became, and the more he wanted to solve it.

After some deep thinking, he seemed to have realized some things. He felt that the reason why the case was so confusing was most likely because the investigators were thinking too much! Thinking about the progression of the case, they were now dealing with both the vacuum sealed corpse case and the robbery case. The investigators were chaotic because of all the confusion, just like they were a few days ago.

In Zhao Yu's opinion, even though the case seemed complicated, once he calmed down and analyzed it carefully, it would become clear as long as they figured out two key questions. The first key question was, just what did the robbers steal? Just like Miao Ying had said, if they did not know what was stolen, then they would not be able to figure out the motive of the robbery! If they did not know the motive, then it would difficult to decide the direction of the investigation.

The second key question was, was there any relationship between the vacuum corpse case and the bank robbery? Did the robbers purposely reveal the corpse for people to find, or did they come across it by accident? Not to mention, the two questions could almost be considered one. As long as they knew the answer to one question, then they would know the answer to both. Once they figured out what the robbers had stolen, they would know if the corpse had anything to do with the robbery. Thus, the single most important thing at that point was to find the answer to the first key question! Thenhow would they find out what was stolen?

Without a doubt, the only one who could answer this question was the person whose possessions had been stolen, but did not dare to claim it! Everyone used false information, how could the police find them if they did not come to claim the items personally?

Just as Zhao Yu pondered over the case, the adventure completion message played in his mind. His completion rate for the day was only seventy-six, and he only gained a rather useless signal amplification device. Hearing this result, Zhao Yu could not help but feel a bit disappointed. According to the hexagram explanation, he should have gained some important information regarding the case, but in the end, nothing worthwhile happened.

"Thenwhat's missing?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. "Did I miss something, oror? Hm" Suddenly, Zhao Yu finally realized what he was missing! The reason for his failure on the adventure that day was exactly because he had not been in the best condition lately!

First of all, he had been bothered by the "Kun" hexagram for the last few days, and was simply too worried about the safety of his friends and himself to focus on the case. Then, the most important thing was that he was not lacking in money! Now that he had ten-million yuan in his back pocket, he had become confident, proud! Thus, ever since the bank case, even though he was running around every day for the case, he always held a certain carelessness, as if the case did not have much to do with him. He no longer had the focus and fierceness while investigating the case as he had before. In other words, he did not have any motivation!

Previously, if he wanted to show his competence, or get the reward, he had always had to put in a hundred percent of his energy into the case. But right now, he did not have nearly as much energy. He always felt like solving this case did not have much to do with him. Since he already had money, shouldn't he just enjoy himself more?

Thinking back to the day before when he laid in bed with Yao Jia, remembering her seductive body, he could not help but sigh.

"Yeah! I already died once, I've already paid for all the sins I committed! Right now, I am only working to better my current life! Now, I have money, and I have a life! Shouldn't my next step be a house, a cars, a relationship?" he thought. "Speaking of relationships, should I go for Yao Jia, or Miao Ying? Both of them are top tier beauties, but one is gentle and kind, while the other is bold and fierce! Hehe, both of them have their pros and cons! If I can get both in bed at once, hehehe" Zhao Yu giggled to himself, and his mind continued to wander, no longer focused on the case at all. The beer went down his throat refreshingly. He ended up drinking ten of them in a row, nearly finishing all the beer in the fridge.

The next day morning. It was hard to say which house had a rooster, but as soon as dawn broke, the rooster started its morning call, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

Zhao Yu was roused by the call, and lazily pressed a pillow over his head. But how could the call of a rooster be silenced by a simple pillow? Stupid rooster!

Zhao Yu opened his eyes and sat up in bed before he saw all the empty beer cans around him. He could not believe that he had drank so much by himself last night! Since he could not sleep anymore, he might as well go to work! It had been another night, was there any more progress on the case? Miao Ying and the others had battled through another night, could they still bear it?

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu started washing up, ready to go to work bright and early. Before he left, he suddenly remembered his notebook from last night. He returned to the bedroom and packed up the notebook, planning on continuing his analysis from yesterday. Yet, just as he picked up his notebook, he suddenly saw something. The notebook Captain Jin had given him was thrown on the table haphazardly!

He finally remembered that a few days ago he had flipped through the notebook. Five infamous cases were recorded in the notebook, all of them personally investigated by Captain Jin. Not only were the cases unsolved, but each of them was cruel and bloody. Take the Huayun Mountain Massacre Case for example, the victim was the CEO of a famous company. His entire family of five was massacred in their own home. The brutality of the case was mind-numbing!

Looking at the yellow notebook thrown aside, Zhao Yu obviously picked it up. Yet, as he brushed the dust off the front of the notebook, he suddenly saw a small line of text on the title page of the notebook. From the writing one could tell the writing was Captain Jin's. It said: "Behind every crime case was a river of tears. We cannot stop the tears from flowing, but we can wipe them away their marks."

"A river of tears? How deep. What does it mean?" Zhao Yu could not quite understand the line of words, but felt like he had heard it from somewhere before. Behind every case, was a river of tears? Seeing this line of text, Zhao Yu's focus was absorbed by it instantly.

Suddenly, he remembered the angry tears Li Dan had shed in the interrogation room, and the painful howling from the family of the victims in the Mianling Case, then the devastating weeping of Qu Ping's children, even the wailing of Tang Zhaolong when he heard of his family's tragic end.

Itit really was like that Behind every crime was countless tears being shed, and countless families broken. We cannot stop the tears from flowing, but we can wipe away their marks!

"Could this line of text mean that as police, even though we cannot stop crimes from happening, but we can bring the criminals to justice, and help ease the pain of the people?" Zhao Yu wondered.

"Oh" Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt moved. "Right, even though we cannot prevent crimes, we can still find the truth, and give people justice!"